Comments for Disney World Demand Leaves Guests Canceling Costly Vacations

Magic kingdom crowds on happily ever after finale night

Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. chuck

    Now i see many people Boycotting Disney cause CEO Bob Chapek cannot stay out of politics and is also destroying the magic in Disney by raising prices,,Started this reservation crap that really disappointed Annual Passholders. Many now will not renew their passes. Disney will go down like the Titanic

    1. Brian Perry


      1. Shawndar

        I agree that guy is a cool. Maybe he will have an accident and things will get better at parks. The girl who wrote this article did a nice kid.

        1. John Scarfi

          Just not fun anymore, burn it down. We need more housing in Florida and hotel space for Universal and SeaWorld.

        2. Alex

          This has BEEN going on, we were there in October last year..it is not a big deal! You have to pick a park when you buy tickets so it isn’t a surprise when you arrive! This is much ado about nothing article!

          1. Helen Gilmartin

            Disney use to be a place of HEY THERE, HI THERE, HO THERE, WE’RE AS HAPPY AS COULD BE.” But even years ago it began to treat its guests like crap with ridiculous prices and less hospitality. We have spent 8 family vacations there and each time we saw less and less of it being a friendly place. Money hungry and now into politics. We’re so sad.

      2. John

        As a retired Florida school teacher, I will no longer going to their park since Disney is no in the business of grooming children

        1. I’m also a retired teacher and it certainly sounds like QAnon has groomed you.

          1. PastorBG

            God is real. He is absolutely in charge. God always wins. People on the wrong side of God always lose in the end. Nothing on this Earth is worth going to Hell for!

          2. Djp

            So you’re ok with five year olds being taught what a tranny is?

            1. jan solly

              oh c’mon all 5 year olds learn, before anything else, what a “tranny” is. ha ha. not sure what some of you have been smoking but that’s just not part of early education. you can make s*** up all you want- doesn’t make it true.

              1. Chris B

                jan solly not sure what you have been smoking but everything you typed isnt how a normal thinking human being sees things. I think you might have some carnal tendencies for the wrong thing. You’re acting like its not a problem.

              2. Lindsey Labbe

                hopefully your kid ends up a tranny

              3. lindsey

                Hopefully your kid ends up a tranny, loser. @ jan solly

              4. Jenn

                A 5yr old might know the word “tranny” but they could not comprehend the full meaning.

            2. Steve-O

              Who in the world do you think is teaching this? How is it people are so scared they’re creating problems where there aren’t any? Stupid political posturing is all it is.

          3. B

            Sad to think you once indoctrinated children.

            1. issy

              Okay, Q. *rolls eyes*

          4. Brad Lyons

            My wife and I have the means to do what we want, when we want….within reason. I’ve never been a Disney fan, but gave in to my wife to do a Disney World Vacation. We stayed at the French Quarter Resort for 8-nights and 9-days with a 9-day them park pass, paid for 9-days of Genie Plus, Memory Maker, and priority Genie Plus Individual Lanes. With all of the wonderful dinners and meals, along with our accommodations, theme park passes, upgrades, shopping, etc we spent close to $7,500 for (2) people. We agreed that staying on property was a wonderful experience and decided we were going to book another on-site vacation but this time surprise my wife’s brother and his wife as a Christmas gift….which set us back $12,000. On top of that I was going to surprise my wife with a 10-day Disney Cruise, which was about $5,000 I had applied for the Disney Rewards credit card and was easily approved for $16,500. Typically we just pay cash, but having 6-months same as cash AND earning us rewards back at Disney was attractive.

            THAT SAID….. For the CEO of Disney to be so uneducated and cave in to a small group of liberal activists, to come out and state they want to work against the state of Florida to overturn a bill that all it states is that the school does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISCUSS SEX with K thru 3rd grade is DISGUSTING! This isn’t “don’t say gay”, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with SEX, PERIOD>. I want to know Disney…WHY DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT SEX SO BAD TO YOUNG CHILDREN?? WHY??? Why do you want to make HALF of your future movies and shows to be about SEX? WHY do you want to push homosexuality to children? And again, WHY DO YOU WANT TO PUSH SEX PERIOD TO YOUNG CHILDREN?!?!

            This is sick, it’s wrong on so many levels. So as of today, April the 8th of 2022, I have CANCELLED that $12,000 Disney World vacation package, I have cancelled that $5,000 Disney Cruise, and I have cancelled my Disney Rewards Credit card. I’ve also cancelled our Disney Plus membership. For those that have no problems supporting such a sick and vile organization, that is YOUR right. But understand what you’re saying is that it is okay to openly discuss sex and sexuality with 5-8 YEAR OLDS! You are saying that it’s okay for Disney to make VERY graphic movies and shows that openly promote sex, homosexuality, and topics that are just TOO mature for their age, and one that should be had FROM THE PARENTS. You are saying that parents do NOT have the rights to protect their children from these views. So I am saying with MY MONEY, we will not spend ONE DIME on a Disney vacation or product ever again. This is NOT acceptable, NOT tolerated, and will NOT be supported fiscally.

            1. SZ

              Perfectly stated!! Thank you!!

            2. Christina

              Stated perfectly

            3. jj skiddy

              ditto for me also…..my annual fall trip is gone too…..

            4. Joe

              I think this sums it up nicely. I agree with all of it. I am out wrt Disney. There is so much to choose from its hard to decide but this makes it easy: we’ve been to Disney World a few times and see no need to ever go back.

            5. Jane Doe

              Damn you really wanted to spend 132,600 on disney for one trip? That’s hilarious.

            6. Steve-O

              What in the world are you going on about? Do you have ANY examples of this actually happening? At all? Any of those ridiculous things you listed at the end??? Anything? Then good lord stop being scared by boogeymen. I mean, if you’re going to spend that much on a vacation to a theme park I guess that says a lot about you, anyway. Grow up and stop being scared by ridiculous political boogeymen.

            7. Curtis

              God bless you Sir!

            8. issy

              I think you’re lying.

          5. The Dee

            Disney needs to keep its nose out of sexualizing children.

          6. KJJ

            So, QAnon has nothing to do with this. Did you not see the leaked videos? I’d expect more from a retired teacher.

          7. don trumpe

            F#%k you CJAC

          8. Roserunner

            CJAC… It sounds like you have been drinking the low info MSNBC and CNN(Communist News Network) Kool Aid.

          9. Yoyoma

            Explain to us “retired teacher”…..what’s QAnon? Give us the name of a few of them. I’ll wait.

        2. jbrell

          For a schoolteacher you sure have poor grammar.

        3. Dar

          Hahahaha! QAnon even on a Disney forum! Shame on you for perpetrat-ing BS!

    2. Michael

      You say that… After reading an article about how busy and packed the parks are? Id say they are doing just fine financially. Ha ha.

      1. Sarasota

        I don’t think it will go down. There are too many hard-core fans that would mortgage their house for a vacation. I think its just losing its magic and wonder. Its now a stressful vacation.

        1. Murphy

          Now a stressful vacation? I took my children there 30 yrs ago. There were one hr lines for each ride in 90* heat with no shade. Worst vacation of our lives. For $10,000 this family can rent a fabulous villa in many wonderful countries with activities for the entire family. There’s a great big world out there that most Americans will never see.

        2. Deb

          They have made it so expensive that it’s cheaper to go to a Caribbean island than go to Disney. Even for FL residents.

          1. Anna

            Unfortunately with all this reservation BS I’m not going back to Disney. I was a Disney fan,I took my daughter every year for over 20 years…staying at their resorts at times for 2 weeks at a time. Not anymore! Disney has been infected with greed and politics!

            1. L. Shewbridge

              Same here. We even lived in the town of Celebration, FL for 10 years. Basically, Disney’s backyard. We finally moved out of there when almost all of it was sold off by Disney and the HOA became as greedy and corrupt as Disney.

              We even had AP every year, but haven’t for 3 years. We haven’t even gone in as many years. We are so disappointed in Disney World and in the entire way the company is headed. 😕

        3. Robert Katz

          I would disappoint too many to cancel upcoming, twice delayed trip. However, as a highly experienced WDW fan (who has spent tons of $ over the years for magical escapes, the next trip we were planning for Food & Wine is now uncertain at best. Killing the magic with (worsening) political BS is too much.

      2. Jo schmo

        The parks r @ reduced capacity. Which makes them appear more crowded.
        My family of 5 r done with disney after this protect 3rd grade and under from sexualindoctrination.
        Disney has some freaks running that place.

      3. Tiff

        Of course Disney had to post this. Solely so that fools like you would fall for it. They say there are restrictions now that limit capacity when in reality, people just don’t agree with their politics, amd refuse to go there.

        1. Ken

          This isn’t a Disney owned website, bimbo

        2. Steve-O

          “Disney had to post this”–what, exactly, do you think Disney posted? This is a ‘fan’ blog that is not run by Disney at all. Keep filling in lines that aren’t there, though, if that makes you feel better.

      4. Djp

        You must be a pedo

        1. HHH

          Lol, typical Dumpist airhead response.

      5. B

        Because Disney tells you so? People are canceling their trips, not having them canceled.

    3. Louie

      Disney is a money grubbing, scumsucking disaster. But if these people want to waste their hard earned money on some stupid mouse and a day full of hot sweaty hassle at the Hitler of theme parks, let em!

      1. Shawndar

        Oops he is a cuckoo and girl did a nice job

        1. Djp

          And you’re a pedophile who likes little boys

          1. HHH

            Itt the s usually the disgusting perverts that keep saying it. You’re a creep.

    4. Dale

      It’s unbelievable that people are still giving their money to Disney. All the hassles, headaches, and insecurities just trying to make a reservation just to get in the gates. Then you have to deal with passes, lines, and extremely high food and beverage costs.

      My advice is to save a couple of thousand dollars, save the headaches, and take a Carnival cruise.

      1. Cindy

        Tried a cruise got on ship n my blood pressure dropped. Spend trip in cabin

      2. Genevieve

        Sorry, I can’t agree with you on that. I’m no longer a Disney fan but cruises are awful. Not only are they the worst polluters of the oceans, the people who work on those ships are not protected by US labor laws which means they only get paid a few dollars a day, get no breaks and can’t go home to see their families for months. They also destroy the economies & environments of their ports of call, encouraging trafficking, crime, etc. I have no interest in supporting the abusive cruising industry.

      3. kelly

        Carnival cruise is literally the worst choice you could make. Choose any other cruiseline.

      4. Steve-O

        Out of all the great cruise lines out there you chose Carnival??? Sorry, but that immediately invalidates your argument.

    5. ugh


      1. Murphy

        HaHaHaHa…you’ll be doing lots of people a favor by boycotting. They will get to go. I don’t like Disney at all, but the mouse isn’t going anywhere.

      2. Brian

        LOl, it’s a blatant joke on how idiotic these “boycotters” sound, the parks are PACKED.

        1. Julian H


        2. Hells packed too…I’m still not going!!!

        3. Jo schmo

          No they r not packed

        4. B

          Yes they are packed, like Universal and the Sea World parks, not so much Disney.

        5. labman

          The boycott is more than just parks. I just canceled my subscription to Disney plus and will never go to a Disney movie or buy any Disney products.

          1. Steve-O

            lol good luck with that

          2. issy


      3. Alice

        Lol, I wish I had a dollar for every time some one predicted Disney would be going down the tubes. I’d be able to pay for a great vacation

        1. Julian H

          LOL where you going Universal where they do it right.

        2. Debra Rentas

          So sad it was truly a majical place at one time. I can’t believe how these people can sleep at night. Boycott boycott

          1. Lol

            Shriek, shriek!!

        3. Jo schmo

          Well they will be losing some big $$$ this summer until this blows over

        4. B

          Then you have no idea of what a great vacation is.

      4. Stephy

        Right? The snowflakes are puffed up about how they are all boycotting. Disney World is packed daily! These park goers didn’t get the memo.

      5. Susie-Q


    6. KTS

      Totally agree we in UK & won’t be back due to all the changes, it’s a long way to travel to buy a disney holiday to be consistently on mobiles to book everything, this isn’t a holiday its a nightmare, the CEO got Greedy, he needs sacked

    7. Kari

      Disney has gone WOKE and they will lose many conservative families with their political correctness. I know my family and I are done with them.

      1. JJ

        Please explain what your take is on the meaning of “gone WOKE”. Also what “political correctness” are you referring to that Disney subscribes? Don’t forget the “cancel culture” DeSantis belongs to in trying to bring down Disney.
        Now, I have one conservatives seem to have all become “snowflakes” as everything bothers, or offends them.
        The only reason someone uses a catch phrase or word is to feel they belong or a part of a secret society 😂

        1. Buggs

          You think Desantis is part of the cancel culture? 🤣

        2. Chip in Florida

          “.. Don’t forget the “cancel culture” DeSantis belongs to in trying to bring down Disney.”

          It’s only funny because you’re serious.

        3. Steve-O

          They’re only concerned about ‘cancel culture’ when it’s one of them being canceled. Otherwise they cancel away. Snowflakes and hypocrites for sure.

        4. issy

          You win the internet!

      2. Cliff D

        Not many left, most died from covid.

      3. Dar

        Because you listen to Insane DeSantis.

    8. Bob Doan

      Was there in December, 1st week. So not what it used to be there even staying in premium accomodations. Parks were beyond over crowded. And now the woke politics……we won’t be back until they change drastically.

      1. DianeMRL

        Hey, all. I have seen many comments about the 1st week of December, being SO crowded. Well, My family of 6 came in the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had one of the best vacations we’ve ever had! Multiple phone calls and texts between my daughter in California, got us every park and dining reservation we wanted. We were able to ride every attraction many times. This was my daughters and grandsons 1st time in WDW and it did not disappoint. (OH! and I have been going to WDW since 1972 and this was my 75th trip!) Yes, it does take the time and research to prepare, but when you do, you are rewarded. Guests have to understand it is NOT the same as it was years ago. Maybe I’m weird, but I LOVE the planning and then seeing it all come together is MAGIC. To all who wish to cancel their vacation, do so. There will always be someone to take your place.

        1. R ES

          I love Disney’s no comment on all the ports and countries they go to that have Draconian anti gay anti lgbtq laws.

      2. JJ

        Complaining of the supposed “woke politics” of Disney and not the “cancel culture” of Governor DeSantis from a “snowflake”.

        1. B.F.

          This coming from a moron.

      3. Bob c

        See you this summer, liar

    9. Mike

      Only decent people who care about children will stop going there. I swore off EVERYTHING disney.

      1. Lol

        Waaaaaaa!! 😩😩🥺🥺

      2. Dar

        What’s even funnier, is the idiots that believe DeSantis crap!

    10. Ralph Harding

      Monstrous, greedy tourist trap. IH8THERAT!

    11. April

      I haven’t been to Disney World since I was a child. The prices are ridiculous, I can spend ten grand on a marvelous vacation, too expensive, too crowded, too hot, way over rated.

    12. Tanya

      I myself am completely disappointed on the path Disney has taken. I believe this is not at all what Walt Disney wanted for his parks. This is a place where adults can be kids along with their children. I was a Legacy pass holder for decades. I can’t believe what these ceos have done. Word of advise stay out of politics. I miss the wholesome environment.

      1. V Chion

        Totally agree Tanya. Disney was my special favorite place…. Magic & wholesome… but now…. Bleh…. The “tone” has changed…. I used to feel welcomed, now I feel “tolerated” & only my money is “welcomed”. It breaks my heart. This is not Walt’s “dream”… no longer happiest place on earth…. So sad…. Please let someone with a spirit like Walt be in charge…. Pretty please…. It really WAS magic.

      2. Steve-O

        Not sure anyone will take ‘advice’ from someone that can’t even spell the word…

        1. DeathWish

          Steve-0 don’t tell me your fat, bald and divorced three time over and now gay. Tuff guy behind the keyboard. Would love to meet up with you somewhere smack you around and make you cry like the little girl that you are.

          Don’t you have Camels to park you little fagot

          1. issy

            Someone is hostile because his hidden gay tendencies are being triggered.
            It’s okay, “DeathWish” (haha!).
            I expect the police will be at your door soon.

    13. Michael

      And the CEO compensation is 32 million dollars. Seems Disney is no longer for children.

    14. Christina

      Agreed the price of passes as well as food, and shopping are too overpriced. Causing the magical experience that the little kids want become a dark cloud instead. Not mention the people in the animation/movie departments causing a stir with their personal agendas which is in your face behavior.

    15. Steve-O

      HAHAHAHAHA oh yes I’m sure this will be the downfall of Disney. In politics, money talks–the idiot in charge of Florida may think they have clout, but Disney’s bottom line has not been hurt in the least by the ‘boycotts’ (that are seeing the park at max capacity every day), but keep dreaming.

    16. Noneya

      Love your comment

    17. Melissa Howell

      I hope they crash and burn!!!!!! You can’t even get in! My husband decided to join us last minute. Too bad honey, we can’t go together. You also can’t switch reservations without canceling the first. So technically you could end up with nothing. But after 2:00, apparently Covid disappears because millions can flood the magic kingdom and it’s fine. But not until after 2:00…the only time of day that you are safe from Covid.

  2. Jan

    I go on vacation to relax…to get away from a calendar full of schedules and appointments and planning and rearranging schedules and the stress of this doesn’t fit with that. I don’t really want to have to do that ON vacation. Honestly, this system and the problems I keep reading that others are having has been one of two reasons that I have not, and have no plans to, go to Disney in the foreseeable future. Second reason is the lackluster 50th anniversary, especially when comparing to the 50th at Disneyland. Pre-Pandemic….I was anxiously awaiting the 50th having loved my multiple trips during Disneyland’s 50th. I was an AP since 2008 (only switching every couple years between AP in Florida or AP in California.) Guess it’s time to explore what other vacation destinations the USA has to offer, lol.

    1. Rachael

      Under capacity? I have NEVER experienced crowds like these, and I have been all seasons. I can not believe this statement at all.

      1. Monica

        Totally agree! I think they are giving BS statements and this is why they will not say the daily capacity numbers! Ruined my bday celebration with inability to make reservations to parks and food!! How can that happen! Tired of the system and hope it goes away. To make matters worse they PAUSED the passes and are over charging on everything! Ridiculous!

        1. Julian H

          Actually the parks are packed because people are taking holidays that had been postponed or just need to get out. But if you read the comments on how bad their experience was, they will go elsewhere next time.

          Disney has lost its way and when this blip is over we will see how the mouse will run to catch up with the competition that has not ripped of its customers.

    2. Deb

      Taking my last Disney trip this month. The inabilty to pick what park you want on the morning of and the fact that I have been unable to find dining for 2 anywhere for the 5 days we will be there, on top of the limited menus tells me that Disney doesn’t really care about the “guest” experience. If they did they would have all dining open at capacity and go back to offering a variety. Every menu I read had 4 or 5 entrees and one of them is “impossible” plant based meat. On top of that the 50th is a disappointment. We were at the 25 th. I am also seriously put off by the company moving into politicals. And pushing agendas on children.

      1. Brian Perry

        Save your money… this place is a liberal cesspool

        1. Lol

          THATS RIGHT!!! All of you shrieking MEGA KARENS should STAY AWAY from the parks!! It will eventually return back to its happy place when all the shrieking cunts keep their word and STAY AWAY!

          1. Julian H

            Lol – You are a total Turd. How Disney of you…

            I think you should wash your potty mouth.

            1. Lol


            2. Haha


      2. Richard

        LOL, Disney is NOT a vacation IMO. It’s an exercise in crowd tolerance. Just find me a quiet campsite or a nice roadtrip!

      3. Steve whetzel

        We are not going to Disney next year. We are taking grand kids on a cruise instead. Disney is no longer a family place. Politics and a idiot running Disney what would Walt think about how it changed

        1. Lol

          That’s right steve!!! Take your kids as far away as you can from love, tolerance and acceptance!! Good job buddy!

          1. Julian H

            Sado Lol

          2. Genevieve

            Ok Groomer.

            1. Haha

              Ok Karen!

            2. Steve-O

              So….do you think they’ve been grooming kids for years and people are just now catching on? I’m really interested (okay, a little interested) in hearing what crazy Qtarded theories you’ve been reading that makes you think this is even going on at all…

        2. Stephy

          Walt was a misogynistic racist who smoked. He wouldn’t have liked it. But after stealing central FLland, who cares what he thinks!

        3. JJJJ

          Are you also avoiding other places and products from corporations who support an opposing political party?

      4. Shawndar

        Well said me agree with you where are the days you could get a corn did and fries and drink for 10$

      5. Stephy

        Cancel Disney. They are too woke for you. Walking around shoulder to shoulder with all of those people is pushing an agenda on children? You are your children’s agenda.

        1. Noel

          Ah yes, how dare Disney come out of the 1960s and actually make a stance on an issue. How dare the stand to promote love and tolerance. Y’all that want to “cancel Disney” Can we just cancel you hate spewing pinheads

          1. Veronica

            You’re obviously one of the pedophile freaks Disney has chosen to champion. Poor thing.

          2. S1

            Disney BELONGS in the 1960s and when I seize Disney in a hostile takeover and make it great again, it will be stuck there or even in the 1940s. “What Would Walt Do?” will become the law of the land again and I will l cater only to Disney purists, the only guests who matter. Anyone woke will be branded an undesirable. Some are not welcome at Disney and not worthy of setting foot in it like Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of leaning magic. The parks will be private members-only clubs.

      6. How are agendas pushed on children that are not pushed everywhere else? Do you not teach your values? Their grandparents, church or schools? How about their peers? TV, movies or games? You cannot stifle or protect them forever; they will learn about this world and its people in due time, whether or not you’re ready for them to know it.

        Plus, civil rights should never be politicized.

      7. kelly

        Ooh, they added more vegetarian options? That’s great news! I hate when a menu has only 4 or 5 options and there is nothing vegetarian. Glad to see they are being more inclusive 🙂

    3. Iven

      Do you have a house in California and Florida? How’d you switch from one Annual Pass to the other?

      1. DianeMRL

        You do not need to live in Fla. or CA. to buy an annual pass. We had AP’s for many years and I live in VA. There are special AP’s for state residents.

  3. Colleen

    No problem here knew the rules and booked in advance

    1. Brian Perry

      You’ll compromise for anything..

      1. Ugh

        You mean, she know how to be a responsible adult that understands rules? Yeah, not everyone matured past being an immature brat.

        1. Noel

          This is disappointing. When I went as a kid part of the magic was picking the park we were going to that day. Wanted a day in every park. Some parks deserved two based on size. Now you have to rigidly schedule. And even then park passes seem harder to come by than the Holy Grail

    2. Shawndar

      Seams Disney has changed a lot when me last went it was getting that way like 10 years ago. Walt was a somewhat contradictory kind of guy so not all that different just now with internet people know more about such people back in Walt’s life no one knew about Walt’s quirks. Even today you have to dig a bit to really see what a controversial life he lead.

    3. Bob

      You must be woke. I mean inforned, aware, and have a mind of your own.

  4. Destiny

    Pretty soon the parks will be empty and capacity won’t be a problem. Majority of Americans are over Disney and their desire to push agenda’s on our kids! Bye bye, Disney

    1. John dejones

      That not true for the LGBT+ group of people!

    2. Yg

      Couldn’t agree more!

      1. Yg

        With Destiny – couldn’t agree more with you!

    3. Shawndar

      Time will tell but many wealthy people will go and they will persevere cause that’s what they do.

    4. John Olive

      Actually, by opposing hate and bigotry, Disney only gets a better place to visit because it does away with angry Trumpists so we stop running into disrespectful unvaccinated a-holes like it’s been for the past 2 years.
      I hope Disney really scare away those folks because they’re such a small group it’s not worth it.

      1. Terry

        Grow up girl.

      2. Mike

        John, 👏👏👏👍👍
        Let’s hope so!!

      3. Guz

        Yeah, John Olive, ‘Trumpists’ who comprise at least.half of the country are such a “small group”. 🤣

        1. Scott Lee-Ross

          Trumpists are a small minority in the United States. And if only there were a way to prove it. Like, if there were a way for all the citizens of the country to be able to tell us all if they liked Trump. If only they could have done that in 2020. Maybe have everyone mail in their opinion or go tell someone in person. Oh wait, we did that in November of 2020 and 8,000,000 more people told us that Trump sucks than said we like Trump.

          1. Doom236

            74 MILLION People voted for Trump in 2020 if you think that is a small number you truly are a brainwashed leftist clown. I can’t WAIT to drink your tears in November when you and your ilk get smashed in pretty much every election that matters.

            1. Haha


              1. Hunter Biden

                Ok Groomer.

          2. Veronica

            Hey, Scottie, how’s your candidate working out for ya, buddy?? Inflation running rampant, gas prices at all-time high, on the verge of WWIII, invasion from the southern border, Grampa Joe can’t string a coherent sentence together, all his appointments are based on skin color and sex organs ….. I could go on but why bother. I sure miss the days of DJT when America was first.

        2. Bob

          No they don’t. That’s why 81,000,000 patriots fired ya man. Yall just a noisy minority. Stay home. Go see ya boy whine again, the commie loving ass hole.

          1. Haha

            Awww, big boy Bob getting triggered?

            1. Hunter Biden

              Ok Groomer.

      4. sam

        I know!!!!

        hate and exclusion is only cool if it’s against the people you don’t like.

      5. Deb

        John Olive, you should be a bit more aware of demographics. Most of those states around Florida are red. Those out of state people are more likely to go to Disney because they can drive. The newly revealed Disney political stance is just another reason not to go. Once you throw in the current economic situation, attendance will go down. It might have already. Disney can certainly project attendance with future hotel reservations.

      6. S

        Oh please Disney would be better off with Trump in charge and conservatives are the majority. Disney would be a wonderful place if everyone woke branded Disney a “racist, sexist, homophobic Trump supporting company stuck in the 1960s” and boycotted all things Disney. They won’t be missed and for every woke peson who boycotts, 100 conservatives will take their place.

    5. LOL

      Oh man, destiny, empty threats and promises girl! If ALL you SHRIEKING KARENS would keep your word and stay away, the parks would return back to their peaceful happy place.

      1. Julian H

        Your comments are disgusting, I bet you are a little man with no friends

        1. Haha

          Waaaaaaa!! Go play in traffic Jillian 🤣

          1. Hunter Biden

            Ok Groomer.

      2. Lee

        You are so pathetically out of touch with reality, it breaks my heart knowing you probably have children to ruin. But being out touch with reality makes sense, considering you believe there are 50+ genders and accept it as scientific fact because it makes less than 1% of the population momentarily forget how dreadfully depressed they are.

        1. Dood

          Lol, go cheat on your wife some more you pathetic loser. I know who you are

      3. Planning and booking is not hard. I’d rather take the time to reserve a spot and garentee I have dining and staff there to accommodate me. It’s posted everywhere that you need to reserve and how to do it. It’s not complicated. And if you can’t figure it out then leave room for the people that do get. Has no one realize covid changed the world and people don’t want to work? Reservations are there to insure there are enough staff in the parks to wait on all your previlaged people that think they deserve to walk in and be served. To run the rides, clean, manage shoes, and the countless people in the hotels and resurants. They need the staff to do it all! It’s a staffing issue everywhere! And prices have gone up everywhere!!! Have you people all been living under a rock? It’s not all bad if that’s what your looking for. Is positive people need to post more. Or is the internet just funneling negative like it always does. The world in general is stuffering and Americans are so selfish! I want this and that. Then go there leave Disney alone And for those that are wondering I’m an american born in my forties going to Disney since the 80s and I don’t care. I have no problem following the rules.

      4. Kelly

        Honestly, I agree. If the people who feel they are entitled to everything really follow through on not coming to the parks, they will be full of happy, caring people. Truly the happiest place on earth!

    6. How about Fox pushing its agenda on its viewers? Noticed that Disney is the Big Bad Wolf grooming children this week. Funny since Tucker Carlson was such a defender of Warren Jeffs.

  5. Don

    it’s amazing that Disney allows you to buy a ticket but does not insist on a park selection at the time of purchase. Many people have tickets but our shut out of all four parks. What happens then? Do they give their money back. I certainly wouldn’t pay for a ticket that does not allow me entry into any of the four parks. That is a simple business decision that Disney should’ve made, insisting on purchasing the ticket and the park at the same time. I have no idea what they are thinking but I do know they are asking for a lot of trouble from a lot of disgruntled customers

    1. Kim S.

      Nope. Happened to a woman last year in one of the blogs. She flew in, had reservations off premise. Didn’t make any reservations for the parks and when she got here there were no days for ANY park because it was Spring Break week.

    2. Last time we were at Disney we would have to pay an extra $100. Per person to walk through the park at night because it decorated for Halloween.
      That did it for us.

    3. Dee

      I totally agree! I will find other places to go on vacation.

    4. Monica

      So I paid for my ticket and then I booked my reservations and for some reason the first day took and the second day was a glitch – when they went to their IT department they couldn’t find it so I was out of the second day but they wouldn’t downgrade my pass that’s some BS for sure. Now I am losing out!

      1. Beth

        We went in October 2021 and scheduling was a disaster. I tried for weeks to book park days but kept getting an error message (either couldn’t connect or couldn’t confirm selections). Then after 18 hours total of being on hold and bounced around from person to person (and being told several times to schedule on the website even though that was the issue) the person that finally got use reserved managed to cancel my daughter’s tickets instead of scheduling a park. Took 12 more hours on hold to get someone to fix it and not outright call me a liar. We went because we were originally supposed to go March 2020 and they wouldn’t refund tickets or hotel room and we had saved for over a year for the two day trip and couldn’t afford to cancel. I can tell you we won’t be going back.

        1. Kim

          March 2020? Theme park reservations didn’t exist in March 2020, and in fact, the park closed on March 15. Do you meant 2021 or 2022?

    5. Sarasota

      I agree. It’s weird how you purchase a ticket for a particular day. Yet. You still need a reservation.

      1. Bill Lowe

        It seems like buying a ticket to the movies but can’t get a seat when you arrive.

      2. Scott Lee-Ross

        You do not purchase a ticket for a specific day, nor do you purchase a ticket for a specific park. You purchase for a range of days beginning on the date you select.
        A 1 day ticket is good for 1 admission during the 2 days beginning on the date you chose. A 2 day ticket is good for 2 admissions during the following 4 days. A 10 day ticket is good for 10 admissions during the following 14 days.
        And there are 4 parks, it is not a ticket for a specific park, you can chose which park on the valid days.
        It is like buying the pass for 5 movies, but it does not ensure that you can go to the show you want on the day you want. IF the movie is full on the day you want, you have to pick another time to go.

    6. Shawndar

      They could care less. Sadly. It’s TOTALLY Corp now just like Las Vegas try going on vacation to vegas if your kinda poor. Are there lots of things to do for free or on the cheap?? Sure but better look for them. Also don’t get caught at a club and ask for a bottle water it will run you like20$ and will be small.

  6. Definitely not good for families with, children, those with disabilities etc. No room for last minute changes, or spontaneity. Haven’t gone since COVID struck and no plans for future visits. Think I’ll give Dollywood a try!

    1. Shawndar

      What’s dollywood?? Like Disney them is Dolly Parton??

      1. Terry

        Dollywood once was silver dollar city,
        Dolly Parton bought it,
        Nice atmosphere, top rides have been added, in a country/ mountain town setting Sevierville, Tennessee …
        You just may like it .

        1. Scott Lee-Ross

          ummm No. Dollywood was originally Silver Dollar City, but Dolly did not buy it, she licensed her name and personality to Silver Dollar City. They still own it under the new name, Hercshend Family Entertainment.

  7. Definitely not good for families with children, those with disabilities etc. No room for last minute changes, or spontaneity. Haven’t gone since COVID struck and no plans for future visits. Think I’ll give Dollywood a try!

    1. Cara

      Disney caters to families and is more accommodating to those with disabilities than any other theme park. Went this year and had a fabulous time!

    2. kelly

      Disney is actually REALLY good for catering to disabilities. Maybe you mean if you wake up and decide you don’t want to go to the park? You can always cancel your reservation the morning of.

  8. Carl

    Disney is now just too much like work to attend. I used to go spend a week every month for years, I had an annual pass but no longer. Always stayed at a Disney resort, ate at Disney restaurants so spent plenty of money at Disney. Lot’s of bad decisions coming from the senior leaders. It’s really just not worth it anymore.

    1. Chris

      They’ve been nickel and diming families for years. I worked on the property for years and saw this as a regular occurrence hearing families talk of how they had to save for 3 years for a weeks trip. It isn’t the most magical place on earth anymore. When they go woke it’s time to spend the money elsewhere.

      1. Melodie

        100% agree … woke, getting up at 7a for Genie+, no spontaneity, and politics! I grew up a Disney lover, AP, DVC, and now it just isn’t fun.

        1. Sarasota

          Agree 100%

        2. Ugh

          Adios KARENS!!! The parks WONT MISS YOU!!
          Go be rageful hateful cunts elsewhere!

          1. Oy

            Says the person calling people names. That’s ripe!

            Gotta love the tolerance of the’tolerant’ crowd.

            1. Pinche

              Waaaa!! KAREN!!

            2. wowww

              Calling someone a name isn’t intolerant if it’s not a slur of some sort, dummy.

          2. Hunter Biden

            Ok Groomer.

      2. Brian Perry

        Yep, we’ll said.

  9. Bob

    Go woke go broke!!

    1. YG


    2. John Olive

      Wrong, as they ensure hateful folks and bigots like you stay out of the park, the place becomes a lot more attractive for the 75% of the US population, who wants to stay safe and away from trumpists, plus the millions of daily international visitors.
      It’s a win in every aspect, and hopefully will get even better once DeSantis is voted out now that he helped kill 73,000 electors and did nothing to prevent millions of liberal voters from California and New York from moving here.

      1. Doom236

        LOL! 75% of the population? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop watching CNN for 5 minutes you brainwashed leftist clown.

        1. Dood

          Lol, Trump did your mom ONCE and now you’re obsessed with him!! 🤣🤣

          1. Doom236

            Can’t stand trump but nice try Doody for branes!!

    3. Ugh

      Bob, ain’t gonna happen and you know it. If anything, RAGEFUL HATEFUL people like you are just getting filtered out. YESSSS!!!

      1. Doom236

        Nope I will continue to go with all my RAGEFUL and HATEFUL friends, so you will just have to suck it up and eat it.

        1. Dooody

          Awwwww noooooo!!!

  10. Lauren Jen

    Everyone go to Hershey Park instead. One of the cleanest campgrounds I have ever seen. It has expanded like crazy even have their own monorail oh and the whole town smells like chocolate

    1. Jen

      No way. We went on a week day in early Aug pre-Covid. Record breaking crowds,huge lines,and the heat was unbearable. And many rides were closed due to the heat. One ride broke down as soon as we reached the front And, they too had the “pay extra” for short/no wait times. I guess if you were a passholder or had kids it might be worth the expense,but for a one day experience, it was crazy $. I can not recommend Hershey.

  11. Ann

    I have planned two trips since COVID, and have not had a problem getting reservations, but I booked months in advance both times.

    I take issue with the statement that they are operating under capacity. I have had an annual pass every year for 16 years. I go on multiple trips a year, and the crowds now are ridiculous. The only time pre-COVID that I stood shoulder to shoulder was the Leap Day event in Disneyland. Shoulder to shoulder is a regular occurrence now.

    Also, having to schedule every second of my day is something I try to avoid on a vacation. Now, that’s how you have to do it or you miss out.

    The money put out for a 4 day vacation for my family is not realistic any longer. Shame on Disney for being so greedy.

  12. Kim S.

    I JUST made a comment about this situation in one of the Facebook groups and got jumped on by people telling me to “plan better.” I KNOW the rules. I’ve been a Florida Resident Passholder for many many years. I tried to make a reservation for this Friday (4/8) for Epcot … it was unavailable. I have an Incredi-Pass. It’s frustrating to pay over $1,000 for an “unlimited” pass and not be able to get into the park. Yes, I know the rules. Yes, I still think it’s disappointing and frustrating. And for the poor people who don’t KNOW the rules … it’s awful. You shouldn’t have to take a college course in “How to Get into Disney World” before you come on vacation.

    1. Destiny

      I agree completely with you! They have become greedy and lost focus of Walt’s dream!

    2. Julie Florida

      Completely agree! We canceled our annual passes because of this B.S.!
      When I renewed my passes BEFORE COVID The deal was UNLIMITED DAYS, UNLIMITED PARK HOPPING, COME AND PLAY ANYDAY AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT AT CAPACITY! Move forward several months later and then they change the rules. BASICALLY CHANGED THE CONTRACT WE AGREED TO!! We got screwed the last 18 months we had annual passes.
      We used to go whenever we wanted which usually added up to 15 visits a month after covid went down to maybe 2 times a month!! COMPLETELY SUCKED!! I would try and make reservations weeks ahead could never get the weekends it was crazy! So we went with Universal Studios annual pass way cheaper too. PLUS NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED @ Universal Studios Plus gonna get passes with Busch Gardens & Sea World this summer!
      They still require reservations BUT I’m buying a pass KNOWING the deal NOT getting told after the fact how it’s gonna work.

      1. Scott Lee-Ross

        @June Florida
        your post explains it all before it was “as long as they are not capacity” . Guess what they are at capacity a lot more often. So nothing changed. You said so yourself.
        But I can fix that for you:
        But I want…But I want. I know that was the rules before BUT I WANT.
        There much more clear.

        1. RoC

          Actually, if you read what disney puts out, they actually are not at capacity, they are supposedly letting fewer people in. It is word sald by Disney. I believe this person is correct and has a real grievance because Disney changed the meaning of ” capacity” in the middle of a contract. I think the term is ” bait and switch”

      2. kelly

        Just like before, it depends if they’re at capacity. It just so happens that people can now book in advance, so you reserve your spot and capacity happens earlier rather than in the middle of the actual day. They are reaching capacity more frequently because people put off vacations due to covid. I’m glad it was so easy for you to pop in 50% of the days of a month, but lots of people haven’t gotten go to Disney in years or EVER and are just now getting to go back. Have some compassion or plan a little better.

    3. Maggie Rhatigan

      Well said.
      I used to love this park. Now it’s too woke and too political.
      They’re not getting my money anymore.

      1. Bob

        BYE hateful witch !!

        1. Julian H

          Another Turd on here, whats wrong Bob does the truth hurt?

          1. Doood

            Hi Jillian!!

      2. Kim

        Being inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community is being “woke”? No, it’s being loving and accepting. You do realize that Disney is very LGBTQ+ friendly, and that Orlando is one of the best cities for the LGBTQ+ community? Yeah, stay home.

        1. Julian H

          How inclusive of you Kim. Its a 2 way street you know.

      3. Scott Lee-Ross

        For those that do not understand @Maggie’s post I can translate it for you.
        I used to love Disney as long as I could look down at the people not like me, but now that Disney will not join me in looking down at them, I will go somewhere else I can do it, like a MAGA rally.

        1. Brian

          Lol, exactly. Unbelievable

  13. Lee L

    Overcrowded how does that happen? With a reservation system in place
    You can’t blame it on the virus or school breaks when you control the system. 60 day window for dining and no availability,long lines for rides unless you pay wrong direction. Hotel bookings keep being made are people aware they won’t be getting in when they book. Time to change a few things!!!

  14. George Goodwin

    From what I have read on various sites Disney is running everything at reduced capacity. If you are running rides at 80% it makes for longer lines and pushes people out into the common areas. If Disney is saying they are running below capacity and the parks feel crowded something has changed.

  15. Jeff

    I haven’t been to Disney in years. I can think of 1000 places I’d rather go.

    1. Mike

      I’m way over it and have been for a long time!

    2. LOL

      Well go on then Jeff! Keep stayin away then big boy!!

      1. Julian H

        LOL – such an ass

        1. Mikey

          Yes your mom does have such an ass!!

        2. Dood

          Hi Julian!! Silly goose!

  16. Why waste all that money on a Disney that is out in left field thinking they are so special. Not worth half of what they charge if they had no limits!

    1. Bob

      We’ll good for you big guy!! See you at the next Trump rally! My pillow guy and subway Jarod are makin an appearance!

    2. Scott Lee-Ross

      Hey @Jim Churchman,
      You do understand basic economics, right. You know that pesky little law of Supply and Demand. The one that says if Demand exceeds Supply then price goes up.
      And that little other fact that “value” is not the same thing as price. Value is the amount that a willing purchaser will spend with a willing seller. So the value is determined by the price, not the other way around.

  17. Chris

    Just got back. It’s to the point where it takes too much effort to micromanage everything so you can do what you want. If you want a chance at avoiding super long lines for Starwars or any other popular attractions you need to be early(7 am) to try and get a early shot. The new Genie Plus is a joke. Fastpass was way better. Paid a lot and it kept offering us lightning entry to the attractions that are super easy to get on and none of the good stuff. As prices go up they take away perks like free wristbands and Character dining. Found this out after my daughter wanted to go back for lunch with Pooh at Crystal Palace. Paid 125 bucks with tip and no characters. And it was kinda gross. Last trip to Disney for us. We have been regulars but it’s gone way down. Universal has our business now. We have a better experience.

  18. Nicole

    Come on… you reference one family’s issues with the park pass system and dining… a Disney vacation takes work.. a lot of planning and researching beforehand… if someone is not prepared or interested in doing it themselves, there are a ton of agents who will do it for you for a fee and with a $10K vacation, that is probably do-able.

  19. Steve whetzel

    We are not going to Disney next year. We are taking grand kids on a cruise instead. Disney is no longer a family place. Politics and a idiot running Disney what would Walt think about how it changed

    1. Steve

      Disney is most certainly still a family place. I think Walt would be happy that they’ve kept it a place for all families to feel welcome, not just the ones that you accept.

      “The important thing is the family.” “To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past—and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America—with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.”
      -Walt Disney

      1. Terra

        I love this reply. It is loving and accepting. I 💯 agree on that.
        My 2 sons and I are FL residents and have APs.
        I will say, I’m not a fan of all this reservation nonsense.
        It is less enjoyable and much harder with a special needs child who is medically fragile.
        But we still do love that atmosphere.

        1. Kim S.

          Terra – yup, this exactly. I still love breathing Disney air. But NOT a fan of all the current nonsense.

      2. Brian

        Thanks for those awesome words Steve 👏👏😎

  20. Steve

    My wife and I took our 4 kids and in-laws last fall for 2 full weeks, including 10 park days and 4 days to rest and hang out at the resort. When I purchased the park tickets, it made very clear that reservations were necessary, asked if you made sure the park you wanted was available on the day you were purchasing, suggested that you make the reservation right then or as soon as possible, and was 100% clear that you had to have both a ticket and reservation to get in the park. It wasn’t complicated. People that ignore it and then want to complain really don’t have any reasonable place to do so. The right to complain and a good reason to complain are two different things. With the reduced capacity, it was the best Disney experience we’ve had out of 6 different 2 week trips. We walked on to many rides with no wait (5 minutes listed but just walked full speed through the line to boarding) and never more than about 15-20 minutes except for Rise of the Resistance and Avatar. You go to Disney in June/July/August or during Spring Break you are getting exactly what you should expect, and especially if you ignore the multiple instructions to make reservations ahead of time.

    1. Doom236

      LOL! Who goes to Disney for 2 weeks?? Seriously. 10 Park days? Yeah ok. What do you go to each park 3 times? Dosent that get a little old? Ridiculous.

      1. Doody

        Not everyone’s at moms house playing Fortnite 24/7

        1. Doom236

          What’s fortnite?

  21. Kurt

    Got to throw the BS flag on the reduced crowd mantra the company is putting out. The crowds are ridiculously large, rivaling any peak summer or holiday in the past.
    They’re probably trying to forecast to numbers to down staff to the barest minimum to maximize the coins coming in.
    The last two times there were among the worst crowds we’ve seen in over 15 years.
    Couple that with increased prices, decreased benefits, and the general surliness of much of the crowd, makes a Disney trip much less attractive.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      I think you hit the nail on the head. The parks are not running at a reduced crowd. The max capacity has been reduced. Look at it this way:
      If the parks had a max capacity of 150 people, but almost never reached that capacity. They usually had about 75 people there. Now Disney has reduced the max capacity to 100 people. But 105 people want to go each day due to multiple reasons like having not travelled for the last 2 years, closed borders until 3 months ago, DVC points not used and now expiring soon, rescheduling of cancelled vacations over the last 2 years and the 50th anniversary of WDW.
      So those 105 people find that 100 people already have reservations and cant get in. But the 100 people is more than the 75 that used to go most days. Get it now?

  22. Jen

    Disney doesn’t want regular people. They are icing us out so the rich/famous can afford it. The prices, and the jumping through hoops just to be able to enter the parks is utterly ridiculous! Maybe Disney needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

  23. Joy

    Hence the reasons I no longer go! I’ve got a Fla. resident annual pass for this year. Never used it. I don’t plan on it either. My Disney days are sadly done forever. I’m over all of it.

  24. Tracy Petrie

    Why does a ticket not equal a reservation?? This doesn’t even make sense to me. Don’t sell more tickets than you want people in that day. Simple solution to a complicated problem!!

    1. Patrick Vargo

      People buy multi day tickets though, and don’t plan on spending them all at one park. It’s such a simple fix though, don’t let payment go through until reservations are made.

    2. Scott Lee-Ross

      because your ticket is not for 1 day. It is for a range of days beginning on the date you chose. And then it is not for a specific park, it is for one of 4 parks.
      So you have to make a reservation to lock the day and park in. And they tell you that when you buy the tickets. If you chose not to complete the 2nd step, then you are the idiot, not the 99% who actually follow the instructions.

  25. Tania

    I was a passholder for 21 years. It was great. Disney was touring with the idea if reservation before COVID so I knew this was going to happen. However, the prices getting to high, passholder benefits cut and the reservation system has made me to decide no longer. As a passholder, we should not need reservations. As a ticket holder, they should not need reservations. I am on vacation, doing all this work to see Disney, is ridculous

  26. Pastor Dave

    I’m loving watching all the conservative snowflakes have complete meltdowns because Disney is being supportive of marginalized groups. When you believe that being respectful to all guests is a bad thing, you’re a bigot. You all complained incessantly about “cancel culture” when your white-supremacist brethren were held responsible for their opinions, but all of a sudden you’re totally in favor of cancel culture.

    Here’s the truth: Disney doesn’t care. Progressives, on average, are more educated than conservatives. Progressives make more money than conservatives. Progressives tend to have far more disposable income. That’s why Disney likes us.

    We will be LOVING the less-crowded parks where we won’t have to deal with racists and homophobes. Being in a place where marginalized people are treated with respect and dignity is fantastic. You bigots won’t be missed by ANYONE.

    1. ugh just make a reservation like the rest of us and stop whining for crying outloud! yes read people read… it’s fundamental! The website CLEARLY asks you to check availability BEFORE purchasing a ticket. That you’re too … fill in the blank..to do it is on you! Tell me any place you can go where you don’t have to preplan… camping. Yes go to the woods and leave Disney to us. Ugh. so annoying!!

      1. Drew

        Wow Pastor Dave you make so many assumptions and broad brush assertions that you are that which claim to dislike. Calling conservatives snowflakes just shows how much the moniker hurt you. White supremacist brethren? Where is your proof? Just having an opinion isn’t proof. Just because you feel someone is wrong doesn’t make them a white supremacist, racist, or a bigot. Liberals play these cards so often that they no longer carry any weight.
        Disney doesn’t care now but if the numbers do change after this pent-up demand then they will change. As long as they are full nothing will change.
        Marginalized how? Are they kept from doing anything that traditional families do? However if you try to sexualize young children then you may be surprised at the backlash. Hiding behind woke so you can be hateful makes you just as bad as those you try to paint with your broad strokes.

        1. Sarasota

          As a Florida resident, I don’t want any group to boycott Disney World. They provide jobs and lots of tourism tax dollars that we use. Ever look at your hotel bill and the “taxes” that’s why we don’t pay any state income tax. As for the bill itself, it seems pretty straightforward. The legislature decided that teaching any type of orientation before 4th grade was a good idea. As a parent of a 7 year old, it seems reasonable. I would rather my child get answers from me. As a wied thought- Shouldnt it be the opposite? I would think that the LBGTQ would boycott coming to Florida as your just donating your dollars to a state that you don’t agree with.

    2. Phil

      You’re pathetic Pastor Dave

      1. Ugh

        Phil, go be a raging Karen elsewhere then bud, Disney is not a place for bigots and hate just because we don’t all look like you.

    3. Brian

      Thank you Pastor Dave for those great words

    4. Doom236

      You are a pathetic leftist moron who thinks he’s some kind of elitist LOL “pastor dave” Newsflash plenty of conservatives out there with less education make FAR more money then you every will even with your worthless piece of paper you blew thousands of dollars on to get an “education”.

      1. Doody

        Go make sure your F650 mega bed super truck doors are locked meat head. And don’t forget to take your royds big boy!

        1. Doom236

          Actually I drive a Tesla Doody face!


    ugh just make a reservation like the rest of us and stop whining for crying outloud! yes read people read… it’s fundamental! The website CLEARLY asks you to check availability BEFORE purchasing a ticket. That you’re too … fill in the blank..to do it is on you! Tell me any place you can go where you don’t have to preplan… camping. Yes go to the woods and leave Disney to us. Ugh. so annoying!!

  28. AMEN PASTOR DAVE!! COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!! STAY HOME if you don’t like it…by the sellout crowds..umm we do!!!

  29. Mikey

    “…can’t secure getting same theme park, restaurant or ride reservations with other family. He’s had it. Going to cancel.”

    With the new system you don’t book ride reservations until the day of your visit. How does he know they can’t get everyone in their party together on the ride with Genie+ at this time. Sounds like some embellishment to me, I hate the new system too but no need to lie.

  30. Keith

    I was just there in the parks from 13-18 March with a party of 12 and had no issues. When booking dining reservations we divided up into 2 groups of 6 and made that as close to same time as possible. The easiest way is to have 2 people of your party log into the app and try for the same reservation at the same time. We had all of our reservations that way within 15 minutes of each other and just told them when checking in that we were together. As far as getting park reservations, that was a non issue as got our park hopper tickets in December and made the reservations then. We did have to adjust a few days based on the dining reservations but it was a non issue. The only issue we had was having to check into the park you have your reservation for before you can park hop. Now inside the parks, yes the lines were somewhat long, but standby times were usually about half of what was posted. We tried genie+ for a day and all felt it was a waste of $$ as we only got 2 rides through the genie+. Save your money and just have some patience and do your homework for the most popular rides. The only thing anyone in our party didn’t get to ride that was on the list to ride was Slinky dog as that line never got below 120 minutes, even at rope drop and Genie+ for that was impossible.

  31. Scotty

    Well my family has gone to Disney almost every year for 30 years. We did go in 2021 and one thing we noticed was every one was on their phones It’s over for us. Not going back to Disney. They to political for me now.

    1. Brian

      Disney is now too political because everyone was on their phones when you went??
      I guess I shouldn’t try to understand “your side’s” reasoning, why even try.

  32. John Novak

    Why would you spend any money at a place that have closed down attraction and rides to be more in line with the woke generation and political correctness crowd save your money
    Go see some American historic sites in America or spend time in a National park

    1. Yeah, like Stone Mountain. Nothing political there.

  33. RedQueen

    I’m done because the AP had a major price increase and no FP. The crowds since about Dec have been crazy for the “slow” season. LL is making it difficult for standby. I’m certainly not paying for G+ every time we go (usually twice a month). And rides are constantly going down now. All companies play the politics game, remember corporations are people. DeSantis can try to fight it out with Disney but money talks and Disney will make sure they “donate” it to the legislators that boost their business interests. It just isn’t my happy place anymore. Going to put the AP money towards a trip to Japan.

  34. J

    Took my family for the 1st time in December 2020. Had an amazing time and it wasn’t that crowded, despite being during Christmas time. Everything I have read lately about crowds and price increases makes me very glad we went when we did. Sad to hear that Disney has become harder to visit.

  35. Zach, PHD

    I still can’t believe the complainers in these comments don’t get it. Of course they’re conservative snowflakes who don’t understand that in capitalism a private company can set its own policy and a corporation is a “person” and can influence politics thanks to SCOTUS decision Citizens United. For years conservatives held these principles dear, but now when used in a way they dislike they meltdown. Then they say everyone is leaving Disney, but the parks are so busy people can’t get passes. Disney is clearly seeking a new type of fan. They want people that come less often without budgets. They also want people who are more culturally aware. The future is more diverse. People with more money tend to be more educated. People who are more educated tend be more liberal. Additionally Disney knows now for the first time ever there are more non-white children than white. You clearly start to see a shift in the target demographic for their films and parks. They are going after left of center politics, upper middle class families, same-sex families [families with two dads earn more than any other demographic in America], and families with non- white children. The old traditional demographic of the 70s-2010 is no longer that big of a deal. That’s why all the freebies [magical express, extra magic hours, fast pass, free magic band etc are gone]. They want a demographic that will pay for tiered services. So work harder and pull yourself up so you can afford conservatives! Sincerely, an upper middle class gay DVC owner in the process of adopting a baby with his husband. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🏳️‍🌈💙

    1. Drew

      The lgbtq “crowd” is less than 3% of the population. So if you really think Disney would rather have your less than 3% than the remaining 97% I would love to see that business model. That snowflake tag really hurt you didn’t it? So much so that you try to turn it around in the hope that it will stick. Liberals might, and I think you are just repeating today’s media, have more education but it is a slanted and lesser education than has been afforded past generations. Just because you spent more time in school doesn’t always equate to a better education, just ask college professors that need their students to take remedial classes just to catch up.

      1. Brian

        Drew, no, my friend, the answer is that there SHOULDNT BE a “97% over 3% (and by the way, if you TRULY knew what percentage is actually lgbt, you’d be floored)
        But the ANSWER Is that we are ALL 100%. Unfortunately, not all of us were raised to believe that we are one nation, and just because we don’t all match YOUR idea of the almighty “perfect family”, doesn’t make anyone lesser than yours. Unbelievably SAD.

        1. Doom236

          Sorry they % of LGBT population is extremely small, the token gay characters in every other TV show or film isn’t reality. The CDC did an extensive study on this under OBAMA of all people. But continue to live in fantasy land all you want.

          1. Doody

            I know, you’ll defend your daddy trump til the end lol. You know he did your mom and now you’re obsessed with him, pathetic

            1. Doom236

              LOL! Did you think that one up all by yourself?? Did i trigger you Doody for brains? Awww its ok you can go back to your safe space now and kindly pound sand.

        2. Ohlongjohnson

          So you’re saying EVERYONE is gay? Awesome!

          1. Ken

            J hi on many times did you hit your head when you were young?

    2. Doom236

      LOL I love how you put “PHD” in your screen name. Says all anyone needs to know about you. FACT you are 3% or less of the population. FACT there are countless “uneducated” “rubes” who make far more money and are more successful than you are. But keep living in your commie bubble, I look forward to drinking your snowflake tears in November when you get stomped.

      1. Doody

        Stop it silly! We get it, daddy trump sacked your mom and now you’ll defend him til the end!! We GET IT!

        1. Doom236

          Awww I must have REALLY triggered you! Sorry about that. You mad Doody for brains? HAHAHAHA!

    3. Genevieve

      Disney is a vacation destination for people with too much spending money (or more likely, open credit lines), and not a lot of curiosity or culture. The so called LGBT community doesn’t understand they are just being used by powerful people to gain political power. The truth is that none of them dream of having a gay kid or an embarrassing OTT family member always moaning about social justice. These people want power and you’re so quick to jump in line to have your head patted, that you can’t see they make fun of you in private. And as soon as they get what they want from you, they’ll ban you to the darkest corners. Watch.

  36. Phil

    There is nothing worth shoulder to shoulder crowds.

  37. Chris

    Walt Disney Woke isn’t on the list for this years vacation, unfortunately. Too much BS going on over there. Need less stress on vacation not more of it. Perhaps a trip to Atlanta would be a better choice.

    1. Lol

      You go GURRL!!!
      I’m sure Atlanta is the PERFECT place and will take care of a SHRIEKING HATEFUL KAREN!!

      1. Julian H

        Lol – Your such a nice person, you will fit right in with what Disney has become.

        So which one of the 7 dwarf’s are you – Little Man

      2. Genevieve

        What’s wrong with you?

  38. Connie

    Unless Bob and his crew go Disney will never be the same, so for right now their greed and politics and determination to erase the vision of Walt Disney will help the true fans remember it was all started by a mouse and treasure the memories of the way it was. So sad, I remain in mourning for all things Disney.

  39. Ahmed


    1. Lol


      NOT sad to see ya’ go!!

      1. Julian H

        Lol there you go again.. such a joy to read your crap – Bye to you too.

        1. Doody

          Bye Jillian👋👋

  40. Beth

    Disney has lost its magic for many reasons. It’s too stressful to book all your plans, you can’t just stroll the parks and take it in without keeping a tight schedule and zigzagging all over the park to get to your reservation for a few key rides. Plus I don’t like how they view their responsibility to childhood innocence. Sad to think of not going anymore but a cruise is more fun now

    1. Lol

      Lol, you really pretend hard don’t you

  41. Tracy

    We just spent the last 10 days in Florida and 3 of those days at Disney we took or children that are 5 and 6 for their first trip and as we left magic Kingdom, I told them to wave good bye as we will never be back, you couldn’t pay me to use the lightning genie again which was useless for several reasons or the 120 minute wait for rides in 90 degree weather…. Absolutely not!!! Never again. The allure is gone, I can go to many other theme parks and have more fun and be less aggrivated!! Parks were packed, nothing during the days at Disney were worth it! Kids had more fun in the pool and doing other activitie

  42. Beata

    Not sure what menues your reading. Variety of entrees at most restaurants and plenty to choose from. Had no trouble securing oark passes or dining at any place for 4 people when we stayed for a week

  43. I am tired of people like you who complain. Disney is doing their best to accommodate guests safely! Covid is still here! Be patient or just don’t go.

  44. Tim

    We were passport holder since 1987. Back then, Disney didn’t have all the glitz…they just had a mouse, the best employees in the world and you left the park with great memories and the sincere desire to return. I don’t know what happened, but they changed. Its no longer about customer service…its about bleeding the customers of every last nickel before they leave the park. We leave the park now hoping the grand kids had a good time. But for us…we are done with the annual passports. Sad

    1. Bibbidibobbidiboohoo

      What happened is there are more people with access to the parks and they lost a gigantic amount of business due to being closed for so long and now have to deal with entitled twats who make life miserable for everyone else.

  45. Bibbidibobbidiboohoo

    The people complaining about park reservations are the same people who insist they should be allowed to bring three full suitcases as carry-on.
    Read the rules. Plan ahead. The parks are crowded. Boohoo.

  46. KTS

    There was nothing wrong with the way disney ran the parks before corvid hit, now with all the changes on reservations, always on mobile to book rides, parks, it’s no fun, who wants to be consistently on a Mobil while on holiday you go on holiday to relax, not consistently on a mobile booking rides, park reservations, etc, this isn’t fun it’s a nightmare, and Reading that people can’t even get reservations on parks, what chance has overseas holidaymakers got, I don’t want to pay over 10k for a holiday to be turned away as I can’t get into a park, there was nothing wrong with the way disney ran the parks, rides fasspasses before corvid, now its a total mess, paying for rides, long queues , this isn’t the places of dreams its a place of nightmares, we live in UK & we won’t be back, its a holiday for the rich, a holiday to be consistently on your mobile, waiting in long queues if you don’t buy lightening lane passes, DISNEY YOU REALLY SCREWED UP BIG TIME

    1. Genevieve

      And it’s the nouveaux riche – the worst kind of all. Bleating about how w0ke they are, screeching about iNcUsiOn & diVerSity and of course KINDNESS, while they are rude, dismissive, demanding and hateful towards the employees, immediately hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them politically, judge people on their looks, religion race and sexual orientation (ie: middle aged, Christian, white, straight) and then wonder why no one wants to be around them as they prance around with dog collars and rainbows.

      1. Leila

        Wow, your mom birthed your with that disgusting mouth? You’re a peach. Let me guess, you’re one of the “polite” ones right?

  47. Chris Kinney

    Plenty of people go and have fun. We went the first week of December last year and got to see Disneyworld at Christmas, and had a great time. Low crowds, longest wait for a ride was 1 hour, and food was great! Rope dropped Rise of the Resistance and got on in 5 minutes! All you hear are the people who had a horrible time, but with a little planning it can be a great experience.

  48. PeppermintPsaki

    “We would never want the park bursting at the seams” that’s bs. One of my last times at Disneyland, was in the dead of summer, and the park just kept packing in people like sardines. It never stopped until dark. It was truly miserable. The air was so thick and warm with pits, feet and butt, and this was in open air walkways, the enclosed areas were far worse. The walkways were all miserably crushed with people. Every bathroom had a line a mile long. Any surface that could hold a butt had a butt on it, so there was no place left anywhere to sit down. Any place that sold food was swarmed, and it was better to just go hungry/thirsty because the bathrooms were so overrun. As you could guess, the rides were a foregone conclusion 🙄 there was nothing to enjoy. There was really no point in being there other than the park only cared about admi$$ion$.

  49. Angela

    This isn’t a “holiday” or “vacation” anymore! The whole thing now takes like 6 months prep time, research, discussion and finger crossing. How can anyone be expected to enjoy it? I’ve still got ye olde “10 day never expire” passes stockpile up here at home in England, and I feel for any Brit that has to deal with the whole headache and chrematophobia involved in Disneying these days 😥😥

  50. Nadia Smalley

    Elect Nadia Smalley for San Diego District 49 Congress June 7, 2022 primary election

  51. Soul

    I think this is just the pent up demand, once the majority of people realize the experience is not what is being advertised, the crowds will thin back out to a normal – maybe in the fall, or maybe when the 50th is over.

    I went a couple times in late 2021, and again in early 2022 and it was a major influx since the Holidays, and never slowed down.

    I don’t agree with the politics, but we’re trying to still enjoy the passes we paid for. I’m also accepting of people, but I don’t have to agree with everyone or their lifestyle choices.

    On the flip side, Disney should stick to its business of providing entertainment, and let kids be raised by their parents, and let legislators and judges make and interpret law.

  52. Lina

    As the saying goes-
    You can’t force someone to stop disrespecting you, but you CAN refuse to be disrespected.
    So-called boycotts are unlikely to hurt the Mouse too much, but if you’re frustrated to even angry & want to speak w your wallet- vacay & spend your money elsewhere!! Free country… for now anyway lol

  53. Greg Graf

    I canceled our week at the Disney property due to the hassles you have to go through to enjoy the parks. I have been to the Magic Kingdom 18 times and never had to look forward to such a headache. along with the cost, it didn’t seem worth it to us. We got a better deal at Universal with more options, hotel longer hotel stay, more park time for half the cost of Disney.

    1. Kim

      We did a staycation at Universal Orlando. First time ever staying at their hotels. It was a wonderful time. Hotels were affordable, food was very good and much cheaper than Disney. Their pools were lots of fun. I raised my kids going to WDW. But it’s gotten too crazy. So many other vacation possibilities out there more enjoyable than Disney.

  54. Jeff

    I have been to Disney and to Universal. I would go back to Universal but not Disney. Universal was so much better. I think the only reason Disney is doing so well is because Foreign visitors have not had time to bring their horror stories back home yet and because people with small kids will do anything to make them happy and for many kids a trip to Disney is what they want.

  55. Joe

    At Disney World now. It isn’t that crowded really compared to when we came in 2018.

    Anyone who is having “difficulty” getting part reservations is simply waiting too long and/or planning poorly.

    It ain’t like it used to be kids…you can’t just decide on a whim to go anymore. Reality of the current world has set in. Live and deal with it.

    1. Sasha

      They’re having record park attendance right now.

      It is definitely crazy hard to get reservations. It has nothing to do with ‘the world we live in now’ because plenty of other parks, universal included, do not require reservations.

    2. Nick

      I agree with the waiting too long and not planning, but even so I have been going twice a year since 2007 and it’s the busiest it’s ever been. Park reservations with planning are easy to snag, however getting reservations for restaurants and even quick service is impossible even 60 days out. I’ve seen pick up times for quick service run out by 3pm. So unless your picking what you want to eat 5 days before, or spending your whole day refreshing for that dining reservation youre probably not eating there. and who wants to spend their hard-earned money doing that while on vacation.

    3. Genevieve

      What reality is that? That they’re charging you more money for things that used to be free? That they tell you they care more about your experience than cramming the parks full then cram the parks to the gills but tell you not to believe your lying eyes when you see it? What’s the point of all these schedules and additional passes just to visit? It can’t have anything to do with the virus because if it was, no one would be complaining about how crowded it is. You’re one of those people who believes anything they’re told and shuts their eyes and ears when the truth starts getting too obvious.

  56. Amxpress

    Disney has become too political and trying to force its views on guests is causing many to visit Universal Studios park instead. They obviously don’t need my money or patronage.

  57. No More WDW

    Who would make a reservation not knowing if it’s going to rain? I’ve been to Disney in the rain. It’s not fun

  58. Liz

    History is replete with firms that seemed to big to fail and Disney is not immune. People still went despite its growing flaws (expensive, annoying to navigate, crowded), but to alienate half of your audience with some woke politics is just stupid. Stay out of the fray, be an oasis.

  59. The Truth

    Welcome to the new Disney, this will allow Disney to raise ticket prices over the next few years. They will raise prices over and over untill they see a drop in park reservations, at which point they’ll lower prices to the previous increase and that will be your new cost “forever”. The new Disney model is to be woke and price out “Midwest” nuclear families. The dream of the hate left is to turn Disney from what it was to their own hate machine slowly over time and it’s almost done.

  60. Roe

    I love WDW and have many happy memories over the years but the reservation system is out if control. The CEO’s need to rethink what they are doing to “guests.” The comment on Hershey Park, spot on! Its a clean and beautiful park with great rides plus Chocolate World and yes, it does smell like Chocolate. There are special events for Halloween and Christmas too. You will not be disappointed if you visit Hershey Park. “Hershey Park Happy.”

    1. Nick

      Hershey Park is wildly expensive too. Theyre hotel rooms are on par with Disney. $400-600 a night for a normal guest room and $76 a ticket. It’s also crowded too.

  61. Steven S.

    Walt Disney World employees, including upper management have every right to voice their distress over this STUPID law. This law has no place in the USA. It protects no one. EVERYONE has the FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the United States, including Disney! I applaud them for speaking out.

  62. Mickeymouse3

    I’m not a fan of Bob Paycheck…at all! or the numerous changes that have been made under his reign. I also keep in mind that Bob Iger began many of the policies that Paycheck finished. I do think Paycheck is a penny-pinching greed turd. However, I did some research, Paycheck is hired by a board of directors, which the shareholders vote into office. If you research the president of the board, the direction Disney is heading will become much clearer as to why it’s going the way it is.

  63. sam

    usually, when I pay higher prices for a vacation, I have less planning and less stress. as it is, Disney makes you pay more than ever, and is introducing more planning and stress.

    so long as people are willing to deal with that, they will get away with it, they’ll keep doing it.

    I fear I may never be able to share the joy and wonder of the Disney parks I had as a child with my daughter.


    I don’t understand the complaining. You don’t like it – don’t go. Be responsible and READ THE WEBSITE. You can make dining reservations 60 days ahead of your trip. You have always been able to do that. Don’t wait til the last minute to make one and cry about not getting in. Get on the ball and pay attention like others do. We’ve been going since my 50 yr old kids were small and have taken our grandkids and they are grown now. My husband and I still go together. WE PLAN OUR TRIP, we don’t expect someone to do it for us, you want that – go through an agent. It is plain as day that you have to make park reservations. There are things I don’t like that they have done but nothing is the same after what we have all be through the last few years. We have never paid 10,000 dollars for a trip but whatever we spent we paid attention and did what we needed to do to have a good time. You don’t like it – don’t go or go somewhere else. Everyone is in the same boat so quit whining because no one took you by the hand and guided you through. Read the rules and do your own research and stop complaining.

    1. Nick

      I agree with everything your saying, but the parks are stupidly crowded even during off seasons. We wake up at 5am 60 days before and still barely get half our reservations. Then you get to the parks and it’s jammed. Not only that the average attraction wait is over 45 minutes unless you want to shovel out extra cash, and even then your limited. I love Disney World, I am an AP, DVC and live out of state, but the crowds and the costs have risen significantly – even though they claim parks aren’t at capacity I think that is a straight up lie. We can in January and barely managed to get on 4 rides a day without paying.

  65. Sasha

    Disney already admitted their new focus isn’t general public and middle and lower class anymore, it’s the top 2%. Their plan is to have luxury experiences and try to pull in the crowd that pays an insane amount instead of having more people in the parks. Basically they only want to cater to the rich now while everyone else gets priced out. Doesn’t surprise me anymore, Disney is money hungry and only cares about what they can make..

    1. Saira

      Where did they admit that??

    2. Nick

      Clearly you havent been to Disney recently. The parks are pack and they don’t look anything like the 2% you mention.

  66. MR1958

    Disney and Disneyland is DOA.

  67. Kimberly

    My family of 23 people went in December 2021. We were able to all get the same park reservations without any issues and we ended up eating four sit down meals together. I think people to need to read the notices Disney puts out on their web page, which outlines the requirements and do the work to have a positive trip. We had a few issues but we had an awesome time!

  68. Saira

    Why not just reduce the number of tickets being sold in one park on one specific day? A little math would be needed for AP holders, or make them use reservations, but it’s doable. Considering they have brought back park-hopping… The website is not friendly and that needs to change when buying a ticket and reservation.

  69. The only reason the parks are “packed” is because mgmt has dropped the amount of people that can be in park at one time. So if they used to have a capacity of, say 100, 000. Now capacity is at 85,000
    These are made up numbers, just an example. 15,000 is a large amount of people hence prices are raised to keep up the same amount they earned, when the capacity was much higher. my granddaughter is 9 years old. We took her to DWD, when she was 3. She was so enamored!! It was a blessing at the time her face when she was in ITs A small world, almost made me cry. It was so joyful. But there is no joy anymore. We will never be back. But I will never forget her face.

    1. Nick

      That statement doesn’t even make any sense. The parks are packed because less people are now allowed in. You should go back there. It’s not limited capacity – the parks are busier than they’ve ever been. They are lying about capacity – even in off-seasons, they are beyond crowded. You can barely get a reservation for restaurants once a day. Hell even quick service fills up and doesn’t have time slots. I’ve seen half the places run out of reservations by 3pm and its quick service.

  70. Renee Walsh

    First time in over 20 years that I have not been able to make any in park dining reservations for Easter week.

  71. James

    If park Capacity goes any higher than what it was in March 2021, I wouldn’t go back.
    It was too busy even during the height of the pandemic.

  72. Beth K

    I’ve been planning a Disney Magical Experience for my daughter for years. As we were ready to take that trip, the pandemic hit and delayed us.
    I have to say watching how things are reopening and all of the changes being made, I am no longer excited nor planning to visit Disney anytime soon (maybe never at this rate) which makes me so sad. I really wanted to give my daughter the same kind of magical experience I had as a child.
    I just used our “Disney”vacation fund and booked our family on a 5-night Caribbean cruise for a fraction of what Disney would have been. Now still have money left for another vacation.

    I say this, hoping Disney execs read some of these posts, to press upon the fact that you are no longer creating magical experiences for guests as Walt envisioned. It has been turned into a run of the mill money making enterprise which is fine if that’s now how you want the the Disney brand to be viewed.

  73. Mary

    We had annual passes for 15 years. We will no longer purchase annual passes nor will we be heading to Disney World. It is disappointing that it is no longer a place you can go and forget about the outside world. Now you have to protect your grandchildren from the ideology of cast members who work there. Walt Disney would be ashamed and the living members of the Disney family should be.

    1. Kevin

      You’re really falling for all these hate filled mongers if you think the parks themselves are trying to “force ideologies” on you. You don’t like movies that include diversity? Sure, don’t watch. But you’re behaving like an ignorant sheep if you think cast members are the evil here. And this is coming from a hard working cast member. Don’t fall for the sad hateful bigots please

  74. Turtlerun

    Florida AP holder that has trouble with Disney ap. I can’t book from it and must call each time, with a guaranteed 2 hr minimum wait. This just started happening at the first of the year. Not worth the trouble. The other parks now get all of my business.

  75. Yvonne

    Just got back. Stayed at Universal and did just one day at Hollywood Studios. We left early it was horrible. The new system sucks, lines were horrendous and jam packed. Suffered through to do Star Wars and then left as soon as we could. The 12 y/o had a much better time at Universal. We were able to do everything we wanted in a day unlike Disney.

  76. jo lynn strate

    I thought Chapek was out after the stock holders meeting. He sure has things in a mess. I am glad all the kids have gone in the past and I don’t have to try and figure out his mess now. So Sad what chapek has done. Sad sad sad. I wish all people would find someplace else to vacation. If people stopped going WDW they might get rid of chapek.

  77. Garry

    I don’t know why anybody would go to disenyland or Disney world. It costs way to much and the Parkes are way to crowded

  78. Frank N Furter

    One of the most poorly written articles I’ve seen in a long time.

  79. Da

    Disney sucked when we went 10yrs ago and I wouldn’t go back…

  80. Jeff Schmid

    Thank you for those canceling vacations and leaving for those who want to boycott, as many of the rest of us will now have less lines with the kind of people we’d rather be in line with then those who support Desantis politics and his fellow cronies.

  81. Rusty

    Their system is broken
    Their rules go out the window when ticket holders force the gate’s hand at entry
    Meal reservations are unobtainable if you are 4+
    The buses don’t run with any accountability
    It’s just gotten unmanageable

  82. Nick

    I call bull. Limited capacity… yeh ok. These parks have more people than they had before covid and they keep saying they’ve limited capacity, but won’t give the exact numbers. We go in January to avoid crowds – which jokes on us – as it was insanely busy. You might catch the oddball day, but Disney World is busier than it’s ever been.

  83. We are going this May 20-28… we were able to get Park passes but have not been able to get restaurant reservations…. all we want is a charter meal and 2 tables service meals at Epcot and a meal at Ohana…our Disney travel planner tries every day since our reservation window opened… didn’t expect this trouble since there are no meal plans… just getting very frustrated…

  84. Brandon

    I’ve been 4 times in different years. The last time was in 2020 right when they opened again after covid. The experience was beyond awful. The system that they so call disney park passes is ridiculous. There were more people in the park then I have ever seen in my life. So that capacity level is an outright lie. They took the park hopper away and the fast passes and it looks to me, it’s still getting worse. Not planning on going back for a very long time or if not at all. Go to a different spot it’s not worth the stress.

  85. jean

    Isn’t it cheaper to take a european vacation than spend time at disney? i don’t know why people go to disney in the first place for those prices. i’m not anti-disney, i’m just pro-value. putting aside politics, other than, who wants to go to florida right now with their big government telling people what they can and can’t think and say. that’s anti-conservative, which itself is ironic.

    1. Jim

      The bill Florida just past has nothing to do with telling people what they can say, or not say.
      The bill only is to stop Kindergarten through 3rd grade from discussing sex of any type. No where in the actual bill does it ever say… (you can’t say gay) that comment has come from the liberal media. Not the actual bill.

  86. Jim

    All of the canceled WDW trips has nothing to do with crowds. It has to do with costs, and how woke Disney has become. Promoting nothing but lgbtqrst agenda. Enough already. 2% of the population getting 80% of the attention.

  87. Michael Patrick Connelly

    If you don’t think there is a Devil, you are missing the greatest marketing campaign, ruining mankind right now.
    It’s called LBQT+ Lick & Prick Brigade. Killing Mankind since Caesar.

    1. Brian

      Yes, and way to show people like YOU are the “good, decent human beings”. Unbelievable. You’re gonna be SHOCKED when your day of judgement comes with such a disgusting hate filled heart and mouth.

  88. Bob

    It would make me very very happy to see pedophile Disney crash and burn to a crisp

  89. David

    It would be a beautiful thing to see them suffer financially for their child rape sins

    1. Brian

      You’re truly disturbed. CHILD RAPE?? You should be in a mental facility. And to think it’s your kind who pretends to be “holier than thou” when you’re truly the dangers society should be watching. Unbelievable. Are you an adult?

  90. B.F.

    If Disney fell off of the face of the earth I would not miss them. Disney is most definitely a major contributor to the degradation of a moral society.

    1. Leila

      No, it’s probably the hateful bigots. It’s ok, keep deflecting

  91. Gary

    Disney is a mess since Cheapak took over. We used to be able to book 3 fast passes go to the parks when we wished , enjoyed the 3 fast passes, ate, drank several times a week as pass holders. He has single handily ruined Walts dream by his drive for profits and increasing his stock value. We have been pass holders for over 20 years and think of the parks as a horrible nuisance. To say they have crowd control is a joke !! Wall to Wall angry patrons standing in line for hours with crappy food choices. The sooner they rid themselves of Cheapak bring back the fast pass system the better.
    Concerned patron!!

    1. Gary

      Please get rid of Cheapak and bring back the park experience as we had it before covid!!

  92. Gina

    Maybe if enough people stop going Disney will lower their prices to something much more affordable. It used to be that anyone could go. Now its only the rich that can afford to even get in

  93. Wilddan

    Group of 8for dinner? Good luck. It’s been my experience that’s it’s almost impossible to get reservations for 5. Disney hates families.

  94. Redstate-Redneck

    Disney like many of the Hollywood movie elites have forgotten what they get paid for to entertain us. Not to try to spread there political and personal belief propaganda. If enough people boycott it will influence change. Ask Pro-football and Major league Baseball how the BLM fiasco worked out for them? See anybody kneeling on the sidelines? Wake up people being another sheep in the heard never changed anything!

  95. Steven Zettlemoyer

    Now that Disney turned “woke” I personally hope that dump goes broke. They definitely won’t be getting a dime from me or my family. Poor Walt Disney’s once proud place has turned into a liberal dumping ground.

    1. Leila

      LOL, I love morons like you that “swear” you know what Walt would want. Guess what? YOU DONT! Thankfully, Walt was the one who said EVERYONE was welcome. Not just racist hateful homophobic bigots like you!!

  96. Tim Sampson

    The Sampson family is cancelling all Disney related entertainment plans. Fire Bob Chapel. Stay out of our politics.

    1. Your politics are stepping on civil rights.

  97. Ky

    Man, I’d rather just go vacationing outside the country to somewhere new for the amount of money people spend going to Disney. I’d personally like to go see Alaska’s national parks!

  98. Amanda C.

    My family has traveled twice a year to Disney since 2007. Price increases angling with the reservation system and Genie+ has us spending our vacation money at Universal Orlando and a cruise ship for our 2 weeks of vacation because it’s cheaper than doing Disney for 2 weeks.

  99. Gail

    Disney Land, Disney World have always been out of my budget.. when my children showed no interest made it even better..air fair, hotels, food , rental car, fuel, three months salary with our jobs. We had more fun going to the free beaches here, swap meets, camping and no crowds or waiting in line for rides.

  100. glenn taylor

    Dear millennial parents borrowing on your child’s future for a worthless time at WDW: take that $10,000 and put it into a high yield mutual fund in your child’s name. When you pass in fifty years it will have grown to over $4 million dollars. Now that’s magic!

  101. jbrell

    Just go to 6 flags or Busch gardens in Virginia. Avoid all supercalacrap.

  102. Looking4truth

    This is a blatant lie. People are canceling because of the video of the main employees saying they have a “not so secret gay agenda.” Not to mention the 17 Disney employees caught in Florida touching kids. Or Disney’s lie about the Florida bill.
    This company, unfortunately, has turned to garbage and it will eventually go bankrupt here in the states so long as they want to indoctrinate children.

    1. Mary F.

      Everyone caught during this sting operation should ABSOLUTELY be punished to the fullest extent.
      But I’m gonna correct you on the details since putting out misinformation doesn’t help anyone, especially when your bias is VERY obvious.
      There were NOT “17 men found touching children”.
      This was a STATEWIDE sting operation, where 108 men have been arrested so far, 4 of them happened to work for the Disney company, from the hotels to IT department. These 4 were all straight men, some married, looking for female PROSTITUTES, and in one case, one man was looking to meet up with an underage female (not a prostitute as far as the report goes) via online communication.
      This is just a sad reminder that this can happen ANYWHERE including people who work for the Disney company. There’s no need to make this into something completely different to try and tie 2 different subjects together based on your obvious biases. If anything, this serves as a reminder to take the responsibility as a parent to ALWAYS be informed on what type of access and communication your kids have while online, and on their phones.

      1. Tanya

        I myself am completely disappointed on the path Disney has taken. I believe this is not at all what Walt Disney wanted for his parks. This is a place where adults can be kids along with their children. I was a Legacy pass holder for decades. I can’t believe what these ceos have done. Word of advise stay out of politics. I miss the wholesome environment.

        1. Maria

          Tanya, if you choose to be so ignorant, that’s on you. Other than the rising prices and somewhat higher crowds, NOTHING else has changed inside the parks, and you’re falling for all the drama that some of these people create.

    2. Mike

      @“lookingfortruth”, for someone who seems to be “looking for truth”, you sure are very one sided about what you “choose” to believe.
      That “secret agenda” video was a very open discussion between management at Disney looking to implement more ways to make EVERY guest feel welcome. If that doesn’t match to YOUR bigoted ideals, that’s YOUR problem.
      As for the statement about “employees caught touching kids”, it only takes some research to find out that you’re probably talking about the recent sting operation that involved a very wide area in Florida, not specifically Disney. And the 4 men that were apprehended that did work for Disney were charged with soliciting female prostitutes. Not IN Disney, just in general. That doesn’t make it right, but VERY different than the false information you’re trying to put out there. When you’re making stuff up because you obviously have biases towards a specific group of people that have NOTHING to do with the sting operation, you just make YOURSELF look like a horrible liar that’s doing it out of your own negativity and bigotry.

  103. Gabbi

    We went for 3 days (Fri-Sun) this past weekend with a group of 10. Made park reservations for a different park each day, about 2 weeks in advance. No problems at all. We used the genie plus, lightening lanes, and the new mobile food ordering is awesome. Best Disney experience yet. Absolutely delightful!

  104. Buell

    We’ve been going to Disney for many, many years and we always recommend it to people that have never been but after our most recent trip we will not be returning nor will we recommend it anymore.

  105. Enza

    Our recent trip to DW was not as we hoped it would be. (We were there 2/28-3/1.)
    As a Christmas gift, my husband gave me a Disney adventure present so we decided in January to go celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, Disney style.

    We have been there many time for the past decades, we thought HOW FUN it would be, especially since it was the 50th anniversary celebration.
    We were able to secure passes for Epcot and Hollywood studios. the only two parks we planned to visit.
    The genie+ was the “way” to secure getting on the rides we wanted…yeh, for an extra fee.
    We even tried spending more money by buying a lightening pass but they were all sold out.
    The only way to secure restraunt reservations was by using Mousweatcher…yep an extra fee there too.
    We were told to buy bracelets ($30 each) because that was supposed to make navigating the park easier, until our two bracelets couldn’t communicate to each other. We stopped at the information booth to get that resolved, once we realized that problem.

    Seems like we ran into ALOT of snags with the Disney app, bracelets, reservations and the overall service.

    In the past Disney prided itself on customer service, cleanliness and an atmosphere of pure delight. Our visit was not anywhere close to that 🙁

    We hoped to return with our grandkids but are seriously reconsidering this and may just opt to visit another park system altogether.

    How sad, Walt Disney would be SO disappointed.

  106. 20 years ago when I took my children from LV to Disney World I planned our entire stay, parks, meals on seven white boards months ahead. Using the fast pass system we walked onto every ride but one (Peter Pan) during Christmas break, and had ample time for shopping. My advice work the system and ignore the political agendas of corporate.

  107. Catherine

    I’ve never been to Disney world nor do I have any desire to but as far as the movies I will not watch some of your And morale movies that you’ll be producing Let alone introduce them to my grandchildren

  108. Angela

    People are canceling because of the despicable and gross woke culture Disney is adopting, not because of the reasons in this article. Once you go woke, you go broke. #boycottdisney

    1. Maria

      The only gross thing around here are the disgusting bigoted witches that pretend they are holier than thou when in reality you’re the worst of the bunch. Replace some of that hatred in your heart with love. It works miracles

    2. Nolonger APH

      Stop the insanity.

  109. Angela

    Disney should stay out of politics and keep to entertaining and being hospitable. No one wants an agenda pushed on their kids while they’re vacationing…

  110. Zawarski

    Disney world is awesome. It wrangles all the type of people who would go to somewhere like that in one place. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  111. Martha

    Although it seems like an inconvenience, this time I agree with Disney. If you are planning a costly vacation you should make reservations , this is not Disneyland, it’s Disneyworld , people come from around the world , even for the locals I heard of people driving there from Miami ( nearly 3 hours away)and had to turn back because the park had reached maximum capacity. Why put yourselves thru all that , Make The Reservations , stop complaining and focus on real important things , like the cost of food, global warming, wars

  112. Mel

    In my opinion, the ‘magic’ is gone from the Magic Kingdom and I will be taking my kids to other, better places. It is just not worth it to me to pay such exhorbitant fees to put up with so much hassle. When companies like this forget about simplifying the process and giving people their money’s worth for the hoops they make you jump through, then I will go to companies and experiences that do take consumer experiebce into consideration.

  113. Scott

    I like that they’re limiting park entry. It ruins the trip when you save for months to take the family, and there’s so many other people you can’t enjoy it. The genie stuff I don’t like though, I prefer the old fast pass system.

  114. Detroitgirl

    Because he believes in parental rights he is Quanon? Give me a break

    1. Nolonger APH

      Typical justification for someone who had no justification.

      Might as well argue these people are racist, aliens, or reptile people for wanting to keep their children ungroomed.

      There is no defense for their sickening behavior other than the unfortunate obvious.

  115. Marla Fowler

    Thanks for the warnings!! We are planning our vacation elsewhere cuz we dont have the time or extra money to deal with Disneys new bullcrap!!

    1. Nolonger APH

      They are dangerous for your children. Watch their Hulu mobile device ads and you will see sickening homosexual grooming towards young children who have no business thinking about sex

  116. Bonny

    My family of 9 booked 6 months in advance and were able to get park passes with no problem. However, we were not able to make dining reservations until 60 days before the first day of our stay. Since we are staying at a Disney resort, we are able to book for the entire 7 days of our stay. BUT we are having all kinds of problems getting reservations for the entire party. For example, at Beaches and Cream, there were no reservations available for any party size larger than two. We ended up booking 4 groups of 2 persons and one group of 1. The first reservation is for 12 noon, the next two are at 12:40, the 4th is at 1:10, and the final reservation is at 1:20pm. We were not able to get a reservation anywhere for any group larger than 5 at the same time and none of our groups have reservations any closer than 15 minutes apart. Also, we are unable to purchase Individual Lightning passes until the morning of. What if an Individual Lightning Pass we REALLY want (Rise of the Resistance, Flight of Passage, etc.) is only available at a time we have a dining reservation? Since it will be less than 24 hours before the dining reservation, the cost of the Individual Lightning Pass will include the cancelation fee for the dining reservation! I HATE the new system!

  117. Judy

    We will not be going back to Disney until they change their WOKE agenda. The unhealthy and demonic tone for their agenda is offensive and NOT Christian friendly.
    Shame on you Disney! Your money hungry, atheist Corporate Big wigs,are making Walt, turn over in his grave.

  118. Nolonger APH

    They are cancelling because of your insane woke propoganda!

    We spent thousands every year but never again.

  119. Cathypat

    We went for a week this February 2022, and could not have been happier. We just followed the rules and planned our trip 8 months out. We got online at the time specified and got our dining reservations. No problem. We loved the Skyliner and also the bus to move from park to park. It was fine! We allowed one day of our trip to go to Universal. I wanted to see the Harry Potter stuff. It was SO crowded you couldn’t even walk on the pathways without bumping in to people. I actually got a little claustrophobic. We couldn’t wait to get back to Disney. Sorry people, NOW, we are real fans of Disney. We just made park reservations for our trip over Christmas with no problem. Political? Disney should stay away from political issues. We agree with Gov DeSantis, little kids should stay innocent for a while longer.

  120. Ashlyn Blake

    Stale info. Disney implemented reservations over a year ago. If a guests books a trip without researching what’s needed, then too bad. Not Disney’s fault.

  121. Michael

    Crazy how if you don’t agree with what someone thinks (and disagree with all evidence also), then it has become common to just call those other people bigots and hateful…. most of the people here are complaining about Disney one way or another… and then a small group of people claiming to support Disney, and who claim to be for love, come here name-calling and pointing the finger angrily at anyone they can, while claiming because they don’t agree with the company they are hate-filled and a bigot, and that Disney will be a better place without them. This is going viral for a reason… because Disney is a virus, and all those people who are so self-righteous they have to call others bigots show well how they are diseased and full of the Disney virus. Just like aids, HIV, syphillis (alopecia) and any other STD, Disney is a sexually transmitted disease …. you don’t have to have sex to get it, but Disney will sure force sexuality onto you and your kids… a few vaccines will make sure you don’t reproduce…. actually the gay sex will make sure you don’t reproduce too.

    1. Christina

      What happened to just allowing our children just enjoy being children?
      Adults like and enjoy using young children for their personal agendas and greed.

  122. Delmar Shortt

    What is the point of an Annual Pass if you still have to get a reservation? My family has been getting the Premium AP for years so that we can attend whenever we get the notion – including Christmas week! Now it is almost impossible to get a “reservation” without planning months in advance. We have had enough. We are not renewing our APs which just expired nor do we plan to as long as Disney keeps this policy!

  123. Anonymous

    I did fore warn everyone that all this wokrness crap and things like the Genie+ will cause problems and make Disney lose money and customers more than they think. As usual, I was right. And boy do I hate being right about situations like these. Bob might lose his job sooner than he and we would think.

  124. Christina

    Agreed the price of passes as well as food, and shopping are too overpriced. Causing the magical experience that the little kids want become a dark cloud instead. Not to mention the people in the animation/movie departments causing a stir with their personal agendas which is in your face behavior.

  125. David M

    As I keep reading about the parks, not being to the maximum capacity, I wonder, how many folks can they stuff into the parks. We go to the parks, mostly every 5 years, but we went in 2020, february, prior to the closing due to covid. The parks were somewhat crowed. Fast forward to this year, Feb 2022, and parks, especially Magic Kingdom, was unbearable. In 2015 we visited the parks, in March, and some days it was raining, and off season, the parks were excellent. In 7yrs it seems that on season/off season there is no difference. This year too, quite a few attractions were closed.
    New reservation folks beware, this is not the Disney of yesterday that allowed you to enjoy the parks. If wall to wall people, being pushed by crowds and scooters is your thing, along with some 2 hour waits, or pay the Genie+ and lightning lane prices GO FOR IT, if your able to get reservations. Be sure to take a lot of $$$$$$. By the way, I have been an avid Parks participant for over 50yrs, but the park magic is disappearing. Good luck

    1. Connie


  126. Connie

    Years ago my friend went on gay pride weekend and was not warned her kids were shocked and it was embarrassing and against their beliefs! I will not go to Disney again as they are all about creating transgender and pan gender characters in their shows. They will go down because they are Changing the image which God created!

  127. Curtis

    Mister…Walt…Disney…turning over in his grave over the political nightmare the Disney dream has become!

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