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  1. Thee

    Thank you for saying what we are thinking Mr. President.

    1. Sheep-are-Tasty

      I love seeing you mentally ill snowflakes have temper tantrums. Classic.

      1. Jordan

        You mean the one DeSantis is having over Disney not agreeing with him?

  2. Mark

    Let Florida mess with their own system they put in place for over a 1000 municipalities and tourist areas.. It’s time residents start paying their fair share of taxes. $2 billion debt from Disney Alone.+Daytona ,Raceway, Canaveral, and more. Have fun with that.$$$$

    1. Tammy

      No skin off Disney’s back. Floridians are the ones getting ready to pay. Those people aren’t very bright and obviously don’t understand the complexities of a special tax district. For example, the commuter above that thinks it is about Disney governing itself???? Ignorance. Watch The Florida Project. It captures Floridians perfectly.

      1. Not a sheep

        Bless your heart. Don’t you have some ironing to do?

    2. Scott Lee-Ross

      Mark, I do not think you even understand what the RCID is, or what it does.
      Disney as a landowner pays the same property taxes to Orange and Osceola county as every other landowner pays in ad valorem property taxes.
      Then the RCID taxes Disney as a landowner in the District to pay for municipal services, like Fire, Water, Utilities, Road Construction, Flood Control, Health Dept, and vector control. So Disney pays the taxes to the county then to RCID so that Orange and Osceola do not shoulder those expenses.
      That being said, if RCID is dissolved (which is actually not likely) then to pay the expenses for the properties within RCID the counties will have to increase property taxes on all residents, not just Disney. So everyone in Orange and Osceola counties will have to pay the bill.

      1. Charles Elias Disney II

        And, according to my cousins, Diane and Ron Miller, used for embezzlement and tax evasion. RCID is owned by Disney and was created by Republican Party and heavily opposed by Democrats for it was strictly supposed to be used for NON-Profit EPCOT 1966, never to be used for FOR-Profit Theme Parks and Resorts. RCID was never supposed to be in debt and paid by Disney Productions in full. Several breaches of contract. It should have been dissolved in 1986, prior to the Hostile Takeover of 1984 by tax evader and embezzler Sid Bass and cronies!

  3. Blu

    It’s not mean at all! NO Corporation should ever be able to govern itself! No wonder Disney is drunk with power!

    1. Jordan

      The literally take care of their area with their own resources using their own money. Now taxpayers will have to pick up the bill. Great job

    2. Scott Lee-Ross

      You do realize that Disney does not govern themselves. That is a talking point. They have the same government oversight that other companies have, they just have greater control over who is elected because they are the voter. But that does not change the fact that Reedy Creek is the government, democratically elected and able to supervise the company. Reedy Creek is the government and has the same mandates as any other state agency, like Orange County.

  4. Ken

    I thought companies getting special tax breaks was a bad thing? Seems fair that Disney can be regulated just like all other business and the special treatment has ended.

    1. Cj

      How is Disney hurting all of you? I have an idea, if you don’t like Disney, don’t go! DeSatan is stirring as many pots as he can to see if he has a chance at the Presidency. I say if you agree with the Florida gov then you should boycott Disney and make it better for the rest of us.

    2. Scott Lee-Ross

      RCID does not give Disney any tax breaks. They still pay property tax to the county, just like any landowner. But RCID provides the services so in addition to the tax to the county, Disney as the landowner pays taxes to RCID to pay for the services within the district.

      1. Charles Elias Disney II

        RCID is Disney and as stated by cousins, Diane and Ron Miller, used for Tax Evasion and Embezzlement. The Hostile Takeover of 1984 was not about the resorts, it is about the tax evasion and embezzlement RCID, by Sid Bass and cronies. Still to this day used for tax evasion and embezzlement. Billion in bonds, RCID was never supposed to go in debt ever. There is shady people at RCID.

  5. drew who

    From what I gather the Florida Bill is about giving parent control over what sort of sexual education they receive . Its not just confined to homosexuality but to heterosexual sex education as well . As such I am not sure why its called the “Don’t say gay bill” because its equally a “Don’t say straight Bill” . I’m not even a conservative or right wing any way shape or form and I agree with this .

    As for Disney I think their push of LBGTQ content and characters on the streaming service has reached a level of saturation where there was bounds to be a push back against it . Disney is meant to be a family friendly company not a mouthpiece for homosexual propaganda . If they keep on like this they will lose viewers .

    The other thing that concerns me about the kind of overload we seeing of woke culture, people have had enough and that plays into the hands of Donald Trump. I fear it might make him electable in 2024 . If he frames himself as the anti-woke candidate then I think he will win.

    1. The Patriot

      Donald ain’t running, he keeps of bringing up the health trial balloon to ease his supporters from his not running.

      Who is running, Desatan with a big “W” on his ledger. He just challenged the house of mouse and won big. This unfortunately makes him the front runner for 2024.

    2. It’s the dems playbook to LIE about laws proposed by conservatives. This is how they persuade voters. Voters need to read the laws and decide for themselves. Don’t take any politician at face value. Be an educated voter!

    3. Jill E. Bean

      You aren’t right wing at all, but you believe that there is such a thing as “homosexual propaganda”..🙄

      1. MSG

        Being opposed to displays of homosexuality in shows aimed at minors is not based on political persuasion its more down the morality of the individual and what they find acceptable in society .

      2. Scott Lee-Ross

        that is the very definition of right wing. There is no homosexual agenda, nor is there such thing as homosexual propaganda.

        1. MSG

          No its just your perception that anyone who has a different viewpoint to you as right wing . If you insert homosexuals into shows aimed at children as much as Disney has done that means you are trying to influence the views of developing generation of people . That is clear proof and an agenda. It is also the very definition of propaganda because its the systematic propagation of a doctrine . I am actually a lifelong Democrat . The difference between you and I is that I am a center ground liberal where as you are the extremes of the far left . I have about as much in common with you as I have with the alt right Trump mob . That means while I support LBGTQ rights it doesn’t mean that I support the indoctrination of minors via either education of the entertainment media into LBGTQ subject matter .

          1. Jay

            Supporting LGBTQIA+ representation in media is not far left nor is it indoctrination. The vast majority of US democrats fall just left of center, there are very few that are true far leftists. Representation and exposure to a multitude of different peoples, cultures, experiences, etc isn’t indoctrination. Indoctrination happens when you try to limit worldviews, which historically tends to happen more in conservative populations.

  6. B REESE

    I am more concerned about the president using the Lord’s name in vain. Shame on you.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Thank you B REESE!
      It’s a part of the whole mess our society is in these days…

  7. Dadood

    It’s mean and ugly, because that is what the republican terrorist cult stands for now. Look at who their leaders are. Liars, cheaters, scam artists, con men and haters. From the lying orange traitor on down, no morals, no ethics, no integrity, no honor and no honesty.

    1. The Patriot

      Don’t worry, their stupidity will lead to a loss from the jaws of what should have been an easy victory. Then they will scream that 2022 got stolen from them and continue to undermine the integrity of elections leading up to Desatan’s fascist challenge to Biden.

      1. Not a sheep

        I love seeing you mentally ill snowflakes have temper tantrums. Classic.

        1. Jordan

          Just like the one DeSantis is having about Disney not agreeing with him?

  8. Biden needs to worry about his influence peddling case coming up. Inflation and energy independence are more important than liberals lying about the parental rights bill. Get it together! Biden, stop acting like a team losing on purpose to get a number one draft pick.

  9. Jill E. Bean

    Biden is spot on. This bill wasn’t to help children, it was just a political stunt. What is being done to Disney is political retribution. For people that call themselves “patriots”, it sure is unpatriotic to punish a company for exercising their right to free speech. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    1. MSG

      Of course it was a political stunt but it is one that has been orchestrated extremely well . For a start even as Democrat I support elements of this bill . I think parents should be consulted as to what type of sex education and whether their children receive any sort of sex education at school . They also should have the right to decide at what age and at what stage of development their receives sex education . You talk about the rights of free speech but parents of the right also to decide how their child is educated .

      1. Scott Lee-Ross

        however, MSG, the bill is not about sex education. Sex education is not taught in k-3. This is about not saying gay.
        Read the text of the bill: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur 99 in kindergarten through grade 3”
        Without other definitions, that would prohibit a teacher from any discussion about why Johnny has 2 dads. Or why Sally used to be known as Steve. Any age appropriate discussion is flat out banned.

        1. Charles Elias Disney II

          Scott according to bill as you stated, cannot say Heterosexual, Straight, or any type of gender. I call it the anti-grooming bill and let kids be kids bill. My cousin, Walt Disney, would have supported Ron DeSantis and the Parental Protection Bill.

  10. B.J.

    Textbook first amendment case. Company says something gov’t doesn’t like, gov’t punishes company. Lawyers gonna get paid and Desantis gonna eat humble pie.

  11. Tennessee

    There are two sides fighting here. The majority of the citizens of Florida and their representatives have made a decision to not teach certain tenets of the religion of Secular Humanism in their public schools. Advocates of the teaching of these tenets are frustrated about the outcome. The CEO of Disney has made some decisions to speak out and fight the will of the citizens of Florida. Some people are glad he is doing this. What has been unknown to many people over the years is that Disney as a company has been enjoying a major benefit from the state of Florida since it opened there with the special Reedy Creek thing. One might be reminded that the Disney company originally bought thousands of acres of land in Florida from owners who were never told who was really buying the land nor what was really up – that it was the Disney company and they were planning to build another Disney Park. They were therefore able to purchase the land for a cheap price. All legal of course. But now Disney is vowing to fight those very people who have given so much to them over the years. The citizens even gave them this Reedy Creek special status to help them get started. And now the company wants to fight the citizens of Florida. The state of Florida and its citizens are now fighting back by taking away that special privilege they gave the company. All is legal. With this change, Disney World may never be what it has been. Things will be different there with this new change. Disney World has provided so many wonderful and magical vacations over so many years. Many wonderful memories have been made there. The special tax status they have enjoyed has surely been a benefit to their providing wonderful vacations. Their more recently embracing the principles of the religion of Secular Humanism has resulted in what we see happening today. We are all imperfect people. But one thing remains the same and true. Our Lord Jesus is our prophet, priest, and king, and nothing will ever change that.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Except, you fail to understand the Reedy Creek Improvement District. It actually does not provide a special tax status to Disney. Disney pays the same property taxes to Orange and Osceola Counties that everyone else pays. Except Orange and Osceola counties do not provide services to Reedy Creek. The district taxes Disney IN ADDITION to Orange and Osceola and then provides the services the county would provide. If RCID is actually dissolved, then that burden shifts from RCID to the counties. And as the bill comes due to the counties, they will have to raise the ad valorem taxes (property taxes) evenly among all of the county to pay these expenses. In addition, the almost 2 billion in bonds that were issued by RCID will fall upon the counties to pay. This is bad for the counties, just so that DeSantis can try to “punish” Disney for exercising their First Amendment protected right to free speech.

  12. Sva

    It comes as no surprise that Biden would choose to label the whole debacle as going after Mickey mouse. While I tend to be in the middle over the whole matter, the general disingenuousness Biden employs in order to not get into the grit of conversation is once again highlighted here. Stop infantilizing people and at least try to summarize it like any other person would.

    1. Sva

      Or like any other person should lol. Let’s be real. Voice your misgivings on both sides etc. What we can all do better. This situation is so needless I feel. But to exact it to going after Mickey is just so annoying. Hes the president. Address both sides in detail and rise above, Biden.

  13. Scott Lee-Ross

    You seem to have forgotten that Disney’s speech is protected by the First Amendment and that the state can not retaliate against the company for exercising their free speech. The bill that DeSantis signed this weekend is a clear violation of the First Amendment. And therefore unconstitutional. DeSantis is attempting to violate the Constitution for his own political gain.
    While the right champions law and order, they are trampling on the Constitution. House Bill 1557 steps on the free speech rights of educators in the state, they just do not care.

  14. Ken Brenner

    It is a shame that the bill has been renamed to something it isn’t. Any teacher has no right to teach anything about sex or orientation to a child. That is soley up to the parents. More political manuvering…
    What a mess our society is in!

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