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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Gwen

    My daughter and I did the ride in the Mexican Pavilion, Carousel of Progress, Tom Sawyer Island and River Boat cruise, Country Bear, and Hall of Presidents for the first time ever on our last trip. Mostly because it was so hot and we wanted a cool down, lol! Other than Country Bear, we absolutely loved the rest and will now go on them every time! Especially Hall of Presidents! My daughter exclaimed, “My man just stood up! STOOD UP!” (in reference to Abe Lincoln) and I had to shush her so she didn’t disrupt the rest watching, she was so amused, lol! Great music too!

  2. Yoda

    One that is definitely under the radar is the bird show at Animal Kingdom. The current Feathered Friends in Flight is entertaining.
    I know over past couple of years they have been constantly changing to see what works best and I think they found it. Really do appreciate that they have different birds in different shows so not always the same.

  3. Marcus

    That’s the list of things we did the most as locals, throwing in whatever rides weren’t busy.

  4. SG

    I love all those. Add to it in Animal Kingdom, I think it’s called the birds in flight, near the tree of life, Macaws fly right over your head and perch in the bushes. The cast member even tells you not to raise your hands so they don’t hurt you while they fly over your head to get to their perches!

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