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starbucks at disney california adventure

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  1. Lars

    Lol. See, this is why you should never trust these sites. A store closes for one day to move equipment to its new location and they jump the gun saying Disney cut ties.

    Y’all are laughable

  2. Pam

    So sad to hear of Disney’s recent decisions which show such a lack of respect for families. Disney was such a special place to visit with my children. I will be finding a new “special” place for my grandchildren. Definitely not Disney. I will not support your woke agenda. Will not be buying Disney movies either.

    1. Chris

      Stay home. Better for us “woke” individuals.

      1. Julian H

        With nasty people like you in the Disney Parks Chris I’m surprised anyone else would want to go anyway.

        1. Scott Lee-Ross

          Julian H
          There is nothing nasty about looking out for the greater good. But it does show your lack of character.

          1. Kevin

            You mean looking out for what YOU deem is the “greater good”, Scott. Many parents in this country wouldn’t agree with your view of what that is. I think it shows your lack of character that you only see your one side of the issue.

            1. Julian H

              Thank you Kevin, it seems Scott Lee-Ross thinks he is somewhat entitled.

              How is you writing Scott people are woke show a lacking on my character, it shows your lack of plain old decency.

            2. Jordan

              Many, but not the majority. Most people don’t see a problem with Disney trying to be more inclusive to their fans. Honestly, it doesn’t effect people, but yet people want to act like their lives are ruined because Disney said or did something.

              1. Julian H

                Jordan we do not always agree but on this my friend we totally do agree.

      2. David

        I think its funny how all these people that are against disney are still going to sites about disney. Clearly they are more bothered then disney is to lose them. They are like a high school kid being dumped by there first bf or gf. Just move on already like you said.

    2. Jim M.

      So, what have your comments got to do with this article? Just looking for a place to vent? Please try to stay on topic.

    3. Greg

      Supporting the rights of all people is nit about being woke, it’s about decency-and believing everyone has equal rights and not live in fear. #WWJD

  3. EricJ

    Before Starbucks existed, Nescafe’ was the corporately sponsored Official Coffee of WDW.

    Remember, things can always be worse…
    (Besides, some would say that Starbucks is now the Nescafe’ of barista chains.)

    1. You need to read the entire article to know this, but Starbucks is only temporarily gone.

  4. John Doe

    They got a Starbucks in the new connections cafe that’s coming up soon

  5. We have NO desire to go to Disney parks, these days. I went in 1983, before I met my husband. I want to keep those great memories of how Disney USED to be, and not be disappointed by what’s going on there today. My husband has always wanted to go, as he has never been to ANY of their parks. But, after hearing about the “wokeness” of the parks, and the rowdy, rude behavior of park guests, he has changed his mind. We will stick with Six Flags parks!!!

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      I doubt Disney will miss you. You have not been in 39 years. So, stick with 6 Flags and we can save the magic for people who actually care about others, not themselves only.
      “Wokeness” is a badge of honor. It indicates caring about the greater good. If you see that as a bad thing it is merely showing your lack of character.

      1. Jen

        Yeah, I’m with Scott. Be an ass somewhere else.

        1. Julian H

          I’m not with Scott or you Jen, people are aloud an opinion, just because its not the same as your does not make it wrong. Please take your entitled asses somewhere else.

          1. Jordan

            People can have an opinion, but she literally hasn’t been in decades and wants to complain about “wokeness” as her reason to not go like it truly effects her. Her opinion is nothing more than a cry for attention.

      2. Kevin

        Again, You mean looking out for what YOU deem is the “greater good”, Scott. Different people have different views of things. The ability to be an individual and not have to think exactly like everybody else is one of the things that make this country great. Good for you that you are proud of who you are. You should be. Just as Suzanne should be proud of who she is. No one is asking you to agree with her. I think it shows your lack of character that you only see your one, myopic, side of things and belittle people who don’t think exactly like you do.

        1. Bob


    2. Greg

      So Suzanne, being kind and respectful too ALL people is bad?? Christian Nationalism is a greater danger, than showing respect and love. Your grandchildren will be embarrassed of what you are and the hate you have in your heart.

  6. Lisa

    At the rate Disney is going, they may as well go full-on Sanka.

  7. michael

    FINALLY some good news from the House of Mouse lol. Now if the rest of the world would wake up and see that it’s just overpriced coffee

    1. Betterthanyou

      You are missing the point, its like saying publix is just overpriced groceries. Yes, but I dont have to deal with “the people of walmart” thats what I’m paying extra for

      1. Ura Dunce

        Lol that you think Publix, or Starbucks, are upscale enough that you don’t have to deal with Walmart people. That’s EXACTLY the type of people that go there. 🤣

  8. Worst

    Well you got your click, nice title

  9. Kevin

    I survived my whole life without drinking overpriced, nasty tasting, Starbucks coffee so yes, I think I can survive a trip to WDW without it.

    1. EricJ

      I remember when our main street Starbucks closed for the pandemic, and I had to get my Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucinos (I’m caffeine-sensitive, and don’t drink black) from McDonald’s McCafe’ clones.
      One sip, and “(pfft!) Hey, somebody actually put COFFEE in this!”

  10. Rachel

    It needs to shut down in Magic Kingdom. You can’t get down sidewalk and there’s a big cluster where people have taken over the whole area. Worst place for a fricken Starbucks.

  11. TexasToDisney

    Starbucks has unsweetened, unflavored green iced tea. Unsweetened, unflavored regular iced tea. The J place offers neither. And I don’t drink coffee. So yes, I am glad for Starbucks in the parks! <3 Hopefully the new location will open soon.

    As for the rest of the conversation here, can the people so offended by Disney just try an experiment? Substitute the word "empathetic" for your hated "woke". Now tell me you're so proud of opposing people or companies being empathetic. Or how about "genuinely caring about all people whether they look like you or worship like you or not"? Are you proud of opposing that concept? One final choice…try out "enlightened" as in when we know better, we do better because we become enlightened to the wrongs of the past.

    Are you proud to NOT know better or to NOT do better so someone who isn't of your religion or ethnicity or gender expression continues to be told by you that WDW is NOT allowed to be magical for them, too, and they will be shunned or denied basic right like holding hands?

    Are you unwilling to let things change so that POC and indigenous people no longer have to endure examples of our racist past just so you can "enjoy" those depictions of people who look like them? Are you willing to become a better, more empathetic, caring human? You're welcome in the park, after all. There are Christian performers and I believe Mass is observed on property, even though many of those believe in neither. But that's cool. (I would like to see OTHER religions celebrated in song and with access to services, as well, but that's another story). Shouldn't EVERYONE be just as welcome as those Christians? To ALL who come to this magical place, welcome. Notice the ALL. And Kevin, you don't want companies to care about anyone who isn't like you. It's not enough that you are welcome AND others are welcome, too. There's a word for that, too. But I'll let you figure that one out.

    1. Tom

      Joffreys has unsweetened regular iced tea, have ordered it many times.

  12. Mickeymouse3

    Personally, I wish they would remove “chain stores” like starbucks from the parks. Why not let mcdonalds into the parks? It just takes away some of the magic when seeing real world companies in the parks.

    1. TexasToDisney

      I hear you! But with M&M’s now the official candy on Main Street, the Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom, all the corporate (not Disney) owned restaurants throughout the parks, I think it’s unlikely! If Joffrey’s or the kiosks offered unsweetened, unflavored iced tea, I would happily order it there. But when you don’t drink soda or coffee and can’t have dairy, I’m grateful to have a cold beverage I CAN drink.

      Oh, and BTW, McDonalds USED to be in ALL four of the parks!

      “Frontierland Fries
      This was one of two McDonald’s locations at the Magic Kingdom, located in Frontierland. In 2009, it was given a new name, the Golden Oak Outpost, and a new menu.
      The Village Fry Shoppe
      This was the second McDonald’s location at the Magic Kingdom, located in Fantasyland. Whereas Frontierland Fries only served fries and soda, the Village Fry Shoppe also served hot dogs, carrot cake, Jell-O, and milk (including soy). In 2009, it was renamed The Friar’s Nook and given a new menu, consisting mainly of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.
      Refreshment Port
      This was the sole McDonald’s location at Epcot, located at World Showcase, near the Canada Pavilion. In addition to McDonald’s fries, guests could also get genuine Chicken McNuggets and McFlurry desserts with a choice of Orange blended in. In addition to that, guests could also get Nestlé products.
      Fairfax Fries
      This was the sole McDonald’s location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (back when it was known as Disney-MGM Studios), located in Sunset Boulevard. The place served McDonald’s fries, soda, and Template:WikipediaLink bottled water. It became Toluca Legs Turkey Company and then, in 2016, Sunshine Day Cafe.

      1. EricJ

        The first time, seven years ago, I discovered the Golden Oak Outpost at the train end of Frontierland wasn’t a McDonald’s plug anymore, they were serving a tasty variety of loaded nacho/chili waffle fries…
        That place just gets no respect.

  13. Micheal Mousington

    Suzanne, I’m going to level with you, we need you back. We need that every 40 years Taylor family money. If we don’t get it, well gosh, things are gonna get messy. Minney is going to have start an OnlyFans to keep the parks open. So please come back, I promise beneath it all we’re just as racist as you.

  14. Joan

    I always preferred Joffrey’s Coffee. It has a much better taste. Not butter. I do not buy Starbucks.

    1. Joan

      Bitter not butter

  15. Diana

    One more reason not to go back!

  16. Harry

    Soon the whole place will be broke because of the groomers. A shame it is but you go woke and you will broke. Disney said that he wanted kids to enjoy the parks with their family. Not a bunch of woke groomers tying to find their next victim. So keep going down the grooming trial and you will be gone.

  17. Christine

    I was at Epcot this past weekend and Connections is open as well as the new bigger Starbucks.. Both were amazing.

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