Comments for Disney Disappoints After Opening Marvel-Themed Land, “It’s Never Been The Same”

Black widow at avengers campus at disney California adventure

Credit: Disney


  1. Jonathan

    It’s really quite incredible that anyone would miss bugs land unless they have small children. The rides were embarrassingly average. The train was at least entertaining only because it smelled like cookies at one point. Bumper cars? A generic spinner? Seriously? The movie was fun to watch twice max lol I don’t think avengers land is that great yet. It needs a second ride and more shade but it’s already way better than bugs land to hang out in.

  2. Cheryl

    I loved Bugs land and I miss the charm and family oriented aspect to it. Marvel was not created by Disney so it doesn’t feel like Disney. 🥀

  3. Kevin

    I still miss the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea submarines in Disney World. That was one of my favorite rides as a kid.

  4. Robert

    I miss Disney not sucking at everything they used to do so well.

  5. Erin Manacker

    I had such high hopes for Avengers Campus and it is boring, the web slingers ride is not a great ride at all. The food and experiences leave a lot to be desired. There was so much more that could have been done with that space.

  6. Elaine

    Just before A Bug’s Land closed the area was full of guests of all ages trying to get their last experiences of the area, especially on Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. There were a lot of teens caught up in nostalgia. It was one area of the DCA where all ages could have fun. It’s really unfortunate they didn’t keep the area the same and put Avengers Campus behind where Guardians is, which was one of the original proposals. Then there would have been no losing a beloved land for the addition of one ride, a restaurant, and shopping. Webslingers is a great ride, and thankfully small children can ride on it, as now the rides for little ones are much more limited in DCA. I very much miss the shade as well. My preteen kids miss the area and rides they experienced when they were small. I understand there was no restaurants or shopping bringing in money, but there were some areas of the land that could have been revamped a bit to add that.

  7. Candee

    Oh, those fun used popsicle-stick benches.

  8. JamesE

    The most disappointing part is that Disney couldn’t make a true dedicated Marvel park (most likely in the form of a fully new land or 3rd gate park). Avengers Campus is pretty lackluster, and Guardians (while fun) doesn’t have the charm of Tower of Terror. My honest opinion is that CA Adventure has always suffered from having no clear cut direction or theme since it was built.

  9. Aaron

    The issue isn’t that people miss A Bug’s Land. That area was horribly mediocre with only two rides anyone gave a toss about, one of which only ironically. The problem is that Avengers Campus isn’t any better. It adds one ride that’s worse than mediocre and is otherwise built around meet and greet experiences. I think people were really expecting something more exciting, but seeing what they came up with is a bit infuriating. It’s like, why spend the money and time creating what we got? The Guardians Tower was at least an improvement that added a nice twist and not just a reskin of the old ride. I think Disney has really been skimping on their new experiences, though. Retheming Paradise Pier? Adding another purely projection based shooting game that realistically didn’t even need a ride vehicle? Most of Galaxy’s Edge is shops and scenery. Just seems Disney’s priorities have changed when it comes to the park experience and the incredibly lackluster Avengers Campus really highlights that.

    1. J.g.

      Not at all it’s the 2nd best new land to galaxy’s edge they have there.and my nephews favorite character is spider man.so suck on that!

    2. J.g.

      Aaron you wouldn’t know what good was if it bit you on the ass!

  10. John De

    This article seems like a big ad for Disney…. But I must agree with one commenter, that Disney’s is lacking in the creative dept. Seems Disney needs to buy its creativity by buying other companies, except for a stupid/useless phone Apps.

  11. Not a sheep

    So… par for the course.

  12. J.g.

    Not@ all.yes I love avengers campus much more.i had been anticipating the opening& very pleased it’s finally there.Never Remove it!!!!

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