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Thor and Star-Lord arguing

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  1. Betsy V

    I really really hope not…No one plays Star Lord likeChris Pratt. It’s just like someone else playing Thor. Unthinkable!

  2. Chris

    Jane Foster won’t remain Thor because she is now a Valkyrie.
    Thor won’t be in space for a too long, so, no he won’t become star lord.
    Not to mention the whole title of this article is stupid. Why would Thor become Starlord and not just one of the leaders of the Ravengers.

  3. Shelly Brooks

    We love Chris Pratt because of the humor only he can do. It’s his hilarious personality that fans adore. There is nobody that can bring that to the character like Chris Pratt. He is irreplaceable.

  4. Andy

    The plastic legends item ,thor is wearing; a modified (double rider) motorcycle jacket (red,bright) it seems that it was styled for that particular character giving us a thor with some experience in space or he could have obtained the jacket in some other way instead of relating it to star lord or a character switch. It is exclusive from the star lord character. It is simply not the same jacket burgandy and primaryish red are not the same color. If that character were to come to life and zip up the red jacket that we see in this article then there would be a geometric anomoly for him with the point of the front of the collar jutting out forming an unasthetic triangle. The asymmetrical double rider perfecto is hanging in the modern museum of art. Star lord wears a dark in color moto type jacket or some trench coat in the legends product line and in the movies ive seen. This would lead me to believe in thor 4 that starlord is simply not in the film and his character is off doing something or was simply (marooned in space) by thor and his way of taking things over. You saw it when thor and starloard were interacting in MCU movie that he was easily gaslit (starlord) we wont get to see how it plays out of course. In thor 4 the writers and producers have to fit this production into a time space. So there is going to be multiple conflicts setting up the film. The mcu will most likely present a newish thor but will have expected the viewer to put the pieces together on their own. The film wont have time to cover the details of thors evolution in my opinion. I was looking forward to the film but have lost interest and was unhappy with the manifestation known as moon night. Im expecting a product only. Those who follow the comics must be in the know, that is not me but i dont expect you people are truly happy. Im expecting a shotty performance. The actors are probably all under pressure to remain relavant and young. Soon no actors just cgi all together right. Look i think this article is definetly reaching and yes the title is provoking so why not give a read to see what its all about. It was a decent read as far as the ideas were presented. Im not entirly sure what motivated me to reply other than i have to disagree with the thesis based on the information i presented. In my reply I did give a clue on how to find one of the best jackets in the world. Have a great day.

  5. Hans

    This is just such a bad article.

  6. David

    I agree strongly with Betsy and a lot of others. Chris Pratt IS StarLord. No offense to Hemsworth.

  7. Memo

    If you read the comic book run of Jane Foster as Thor, she dies and goes to Valhalla… and Thor becomes more powerful due to losing his arm and sacrifice of his love for Jane. Not to spoil the story but that’s what actually happens, and it’s a great run for her arc, sitting beside Odin & Freya in Valhalla is a great honor to her.

  8. J

    Star Thor… Thor Lord… Ah, Thtar-Lord.

  9. TheChadTI

    I like how names mean nothing “Thor can be Star Lord because Jane Foster is Thor!” It’s all so tiresome.

  10. James Holt

    When will Disney stop ruining Marvel like they have Star Wars lol!?! Now they have Fox (20th Century) movies/tv shows to mess up, yay 🙁

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