Comments for Zendaya Ditches Tom Holland for ‘Spider-Man’ Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield (left) with Zendaya (right)

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  1. Mychal Foley

    I really hope the writer of this article just used an unclassy title and that Zendaya nor Garfield would do that. And as long as it’s not really happening, the three Spideys would be awesome hosting the Oscars

    1. Definitely don’t think that Zendaya & Tom have split. I think it would be excellent if Tom, Toby, & Andrew could host the Oscars next year. It would be a million times better than this years miserable host.

      1. Blessing

        So true

      2. Honeill

        From what I read it seemed more like they were besties and because Tom couldn’t make it they happen to see each other and decided to hang with a friend during the event. Not everything is a romantic thing or scandal for that matter.

      3. Jessica

        Y’all are idiots. This was a No Way Home thing… you know.. Who’s Peter Parker?? He was erased…

    2. JOhn

      Come on man. It’s not like she’s Will Smith’s wife.

      1. sarah lincoln

        Will Smith’s wife was faithful to him for Decades (in Hollywood!) until they painfully SEPARATED because of the stress of a hounding, lying media (and others) that had even started verbally attacking their children. I’m glad they’re back together. The Bible states that God, “Hateth a divorcing.” So do I.

        1. Lucifer

          Please stop!

          1. sarah lincoln

            “You” are the main reason we cannot stop telling the truth and shedding light that chases darkness away. Will Smith and Jada only each “strayed” with another person while they were painfully Separated due to the stress of being hounded and lied about by media (and others). Ask Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson about that. Fortunately, unlike Nick and Jessica, Will Smith’s and Jada’s love and relationship survived, and they are blessedly back together.

      2. Nonya

        If you don’t know the full story don’t say anything

      3. Zipdraw

        Lol true.

    3. Divide The Magic

      This is all I expect from ITM.. If you only report on Disney you gotta turn every nonevent into a sensational story just to get the clicks.

    4. sarah lincoln

      Zendaya’s still in love with Tom, and he with her. If you watch the actual video on this very site, you’ll see that Andrew just happened to look up to see Zendaya walking past, because of all her fans screaming her name. He then happily and innocently steps up to her to take a selfie and have a nice chat. They were recently colleagues in a film, after all. They then both oblige the paps who ask for a pic. That. is. all.

    5. sarah lincoln

      Tom and Zendaya are still very much in love. Tom’s filming. And Zendaya’s film DUNE is up for several Academy Awards. Only natural she’d be there. Even Spider Man NWH is up for Academy Awards. But again, Tom is filming. Andrew is there because he’s deservedly nominated for Best Actor for Tick Tick Boom. Andrew just happened to see Zendaya on the red carpet and understandably stepped up to greet his Spider Man No Way Home co-star. They had a nice chat, he took a selfie, and then they posed for the press when asked. That’s all.

    6. Cosette De Groat

      Yes,all three should host the Oscars next year

  2. Ash

    Tom is filming in NYC

    1. Tom

      Ada boy Andrew

      1. sarah lincoln

        Andrew respects and admires Tom Holland, Zendaya, and their relationship. Andrew stated that Zendaya improved their scenes together (choosing to throw bread instead of grabbing a candlestick or a knife when Andrew’s Peter suddenly appears in Ned’s Lola’s house. Andrew said they were like children throwing bread at one another. lol Andrew also said that in the scene in which he saves MJ, and Andrew’s Peter is overcome with emotion, Zendaya greatly improvised, going off-script again to gently ask HIM, if HE was ok, etc.

        Here at the Oscars, Andrew serendipitously sees Zendaya walking past and happily walks up to her and asks for a selfie with her. She obliges and they stand together, smiling and having a brief chat. Zendaya is in love with Tom Holland and both Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield know that.

        1. Bebe

          Zendaya? Is this you ?

          1. sarah lincoln

            ?! It’s on the video. Andrew and Zendaya just ran into each other on the red carpet. Andrew took a selfie and they posed for the press. They then, pleasantly took their leave of one another and entered and left the Oscar ceremony separately. And obviously many, Many, MANY people have seen the interviews in which Andrew admiringly discusses Zendaya’s improvisational skills that improved Spider Man No Way Home scenes. So clearly, one does not have to be “Zendaya” to be aware of Andrew’s praise for Zendaya’s acting acumen.

  3. Hawkcam1996

    I guess one Peter Parker isn’t enough for her😂

    1. sarah lincoln

      One Peter Parker aka Tom Holland, is blissfully plenty for Michelle Jones aka Zendaya. At the Academy Awards, Andrew just happened to see her walking past and happily steps up to ask her for a selfie. She pleasantly obliges and they have a nice chat before moving on. Perfectly innocent. Former castmates and buds, Andrew and Zendaya just ran into each other on the red carpet.

      1. Nah işareti

        Calm down Sarah its just a joke , we won’t sebd hate to your favorites

        1. sarah lincoln

          I am very calm. Just being truthful. And thorough. And the status of “favorites,” is not a criterion for people to want the truth to be told about fellow human beings, instead of sour, cynical, unfeeling lies.

  4. I honestly find this article to be the stupidest crap that has ever surfaced one’s mind. The media likes to take and twist anything to gain recognition. It’s funny, really. Come back when you have real news to report on, other than that, keep ur mouths shut .

    1. Nah bro

      His hand is a little too low for me if that’s my girlfriend

      1. Don

        I notice that too

      2. sarah lincoln

        Andrew seems like a gentleman. He probably placed his hand there to keep from touching her skin.

      3. nah

        insecure are we?

        1. sarah lincoln

          ?!? What does “insecurity” have to do with being practical and recognizing that someone else is being practical, too? Andrew has wholesome affection for Zendaya, a co-star he had fun being on set with. He didn’t want to “take liberties” in touching her skin, so he touched the cloth at her waste when he moved in close for media pics. That’s all. Zendaya is a smitten kitten for Tom. He has nothing to worry about.

        2. sarah lincoln

          “so he touched the cloth at her *Waist* instead.”

        3. sarah lincoln

          Mr. “nah,” Were you referring to the poster who wouldn’t want a friend’s hand on his girlfriend’s waist for a picture? I can kind of see it both ways, but I really don’t think Andrew was trying to get out of the friend zone. He genuinely likes and admires Zendaya as a talented friend from work. They were asked to move closer for a media pic and Andrew put his hand on the material of her skirt rather than touch her skin the way her boyfriend, Tom Holland, has felt comfortable touching her skin, for media pics.

    2. Tom

      Andria has a nice ring to it… Don’t it😉 better than zom😒

      1. Yes but


        1. sarah lincoln

          True, Zendaya’s and Tom’s “mashup” name is Tomdaya, not “zom!” LOL

    3. sarah lincoln

      You’re right. The video clearly shows that Andrew just happened to notice Zendaya walking by on the red carpet, because many of her fans begin screaming her name, giving him a heads up. He merely happily walks up to his former castmate/bread-throwing buddy, Zendaya and asks for a selfie. They enjoy a nice chat and then move on.

    4. sarah lincoln

      I agree, Jacob. The video on this very site even shows Zendaya innocently walking the red carpet and many of her wonderful fans begin screaming her name. LOL That causes Andrew to look over, see her, and walk up for a nice chat and a selfie. They then pose for pics when the press asks them to. That’s all.

  5. Tamar

    Maybe is not there because of the spell? Nobody remembers him 🤣

  6. Paul

    It’s MJ Watson, not MJ Williams

    1. Wayne

      Did you…not watch the movies? Zendaya’s version is not Mary Jane. She’s Michelle Jones.

      1. Mo


        1. sarah lincoln

          The Fact is her name is Michelle Jones Watson. As mentioned in the film itself. She then states that she goes by Michelle Jones – for whatever reason, dropping the Watson part of her name.

      2. sarah lincoln

        Actually, she is Michelle Jones Watson, but she tells people she goes by Michelle Jones.

    2. Eddie Brock

      Thank you, somebody else noticed that the article says MJ Williams and not MJ Watson. It’s funny that every one who replied didn’t even read you comment, because they are replying like you called her something other than MJ

  7. Anthony

    I wish Tom Holland was hosting the Oscars with Maguire and Garfield. Would’ve been a lot more pleasant!

    1. sarah lincoln

      I wish Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Andrew hosted the Oscars. They have such fun chemistry onscreen. I like Tobey, but I’m not sure he’d want to host. He seems more into his privacy these days.

    2. sarah lincoln

      Actually, Andrew would be fun, but it would also be good if Zendaya, Tom, and Jacob Batalon hosted the Oscars. They are already so fun-loving, funny, and pleasantly mesmerizing in their interviews here and around the world, and it would be nice to have an Asian male host. Especially if Jacob keeps healthily losing weight. People would scream if he stepped on stage all svelt and fit in a black tuxedo, white shirt, and tie.

    3. sarah lincoln

      And I thought the three hosts this year were good – except for the dishonest (though joking) dig at Will’s and Jada’s marriage from Regina King (scripted?). Will and Jada are back together after their painful separation, and they are faithful to one another. They try to laugh off the painful jokes, but it still hurts.

  8. Grè Spider

    Lmao I thought that at first too but a little higher and it’s skin to skin. I’d rather the waist right below her silky skin

    1. sarah lincoln

      Yeah, I’m sure Tom would prefer Andrew’s hand on the cloth rather than on her skin – as long as it’s not too low. I think Andrew’s a gentleman. And after all, he’d actually held Zendaya in his arms when he saved her MJ (for Tom’s Peter Parker). They’ve innocently been close before.

  9. Ian

    UMMM ITS WATSON!! C’MON Man if you’re going to write a story like this get the names correct before you publish.

    1. Wayne

      UMMM IT’S NOT.

      She isn’t Mary Jane in this universe, my overly animated dude. Maybe take your own advice and watch the movies before commenting.

      1. Spider-man's BFF

        They revealed in NWH that her name is, in fact, Michelle Jones Watson, but she doesn’t go by Watson.

    2. sarah lincoln

      True. It’s Michelle Jones Watson, but she states in the film that she goes by Michelle Jones and leaves off the Watson for some reason.

  10. Cristian

    Wtf why the hell did they break up!?

    1. Terrell

      They didn’t break up. The article is BS

      1. sarah lincoln

        You are right. Zendaya and Tom are still very much in love with each other. Andrew just realized Zendaya was walking by him on the red carpet because many of her fans began screaming her name. He happily stepped up to have a nice chat, take a selfie, and pose for paps. That’s it.

  11. this is honestly the stupidest thing I’ve seen and read ever, Tom and zendaya haven’t broken up Tom’s filming in NYC that’s why he’s not there, “his hand is too low” okay but zendaya wouldn’t cheat and Andrew wouldn’t do that to Tom, Tom trusts zendaya so that’s all that matters and if you don’t have trust in ur relationship that’s ur problem but don’t try and go ruin a great couple omg, next time you wanna publish stupid things like this go check BC ur causing unnecessary drama

    1. Wynter

      I agree with you Zendaya would never do that!

      1. MCU Fan

        Couldnt she afford the other half of her shirt?

        1. sarah lincoln

          LOL Zendaya is deservedly a fashion icon. If you notice, her very present cropped blouse is on another star as well as on the beautifully dressed dancers in Beyonce’s tennis ball color themed video for this Academy Awards. Check out Zendaya’s amazing gown for the Venice Premier of Dune. I thought my husband’s eyes would (subtly) pop out of his head. LOL

      2. sarah lincoln

        True. Zendaya is in love with Tom and Tom is in love with her. Tom is filming and Two of Zendaya’s films are up for Academy Awards. Dune won several. And Spider Man No Way Home was nominated in technical categories. Perfectly natural that Zendaya would be there. And Andrew was nominated for Best Actor. So obviously he’d be there if he could. Andrew just serendipitously saw Zendaya walking by on the red carpet and happily stepped up to have a nice chat and take a selfie. They then briefly posed for the press that asked for a pic. That’s all.

  12. Qwertyp

    I guess this is what happens when Tom Holland fails to catch Zendaya in no way home and Andrew catches her instead.

    Lol joking they are together God knows where Tom is though. Hopefully doing ok.

    1. sarah lincoln

      Tom is filming.

  13. Mike

    Don’t you recall, nobody remembers Holland’s Peter Parker anymore including Zendaya. That’s what you get for messing with the multiverse.

  14. Rayshawn

    L zendaya😔

    1. sarah lincoln

      Why the sad emoji? Watch the video on this very site. Zendaya is innocently walking by on the red carpet when her fans begin screaming her name – giving Andrew standing nearby a heads up. He happily steps up to Zendaya, his No Way Home castmate, and enjoys a pleasant chat, takes a selfie, and poses for media asking to snap pics. That’s all. Zendaya and Tom are still very much in love. Tom’s filming.

  15. Divide The Magic

    Typical ITM reporting. Creating a debate over nothing. If you only report on Disney I guess it makes sense they have to turn every minor policy change at theme parks into a sensational article.

  16. Tomas

    Damn, peoples attachent to these people you don’t even know is so pathetic.
    Someone mentioned the Smiths splitting up because of the “hounding media”.
    Yea, YOU’RE the problem tho, people like you is why these media stories are even made, why they’re lucrative.
    Don’t be a fakking hypocrite, it’s not “the media”, it’s people like you.

    1. sarah lincoln

      ?!? It is glaringly obvious that normal, well-wishing fans are Not the reason that some dishonest cynical types in media and in the public hounded Will and Jada and told vicious lies on them – and even on their precious, innocent Children! Positive coverage did not cause them to Separate from the stress and then stray. Evil, ubiquitous, rabid media (and elsewhere) Lies did.

    2. sarah lincoln

      Ask Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson how a hounding media perpetually pretending they were “straying” and “breaking up” actually caused them to break up. Sadly, Nick Lachey said he actually began to feel that people Wanted his marriage to break up. That was not true. Most people want marriages to succeed.

      1. Wow

        The whole point is that the media does that because it makes a profit. It makes a profit because people like you gobble up every bit of news on your favorite celebrities that you can. It’s obvious to everyone here when you are replying to practically every comment. It’s a little disturbing how fixated you seem to be on Tom and Zendaya.

        1. sarah lincoln

          Ah. No. The glaringly obvious point is that people will read about entertaining, talented celebs and others in the public eye when there is Positive coverage at least as much or even More than when it is negative. True Fans are much more likely to want to read Good news about their faves. Sour, lying, negative, cynical, unwholesome types in media are disgusting. They have even grossly publicly announced that they would start hounding Miley Cyrus after they KNEW they’d hounded Britney Spears till she went crazy. I remember that like it was yesterday. The paps were announcing – On Camera – their plans to intrude on a fellow human being’s life till she went bonkers. Miley Cyrus’ marriage lasted mere Days, btw.

  17. sarah lincoln

    Zendaya and Tom are still very much in love. Andrew who respects Zendaya and Tom and their relationship, just happened to be nearby when Zendaya’s fans began screaming her name, giving him a heads up. He happily walks up to Zendaya, his No Way Home castmate, and they have a nice chat and he takes a selfie. They then pose for paps who ask for a pic. That’s all.

  18. Mr White

    How dare a woman have male friends!!!

    Disgraceful, she should be at home pumping out babies for Tom!

    1. sarah lincoln

      LOL Good one, Mr. White. Zendaya and Andrew had innocent fun throwing bread at each other in Spider Man NWH. Andrew even said they were like children playing. The video on this very site shows that Andrew looked up when Zendaya’s many fans began screaming her name. He saw her and happily stepped up to her to chat with his NWH castmate. He took a selfie. They obliged the press with pics and pleasantly moved on. And after Tom and Zendaya are married, I hope they have wonderful children.

    2. This guy

      Unnecessary comment.

      1. sarah lincoln

        Which comment is “unnecessary?”

      2. Anonymous

        You don’t understand sarcasm, do you..?

        1. sarah lincoln

          Yeah. I think the sarcasm may have gone right over his/her head.

  19. Drew

    I can’t believe Tom and Zendaya broke up and she is with Andrew Garfield now.

    1. Alyssa

      I know I thought they would last longer

      1. sarah lincoln

        ?!? Are you serious?! Tom & Zendaya are still very much in love. Tom is filming. Zendaya’s film DUNE was up for several Oscars, so she attended. And Andrew was up for best actor. He just happened to see Zendaya on the red carpet and went up to greet her, chat, and take a selfie. They also posed for media pics when asked. That’s all.

    2. sarah lincoln

      ?!? You’re joking, right. Wholesome Zendaya doesn’t even drink alcohol. She certainly not running through Spider Men! Zendaya and Tom are very much in love. He’s filming. Zendaya’s film DUNE was up for several Oscars. And Andrew is up for Best Actor. He just ran into her on the red carpet. That’s all.

      1. sarah lincoln

        “*She’s* certainly not running through Spider Men.”

    1. sarah lincoln

      ?! Not according to Emma Stone, who dated Andrew for at least 5 years. And feminine, multi-talented Zendaya is hetero to her heart and in love with hetero Tom Holland. So to whom are you referring?

    2. Mrs S

      Yea the whole article was gay. Can’t believe I wasted my time reading it.

  20. Mrs S

    Andrew is better looking but Tom has that accent🤤🤤

    1. Larry

      And Zendaya got to try both!!!! Ha!!

      1. sarah lincoln

        Zendaya never “tried” Andrew. She is in love with Tom Holland. Period.

    2. sarah lincoln

      In what parallel universe is Andrew “better looking?!” Look at the 3 Men who’ve played Spider Man pointing at one another in that Internet Breaking meme. Tom is easily the best looking of the 3. He is FIT! Lucky Zendaya!

    3. sarah lincoln

      Oh, and “in real life,” you do know that Andrew Garfield is from England and has an accent, too, don’t you? Makes no difference to Zendaya, though. She’s in love with Tom Holland. That’s it.

  21. Cas

    It’s truly hear say until the 2 people in the relationship speak up.
    Regarding the question about The 3 Spidies hosting the Oscars Holland, Maguire and Garfield, it would be Amazing!

    1. sarah lincoln

      With the fun chemistry that Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon displayed during their many interviews on the press junkets for their Spider Man films, it’s clear they would be great Oscar hosts. And they are wonderfully multicultural,( white, Asian, and black) like the New Yorkers they portray or the Angelenos (sp?) among whom they would serve as hosts.

    2. sarah lincoln

      True, Dawn. It was rude and uncalled for and dishonest. Zendaya is objectively beautiful. That’s why she started out as a model. Even better, Zendaya is kind, funny, brilliant, multi-talented, hardworking, and wholesome. She does not drink alcohol, is a vegetarian, and enjoyed living at home with her folks even while she was in her 20’s and a multimillionaire. I agree, that Jealousy is most likely the “motivation” of the poster idiotically trying to “diss” Zendaya’s wonderful self. lol

  22. Yurmom

    So if someone takes a picture with someone that’s considered “Dating” now days…

  23. Nathan

    And zendaya are together to promote the spider man movie … fake celeb couple theory

    1. sarah lincoln

      ?!? Um. No. Tom & Zendaya’s relationship is so real, they clearly tried to keep it just for them and out of the media. Btw, the most public Spider Man actor and love interest actress relationship was that of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. And Their Spider Man films were the Least lucrative of the 3 iterations of Spidey films. They didn’t even get to do 3 films because of it. Producers, obviously, are aware of the number more than I. In fact one of the producers, before filming even started, took each star aside separately and asked Andrew and Emma and Tom and Zendaya to NOT date. In part because Tobey MaGuire and Kirsten Dunst dated and broke up pretty quickly during the filming of their Spidey films.

  24. Tacobeibzz

    Or maybe it’s an in universe joke since no one remembers Peter Parker is Spider-Man and he’s living anonymously now.

  25. Derion

    Zendaya is ugly and fat Andrew I hate it

    1. Wow dude chill shes pretty skinny to be fat and ugly not even close id say your comment is pretty “ugly”

      1. sarah lincoln

        Pickle, I heartily concur. Gorgeous Zendaya is a vegetarian and a dancer and she is obviously slender. Looks like a “certain” poster needs stronger prescription eyewear.

    2. Dawn

      Wow, spewing hate and anger like that is a reflection on you and your inner soul, usually brought on by jealousy. That was rude and uncalled for.

      1. sarah lincoln

        True, Dawn. It was rude and uncalled for and dishonest. Zendaya is objectively beautiful. That’s why she started out as a model. Even better, Zendaya is kind, funny, brilliant, multi-talented, hardworking, and wholesome. She does not drink alcohol, is a vegetarian, and enjoyed living at home with her folks even while she was in her 20’s and a multimillionaire. I agree, that Jealousy is most likely the “motivation” of the poster idiotically trying to “diss” Zendaya’s wonderful self. lol

    3. sarah lincoln

      ?!?! LOL Is it Opposite Day in your world?! Lovely Zendaya is Objectively beautiful! That’s why she started out as a model! And Andrew Garfield is the farthest thing from “fat!” And Zendaya is a vegetarian and a dancer. She is objectively slender, too.

  26. Lol saw the video this image is from this title so cap lol😂

  27. funny, I always thought they looked pretty good next to each other .

  28. Kyan

    This article sucks ass

  29. Drew

    I love how people keep repeating the same thing, over and over again. We get it, the article was s***. Tom is/was filming, so that’s why he isn’t there. Andrew was just polite and a gentleman and took a picture with Zendaya, they are friends. Tom and her, are still together and no amount of gossip changes that. Sound about right, okay.

    1. sarah lincoln

      Some “people” are replying to specific posters. If more than one poster is posting the same misinformation, the well-informed poster correcting them may address each wrong poster with the correct information. Capiche?

  30. sarah lincoln

    Zendaya is beautiful and elegant in that interesting juxtaposition of the simply clean and the sparkly chic. The girl is always on point. And Andrew’s look seems very upbeat and vibrant. They are cool friends who had fun working together on NWH. Sexy Tom has absolutely nothing to worry about. Mainly because Zendaya is in love with him.

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