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Disney World 50th anniversary crowds Magic Kingdom

Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Andrew G Kalipetis

    With all due respect to you, as a previous Passholder and twice a year park guest, there’s NO WAY the parks are “not at full capacity”. They can spin it any way they want to, these crowd pictures confirm it.
    And that’s great,it keeps people working, just don’t pee on my shoes and tell me it’s raining!

  2. Sonia

    I was at disneyworld in March and I believe they are lying about limits. The parks were packed and we waited in some lines for about 2hrs. The reservation system obviously isn’t making the parks more enjoyable. Basically now we pay more and get less. Everything was so much more expensive and genie plus was useless.

  3. Joyelle Snyder

    It would be nice if with the crowds they actually did something about line jumping and guests unruley behavior. After letting 3 families pass for flihht of passenger and others getting annoyed I stopped two ladies from passing who went shopping for pop corn buckets while their friends were way ahead. I simply held my arms out that the line is 115 min and they can wait like the rest of us and to please not touch me. The women each pushed my arms and pressed their bodies to my back that they are going throuhgh. I instructed them to get a cast member. They screamed they were waiting for a week (not sure for what) and I don’t want to do this to think about what I am doing They then proceeded to climb under my arms in which I wasn’t going to touch someone as I was already physically touched by each of them. Two parties ahead of me stopped them and made their party wait for them. My party and two other families reported this to a cast member about line jumping and pysically touching me … the cast memeb4 said they can’t do anything or get a coordinator bc they were too busy or direct how to help to try someone else. Anothet guest chatted guest services that they need to get someone over to the ride and no one came.

  4. Bob

    Thanks for the warning everyone. We’re headed off to regional parks like Six Flags or Hershey’s Park. They’re not the same as the Disney World of our memories, but it sounds like even Disney World isn’t the same.

  5. Cary

    They want to build more DVC resorts they need some place to people like a 5th gate or maybe even a 2nd Disney Springs.

    1. Cary

      Since COVID I really believe the time of Disney being on top is done. Universal seems to being doing things right and just wait until epic universe opens in Florida.

  6. Molly

    We were there towards the end of April and we overheard people saying, if this isn’t full capacity, I don’t know what is. The fireworks crowds were something I’ve never seen before. There are a lot of things at play. People who have waited for over 2 years to go on vacation are doing so. The 50th is bringing huge crowds. I cannot take credit for this idea, but I read one person suggest the Florida annual pass holder prices go up and the regular prices stay the same without increasing. Then eventually things will balance out because there will be less locals who go for several days/ year and more families traveling who will only be staying 5 or 6 days, who actually are only at the parks for 4-ish days. Just one idea. I also think go back to the way everything used to be- no reservations. Over time things will be more like normal.

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