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  1. lizo

    This is the most out of touch article I’ve seen since WaPo’s In Defense of Billionaires. Nothing has made me feel more Eat the Rich in weeks. I’m going to go burn down a mansion

  2. Ashe

    What you’re supposed to do is find a manager and complain to him about how poor of an experience you’ve been having, include the phrase “ruined the magic” to especially get their attention

    1. Dave

      So the experience sucked and they rushed you and you toy didn’t work. But hey maybe it will be better next time. Really if my experience sucks I don’t reward the business with more business that’s just stupid.

  3. Jason

    Meanwhile I had the polar opposite experience. I booked my build for Disney LAND rather than Disney WORLD, MY mistake. I was assured I wouldn’t be charged if they couldn’t fit me in, but if they could, they’d send me a text and I’d have 45 minutes to get there. I got the text and sprinted my fat ass from epcot and barely made it. From then on once I literally caught my breath, my experience was phenomenal. The staff went above and beyond, probably because I went in without a chip on my shoulder.

  4. Tom

    “but they commented it would’ve been lame to be alone in an empty room turning a toy lightsaber on.”

    Um. So being with 15 others makes it????

  5. Lux

    ngl I built my lightsaber in the opening month of Galaxy’s Edge and also had the same rush experienced when I got a late night slot except the CM proceeded to grab the chassis out of my hand and build the saber for me so I would go faster. When I told WDW about my experience they were like, sorry better luck next time (((:

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