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Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Bigwilliestyle

    The brutal scenes were what was missing from this movie. Loved Hayden but Lucas said the first 6 Stars were about his redemption. But redemption from what?!? Being told he betrayed his order isn’t enough. Being told he killed younglings isn’t enough especially since now that’s not even true. He was the galaxy’s savior who went full dark over his lost love. We saw him lose his love but not the depths of his betrayal.

    1. Constantinos

      Yes it is terrifying Disney’s fans/kids. We all know that especially adults are used to horror movies. And Star Wars is not even a horror movie.

      1. Chris Wood

        Well with a title called the revenge of the sith, they should have kept these deleted scenes in the movie. If the original movie are about Anakins redemption, then they should at least show his evil deeds, which includes cutting down children and tossing his pregnant wife against the wall. The Sith aren’t a caring lot.

  2. Victor Nazarian

    It’s all about the droids. They’re the only ones with any soul.

  3. Joseph Christner

    They should have kept the deleted scenes.He killed younglings so what’s the difference.He’s evil.

  4. J Badger

    It didn’t need to be included to show where Anakin was headed since everyone had seen Vader in Star Wars A New Hope but it would have shown how the Force was further pushing Anakin away from everyone. It could have made all the difference in the ultimate tension in that film.

  5. Christopher

    I don’t think that the scene was necessary. If you’re a real fan you know how dark the Sith are. What the prequels shudda done is make 1 & 2 into one film. ROTS should have been #2 and expanded on in a third movie showing Vader kicking galactic ass in his younger years. The comics are so badass telling the story. I disagree with an almost 30 yr jump to New Hope with no REAL Vader story, just how he was turned to the dark side

    1. Keith

      Keep the scenes, Vader is Vader. Hayden is an awesome actor. Every one of us battle our own Vader,maybe not to the extent of genocide but we all have that side to some extent that if we lost control oh boy look out. I don’t cry watching movies but there were a few moments in that movie for me.

  6. David Carter

    Well, he didn’t get to being the most evil villain in the universe by tip toeing through the tulips and going on unicorn adventures.
    They could of included in deleted scenes or something if they didn’t want the kids to see it.

  7. Keith

    Keep the scenes, Vader is Vader. Hayden is an awesome actor. Every one of us battle our own Vader,maybe not to the extent of genocide but we all have that side to some extent that if we lost control oh boy look out. I don’t cry watching movies but there were a few moments in that movie for me.

  8. Dawn Nichols

    I think that they should have Hayden back as just Anikan for a movie on expansion of him being a sith lord instead of him immediatly being turned into darth vader. As for the deleted scenes yes. Hayden is a wonderful actor and he should have been able to be a sith lord longer. That way we could see how bad he could have become as a sith lord. You could probably make two new movies with that scenio. Please do this I’d buy it.

  9. Dav

    This whole article reads like it was written by ai with head trauma.

    No one is clamoring for an extended cut of RotS. Being the least smelly turd in the pile does not make it a good movie. Let’s not forget it took 20 years of retconning this stuff in cartoons for everyone to almost forget these were terrible movies whose only purpose was for George Lucas to cash in 30 years worth of nostalgia and sell a bunch of toys.

    No one thinks the lightsaber duel on Mustafor was THE Star Wars moment either. There are close to half dozen moments in Empire that you could make an argument is THE SW moment. It’s certainly not a duel between magic laser sword wielding Samari that is somehow still worse than what Highlander pulled off a couple decades prior.

    Some people like the prequels. Mostly trolls & children but still. A small amount of people will like all kinds of awful things. Pineapple on pizza, frogs legs and warm beer for example. However the only thing MOST SW fans want from the prequel trilogy is the same they want from the sequel trilogy. For all of it to be wiped out and thrown in the dumpster labeled “Legends.” Take a mulligan on all of it! Whatever they come up with in its place has to be an improvement!

    1. Noah

      Alright, while I agree with a lot of what you’re saying RotS is worse than episode 1. RotS was completely rushed and the only reason it makes sense is because of the clone wars TV show. At least episode 1 was straight up “this is a movie for children and we’re owning it”

      But all of the prequels are better than 7-9, I mean. I literally couldn’t even make it past 25 minutes of 9..

      Also pineapple on pizza is delicious. What you need to do is pair it with spicy sausage so you get that sweet/hot/savory taste. The problem is most people do ham and that tastes like hot ass.

  10. Ziggy

    If some deleted scenes are added In as flashbacks etc.
    Stuff we’ve nerve seen before..that would be so cool. Bringing Hayden back is genius and so well deserved. So far Filoni and Favro have not disappointed Giving fans deeper nuggets on everything…from sand people to Jawas and almost enduring in between. It feels right too see Hayden and Mark Hamil getting props and great honors in the best modern interpretation of the star wars saga. I hate Disney…but I love what they’ve done with George Lucas, Favro and Felini.
    They haven’t messed it up yet. Its literally better then we/I expected as a star wars fan.
    If they could get over their politically/when it suits us Stance on firing people for personal political views. Its literally why we have the star wars galaxy of stories…different people/beings with different views. How can they be so stupid and judgmental. Look at the universe youre making billions off of. Star Wars…diverse beliefs and opinions.
    Clint Eastwood couldn’t be farther on the right wing….yet you’ve made 2 season s of “the Outlaw Josie Wales/Mandolorian.
    Please don’t fire Jon Favro for channeling Clint Eastwood directly for dialouge and delivery, everything about all the episodes literally taken from Eastwood westerns and maybe battle star Galactica and a little power rangers. We love it. Don’t F it up. And bring back Gina.
    Her role was supportive if firing her really looks super petti to me. And now the main mango actor…yeah anyone could be under there…but why not pay the guy what he wants.
    So f-ing cheap…to employees but not you’re ticket prices.

  11. Noah

    “Nonetheless, Christensen remains one of the most beloved and respected Star Wars actors throughout the Star Wars franchise”

    Lmao, yeah “Heydont Actagain” is real beloved and respected… People really appreciate his uh… Lack of charisma? And that’s why he’s gotten a bunch of roles since.

  12. David

    Dude this scene with him coming choking her was both in the theatrical version and DVD. Swear because I KNOW I watched it happen and I own the whole series and have seen every movie in theaters with the exception of original trilogy. Def shouldn’t be cut because it shows the darkness of his Vader side dominating that loving Jedi persona. It comes full circle when he saves his son, who survives in utero after his mom gives her life. Literally, he killed her, essentially in a blacked out rage, but she was only unconscious until she gave birth and the knowledge of his fall just drained her life force and will to live without him. His redemption as Vader back to Anikan comes by saving Luke.

  13. Paul

    Ridiculous. Are you TRYING to politically correct DARTH VADER now? Hesnot Anakin anymore. HE ALREADY KILLED DOZENS OF YOUNGLINGS! I think he would have killed pregnant Padmè had Kenobi not stopped him.

  14. Dawson

    What the H?!

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