Comments for Bill Burr “Disappointed” Gina Carano Won’t Return to ‘Star Wars’


Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. JayArnold

    A couple things I have noticed. Pretty much the entire cast and crew who worked with Gina Carano and actually knows her has come out with high praise for her and described her as a terrific person. So who again at Lucasfilm wanted her fired? I mean they fired over social with a false statement from an anonymous spokesperson. Nobody at Lucasfilm had the balls to stand up and and put their name on it? Secondly – the statement they issued implied that she was some sort of bigot and that the latest meme she shared (which had been shared 100’s of times without controversy) was somehow antisemitic. Upon further examination nothing could have been further from the truth. So they fired her for no good reason whatsoever, and thirdly they tried to smear her in the process. I mean why would they not just quietly not include her in Season 3 and let her move on? They could have avoided so much backlash and avoided the whole #CancelDisneyPlus thing which cost them dearly. The stock price has been be tanking joke ever since they fired her. How could such high level company make such incredibly incompetent mistakes?

  2. Anonymous

    Four words: Kathleen Kennedy, Bob Chapek.

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