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Family of Guests at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Andrea lankford

    Revoke Disney’s protected status ! They’re are about the money and pushing a pervert agenda

    1. OD

      How dare Twitter and Facebook, private companies, restrict my guy’s speech! Woke! Woke!

      But if Disney speaks and I don’t like it, let’s use government to punish them!!! I know what free speech means!

      1. Marvin


      2. Mike

        Disney is not a person but a corporation which has no business trying to overturn a law that is the will of the real people of Florida. No one cares what Disney thinks. Disney is not an American citizen.

  2. Jen

    I noticed they did not address the housekeepers harassing the guests to leave early. $$$$ =Disney. I would demand the one who just walked in at 10am be terminated.

  3. Deb

    You can’t blame housekeeping they are just doing as they are told

  4. CK

    We’ve never experienced this and we stay at Disney resorts 2-3 times a year. Just a few weeks ago we called on day of checkout and requested a late checkout and were granted a 12:30 checkout. At 11 housekeeping knocked, we told them about our late checkout and they kindly told us to enjoy the rest of our stay!

  5. Joseph

    We stayed at the beach club over our spring break and at 1030 housekeeping knocked on our door … I told them we were approved for a 2pm late checkout(although it was only 1230) and we went and enjoyed the pool and had ice cream at beaches and cream!!!! Walked out at 145 .. no issue!!

  6. Frank Thistebur

    I’ve used to do housekeeping at Disney and what often happens is guests will mobile checkout before they actually leave. This sends to our device that the guest has left. It will give that guest priority on your list. Other times you start your shift at 8am or 9am and if you only have checkouts on your list you have to start knocking on door or you’ll never get it done. Otherwise you sit around doing nothing for the first few hours of your shift which puts you very far behind. Like I said I used to do housekeeping so things may have change since I left.

    1. Inadaaze

      On our last trip to Disney World we could feel Disney’s effort to get people out of the park earlier. They’ve removed many of the chairs and benches. With fewer places to sit and extremely long lines for every ride we were tired and ready to leave way earlier than planned. Good job disney. It worked but we will never come back. The Magic is gone except for how magically you can separate guests from huge sums of money.

      1. I’ve never stayed at Disney because I’ve heard things like this, which is RIDICULOUS considering the price! I’ve always rented a condo or timeshare, so we have a kitchen. Our family also loves Universal and SeaWorld, so Disney isn’t the only game in town!

  7. Carol

    Just got back from Disney World last week – no knocking. Left when I was supposed to.

  8. These are different times for this magical company and
    place where we find much happiness. Yet, at this stage, they don’t have any extra magic than others dealing with post pandemic issues like not able to attract and hire the amount of staff needed to provide an experience we’re familiar with doing. I’m a former 25 year Cast Member and ask that as Guests that we consider the full picture before throwing them under the bus. I can most definitely emphasize with y’all and would not want to be rushed out of the resort (which I know only makes my mood on check-out day that much sadder (bad grammer) knowing that my Disney visit is ending). So let’s step back and see the rest of the story…the bigger picture is that pre pandemic, the housekeeping staff worked in teams of two. During their shift, they would be responsible for cleaning 16-19 or more Guest rooms. However, in a post pandemic world, staff levels are not there yet, teams of two are likely now a team of ONE, and sadly hat has not changed is the need to find a way to clean the same number of rooms, all within those very short 4 or 5 hours between standard check-out and check-in times. Under this kind of stress, coupled the unknown about the potential condition of each room, etc etc. I know that causing them to fantically attempt to organize their work flow, timing etc YET in their approach, their finesse toward the Guests looks and feels inexperienced. Unintentionally it likely is interpreted as pushy, almost demanding. As a former housekeeping manager I would have tried an approach that is open, friendly, and respectful. Asking the Cast Member to casually approach the Guest early in their stay, making contact, establishing a familiar presence, and when possible delicately talk with the Guest about life in a post pandemic world, adding a brief reality piece of info like “I’m sure we’ve all been experiencing in our local grocery stores, restaurants and basically every business is having to modify their standard of how they operate… like McDonald’s not having enough cashiers, then needing to isolate their activi
    operation to only the drive thru window. And based on the calculated need the Cast Member could attempt to incent the Guests with a monetary THANK YOU should they opt to depart earlier than 11am resulting hopefully in a win-win outcome. In many cases, the Guests may have previously planned to get on the road early or head to the airport early because it’s spring break BUT then suddenly, the Cast Member ambushs the Guest with an unexpected GET OUT
    …NOW. The Guest becomes instantly defensive and now plans to get every last minute out of their expensive hotel room (I’d likely do the same)
    Yet. . In the real world, we resolve that it’s the times we’re in and we may not like
    it, but we’re just gonna deal with it )
    BUT IN THE LAND OF MOUSE….I KNOW OUR DISNEY FAN MENTALITY, in general, we love this company . .YET we have severe separation anxiety and we really need a Mouse experience, a healthy dose of our happy place… that being said, life in MouseLand isn’t the same ..ok…yes, as a Cast Member, I’m glad to be back in my role, and I’m hopeful that I’ll have the chance to do what I do best and create a magical moment or two BUT they’re challenged with dealing with a very different unfamiliar and uncomfortable work plac, filled with Guests who somehow think it’s just another Disney day … but it’s not. IN CLOSING.. PLEASE give our Cast Members the benefit of the situation…they all want to do their best for you but in this time of rebooting they are struggling a bit and simply ask
    your understanding and compassion.

    1. Tracy Ross

      No understanding when kids and I are still sleeping at 8am. Don’t need a wake up pounding on door. Last day need time to shower, breakfast, pack , etc and all that usually takes until the 11am checkout!

    2. Dave

      Providing the expected experience is on Disney.

    3. Lina

      The problem is we went 3 times/stayed on property in the midst of/at the height of Covid, as soon as they reopened, feeling like we were ‘helping’ or ‘contributing’. Foolish mortals🙄 We did private VIP tours w our favorite guide, stayed on property despite having a home an hr away, etc etc. We didn’t experience anywhere near the lack of courtesy & complete & utter money grab going on right now. Makes zero sense but for greed…

      1. Steve

        If Disney is understaffed, then pay more for housekeeping. Lack of staff is just an excuse. The pandemic just brought out profit versus employees pay. Now, Disney is paying the price and making excuses for it.

    4. Carol

      Odd, Universal isn’t having these issues due to manning.

    5. Lucy

      I understand giving the cast member the benefit of the doubt for sure, but Disney has lost its pixie dust and with fewer services, raised their prices even more. The right thing to do when you can’t provide the same level of service is not yo raise process Di$ney has plenty.

    6. Jonathan

      It’s really strange how Universal and all the other resorts aren’t having these issues. On a different note, they can’t even finish new construction projects and upgrades on time or ahead of schedule.. the velocicoaster was built in a year in the middle of a lake and during “the pandemic.”. Don’t even get me started about Tron or guardians, which has already been built in other parks, but seems to be such an issue in Orlando.. Disney has forgotten how to be magical and their imagineering department has lost its touch..

    7. D

      Perhaps disney should consider charging a little less since the experience has so badly deteriorated.
      But no. They are charging more and more for less and less.
      Right now they look like geniuses producing outrageous amounts of revenue. But in the long run it will harm disney. A whole generation will be lost to an experience is primarily standing in line and paying outlandishly for the priviledge

  9. Logan F.

    “Whether your staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort…”

    * you’re

    Sorry, it’s a grammatical pet peeve.

  10. Daniel sheppard

    Do that Disney’s prices have increased so high and pass increases. I let mine go. I understand a company need to make a profit but they have become ridiculous. When enough people stop going and paying the high prices they will get the message.

  11. Sue

    Stayed at Art of Animation at the end of January. Got the banging on the door at 8:00 am woke everyone up. Kids were grouchy all day after that. Thanks Disney but I paid for the room so I will leave when I’m supposed to Do not rush me.

    1. Puckles

      Awww poor spoiled kids.

      1. Why are they spoiled? Could it be that they’re on vacation, have been up late, and need their sleep? The place is theirs until 11am. Let them sleep for 3 more hours!

      2. D

        What a profoundly ignorant comment. Do you know these people or their kidd? Wanting what they paid dearly for makes them spoiled?

    2. William


      No one from housekeeping during 3rd shift is banging on doors 15 minutes before they clock out and go home.

  12. Puckles

    Awwww poor little WHITE PRIVILEGE problems.

    1. Puckles is a poor

      Awww…puckles is a poor…blames his lack of success on the made up “white privilege”…maybe don’t be a shiftless, lazy bum and you’d get ahead….

  13. Marie Miller

    Animal Kingdom Resort housekeeping here. The problem is this, we get more rooms then we should. We work 8 hours and have at least 7 rooms to completely clean out from departures not counting the stay overs. When a room takes a hour to clean from departures 4 or 5 hours is not enough to do all the rooms we are given. However this is not the guests fault. When you start working at 8am we have no choice but to knock on the rooms to see if empty or still occupied. We don’t know if people are still in there. We are doing simply what is told by our people in charge.

  14. Rusty

    At OKW in March, our room wasn’t ready till 6:15 (4pm checkin)

    Housekeeping was a train wreck the entire time (8 nights)

    and 8:00am the morning we checked out my friend went out to smoke and tried to use her phone to unlock our door and they had us checked out!
    This place is broken by a lack of employees and any type of structure.
    CMs aren’t as conscientious and management is far from the issues.
    Nobody cares.

  15. Quit your whining….

    If you don’t like it,,,,,


  16. Alicia

    I just experienced this at Caribbean Beach Resort. My check-out day was April 3rd and at 10:15am I had housekeeping knocking on my door. I went to the front desk and complained, I even received an email from the Housekeeping Manager. Seeing this article it makes sense why I never received an email back as this seems to be a new “practice” they are not telling guests about.

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