Comments for Celebrity Smashed Both Ankles at Amusement Park, Planning Major Surgery

Katie Price

Credit: Katie Price Instagram


  1. Kevin

    Who? Just throwing the word “celebrity” around way too easily these days. And who in the hell names their daughter Princess?

  2. Kevin

    Who? People are just throwing the word “celebrity” around way too easily these days. And who in their right mind would name their daughter Princess?

  3. MuzzyFush

    Katie Price is not a celebrity. She got her breasts out for money and has been riding off of that ever since. She is an embarrassment and the less publicity given to her the better.

    1. Not famous

      sounds like that trash family the kardashians lmfao

  4. Lena Catlett

    While what happened to her is an injury, it seems to be her fault since she was drunk at the time. Almost all of the other incidents were not injuries but health related. Strokes and heart attacks are not injuries.

  5. Nikki

    Why are we feeling bad for a nobody who was drunk and made a fool of herself resulting in injuries……

    This is why alcohol shouldn’t be at theme parks because then those stupidly drunk parents have to drive home with their kids in the car putting them and others in danger…….

  6. Lisa P3

    Or they Lyft back to the hotel. It’s 2022

  7. Dan K

    I only read this article to know how and where she fell. Did’ nt learn something from this one. Don’t even know this so called ” celebrity” at all.

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