Comments for Disney Announces All-New After-Hours Event Coming This Summer

Disneyland fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Lawrence Lewis

    How cool, I went to grad night back in 1979 it was a great experience. Back then you had to wear suit and tie and girls had to wear dresses or pant suits. Too bad I live half way across the country or I’d go.

  2. Mickeymouse3

    Oh good. Another trick to get more money from guests on the same day. Buy a park pass for the day. Get kicked out early. Buy an after hours pass. Continue with your day.
    I’m surprised Bob Paycheck doesn’t shut down the parks at 6pm and run a “special” every night.

    1. Jane

      That’s a really good idea. I would pay a premium to have a less crowded park from nightfall to midnight.

    2. chuck


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