Comments for Aerial View Reveals Just How Crowded Disney World Is Right Now

aerial view hollywood studios parking lot


  1. Walt Disney

    Most of you folks are such entitled guests… from complaining about capacity and wanting premium paid queue times to the gender neutral announcements and resellers on ebay. Enough is enough already.

  2. Mike

    Lots of parents don’t care about their kids getting groomed. Not shocking most parents don’t actually care about their kids at all.

  3. Mike

    Lots of parents don’t care about their kids. Got it

  4. Disney Roick

    I have to admit that my decision to go to Disney in Sept 2020 was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in awhile. The parks were so empty that I rode multiple rides like Flight of Passage Soaring and Space Mountain multiple times. Heck, I rode Flight of Passage back to back to back. Got on the ride , got off when right back in the queue and was back on the ride in ten minutes. And the only reason it took that long was because Disney made the queue to get to the ride long.

  5. Paul

    I’m sorry. But there’s no way the parks are operating at no less than a 85% capacity. Seeing wait times as long as they are. That’s what you were seeing before the shutdown

  6. Charles

    Reap the benefits on the back end–load up on Disney stock.

  7. Greg

    I do nothing but laugh when I continually see posts about guests who are frustrated and complain about how busy the crowds are. It’s a theme park during Spring Break time…if you thought it wasn’t going to be crowded you simply are a fool. And even if it’s not Spring Break time, who would have thought it’s not going to be busy. Get over yourselves.

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