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its a small world guest sticks hand in watr


  1. Peter

    Throw this person OUT, and do NOT allow her to return ever again!

    1. Cvp


    2. Jelly

      The guest in the boat ahead shows the guest doing the same thing. Both family’s should be escorted out. Meanwhile it’s the parents neglect. Smh,c’mon parents instill rules and bi-laws.

      1. Sara

        I was about to say! If you’re gunna get on the child, get on the adults in the boat in front of her! She probably saw them do it and thought it was ok.

  2. Rules are rules!!! Parents don’t watch their kids but if the kid got hurt we all know they would be suing WDW.

    1. DisneyLover

      Throw the parents and the child out. The parents are responsible.

    2. Richard Butt

      I’m guessing you obey every law outside the park too never go over the speed limit even by 1mph. Calm down you big dummy quit your crying you don’t run the park, kick rocks.

  3. Brian Wood

    Betting her name is Karen!

    1. Jiminy

      Put your phone away and mind your own business.

      1. Mintt

        Agreed! What’s this world come to people have nothing better to do. And since when do they allow people to record the ride🤨

        1. Jenn

          We recorded on rides back in the late 1980s with those huge camcorders. So for a long time.

    2. Marc Debarbieris

      Hey I don’t know you, but agree 100% with you. If everyone would mind there own damn business. Don’t worry about others and let the park take care of it. Once again your right and people wonder why that person kicked there ass. Plus as a Iraq Vet, these Karen’s and what other F***** generations need to basically go on there merry way.

  4. Minnie

    Betting that those parents would be the first to sue when their adorable kid gets her hand smashed.

    1. Luna


  5. Marcy

    I seen an adult man trying to touch the top of things on Big Thunder Mountain. Laughing the whole time. Instead of enjoying my ride I was terrified of what was going to happen.

    1. Suck it

      Okay snowflake mind your own business you’ll live longer

  6. Ace

    Funny to see the whole adult man in the boat ahead of them doing the same exact thing.

    1. Kk

      This right here……

    2. Shell

      The whole adult man? Not just part of him?

    3. Edward

      You not the boss mind your own business

  7. Mike peter

    This is so freaking stupid who cares

  8. Poo

    This is news??? Lmao 🤣

    1. Adam

      You realise your not on the Fox News website, right? This is absolutely a worthwhile article for this website!

      1. Boyd

        Okay dummy

  9. Lisa

    Parents watch your children

  10. Lisa

    Parents watch your children masking bad everyone else

  11. Juan

    The rules are there for their safety sure… but more to cover their butts if something were to happen. Plus 1000s of people go to Disney for the first time and never get to go again. I’m sure they’re just super excited to be there. I know I would.

    1. Juan

      …and there was an adult ahead of them doing the same thing. Just enjoy the ride…

    2. Disney and other parks are here because people follow rules for safety, that’s why they were created! Have fun not a nightmare!

  12. Martha

    Why are video recording a child anyway!!! Sometimes people just need to mind there QWN dam buisness..

  13. Suzanne

    It’s parents responsibility to insure their children follow the rules. Teaching them to be respectful, follow the rules, keep them from harming themselves. Rides like these have a tendency to get backed up & bump harshly into one another. Which could send the boat against the curb smashing her hand. Video would prove she ignored rules & parents allowed it . Ruins the ride for everybody.

    1. Brandon

      How is this ruining anyone else’s ride?! Get over yourself, you don’t matter that much.

  14. Becky

    Disney should have thrown her and her parents out of the park just like they have been doing lately to guest and not be allowed back on Disney at all

  15. Mike

    Everyone saying mind your own business has no idea what they are talking about. Not only could she get hurt but Disney rides are littered with Sensors that trip if disturbed by idk let’s say a loose hand. You know what happens when they trip?! Full automatic shutdown of the ride. Not so fun and magical at that point when you have to sit still for 20 mins while they check the entire ride then evacuate you.

    1. Ray Thomas

      This…. If parents don’t care about what their kids do, then I really couldn’t care less if little Jimmy learns the hard way. HOWEVER, if I have to get stuck on a hard ride stop and have to waste a chunk of my day getting pulled off, it is my business.

    2. Brandon

      Small world is a small boat very slowly moving through water. There are no sensors you dummy. Stop making things up. Bunch of Karens on here LoL

  16. LFF

    Was the guest that lost their finger on Pirates of the Caribbean ride Captain Jack? Oh nevermind, his was caused by an errant Rum bottle…

  17. Adam

    I love how everyone here are perfect parents whose kids are perfect little angels. It’s a child, of course she’s going to do that! Even as an adult it’s hard for me not to. The parents should get a very stern warning and one last chance. Parents are absolutely at fault here but throwing her out for a mistake would have been completely devastating to this kid who didn’t fully understand the severe consequences.

  18. Rod M

    You guys are ridiculous. The karen who wrote this article and is seething at an absolute nothing is the only one in the wrong. What a joke publication this is.

  19. SLATE

    These same parents that thought it was “cute” would be the same ones too sue Disney if the kids hand was crushed between the wall and boat. Time to take responsibility for your own actions.

  20. david

    A few years ago a kid lost a couple of fingers doing this on POTC in WDW when their hand was crushed against the dock. There is a reason the spiel says to keep your hands inside the boat. Sometimes the stupid among us have to learn a painful lesson before it sets in not to do something.

  21. Marc Debarbieris

    Also just looked it up, in Florida it’s a Two Party Consent law on recording someone. So if that person wanted to, they can sue your ass. Know your laws, before you think you are above the law. Also who ever recorded that is in big trouble for letting the video get released.

    1. dee

      the title says Disneyland which is California. Disney world is in fl. keep trying

    2. david

      You should tell that to all the thousands of people a day that record complete strangers at the parks and the share the video on social media. I’m sure they are all dying to hear from you about it mr internet lawyer.

      Also you do know that it isn’t a requirement to use your real name, right?

  22. Laura

    God Kelly, get over it. She survived!

  23. Jon

    My son broke his arm on the Jungle Cruise because he had it over the side when we came into the dock.

  24. Jelly

    The boat ahead had a guest do the same thing. What is wrong with parents? They will be the first one to sue if there child gets hurt. They should be removed from the park for not reprimanding there child and instilling rules.

  25. Jelly

    The guest in the boat ahead shows the guest doing the same thing. Both family’s should be escorted out. Meanwhile it’s the parents neglect. Smh,c’mon parents instill rules and bi-laws.

  26. Will Scott

    This is “news”?

    Get a life!

    1. Kyle



  27. Abby

    Why are you going to focus on this child when the people older in the other boat is doing the same thing instead of filming it tell the people in charge of the ride and if they don’t say anything that’s on them when they get another lawsuit from an accident that could og been prevented will be on the Disney park

  28. Rooftop Voter

    As punishment for these errant scofflaws, they should be made to sit inside the ride for two hours listening to those dancing dolls and not be given any baseballs to try and take a few of them out.
    After that, taken out behind the woodshed and have the stuffing beat out of them before sending them home. By golly, that’ll fix ’em.

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