Comments for Dancer Rejected By Universal Attends Show To Do Their Own Moves During Performance


  1. Sam

    That is so incredibly sad and desperate.

  2. Corryn

    Petty and lame.

  3. K

    Iā€™m sorry but it is SO so funny that you think this is real

  4. Bingbong

    That was a back handspring… If you are going to report news make sure you get your facts straight šŸ˜‚ no

  5. Jeff Bezos

    So you didn’t get the job but you showed up to work on the first day anyways? Kids can’t seem to handle rejection these days. So sad and pathetic. If you were rejected then it’s your fault for failing the interview. Move on to the next and stop trying to act like you know better than the company you were applying for.

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