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johnny depp (right) and amber heard (left) on red carpet

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  1. Victor Nazarian

    A large group of people have jumped on the bandwagon of attacking Johnny Depp but I seem to remember there was a similar bandwagon a few years back for the Duke Lacrosse Team. Guess what, the truth was different than the mob said it was. People need to be patient before passing judgement.

  2. F

    Who ACTUALLY cares what a self indulgent, alcoholic, drug addict, Billionaire does.
    This guy has been a train wreck going back to when he and the now dead River Phoenix were snorting blow of women’s t$ts in NY nightclubs in the 80s.
    How does this matter in real life other than offering more proof of who WDWC has decided is a great idol for small children.

  3. ChefB

    What goes on in their personal lives has nothing to do with their acting ability. Who cares what one is saying about the other! There is only one Captain Jack Sparrow. Just like there is only one Ironman & one Captain America. Couldn’t care any less what goes on in the personal lives of actors. As long as they play the part well, that’s what counts. A good part of actors are a-holes yet they still have their jobs.

  4. F

    @ChefB, and isn’t that sad when the same is NOT true for the rest of civilization. Everyone of them should be canceled. They are not worth the precious oxygen wasted on them. Talk about needing a “climate change”!
    I and millions more refuse to pay either directly or through royalties to watch these low life scum bags just because some are marginally good at “pretend”. But then again I have morals and standards. You just do you, boo.

  5. mave

    Why does anyone care what a crisis pr specialist think unless they have all the facts? Do they even understand the caliber of legacy that he built are they anything? So they ‘slam’ Johnny Depp in press and call themselves experts? Seriously this is suppose to be readable content?

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