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  1. Worst reporting ever

    Again- awful “reporting”. There is availability for passholders. Epcot is booked- as expected – but all the other parks are available.
    Seriously- who checks this stuff before you just slap it up?

    1. D

      Why would they report on the other parks when the coaster is only at Epcot. They say all passholders reservs are taken for the day for the ride… which is only at Epcot. Is that part seriously not obvious?

      1. AO

        Theme park reservations for AP’s are taken for Epcot. Ap’s can still hop over from another available park after 2pm, if Epcot is not at capacity. No AP preview reservations for the ride itself are gone. The preview will be before the ride opens to the public on the 27th.

  2. John

    You can always park hop if you don’t get a reservation. That’s what I do.

    1. Mark

      These days will probably get a block on hopping but i hope your right. If not I just hope we all get annual emails unlike with batuu. I didnt get an email i got it from a friend though ap same with remy. I wish things were like back in the day when you previewed a ride bc you were there. I previewed rides from test track to rnrc just by being in the park at the right time bc they decided to open on a day and let people on. No restrictions no for abcd only just open for previews at random and you went on.

  3. Steve-O

    It’s time to change the description for Epcot, since it’s not even close to being “Walt Disney’s vision for tomorrow” and hasn’t been for some time now. Turns out ol’ Walt’s visions didn’t include enough profits in them.

  4. Chris

    Does anyone even get the passholder emails? My wife and do not. even though the email on file is correct.

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