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  1. B

    I’ll never go to Disney again. We went last spring and the lines were crazy. That was supposedly during pandemic crowds. I was utterly disappointed. It was a very expensive trip and the Disney resort had zero services for huge price tag. Disney was a magical experience for me as a child but quite the opposite for my kids.

  2. Kevin Franklin

    I’ve been an avid Disneyland lover for years, and this blew me away! This ride normally has some of the shortest wait times in the park, and me and my sister often go on it when we need a break from the longer lines. I’ve never seen the line for the ride that crowded before!

  3. Curtis

    My family would go to WDW almost yearly. After the experience from our trip last year and seeing how yet again prices are going up and more perks are now extra $$, I will not be visiting ever again. I mean what’s next, charging for having your room to be made up?

  4. Karla

    I was there a week ago. The Radiator Springs racers wait time was supposed to be 95 minutes and we ended up waiting 2.5 hours. It was ridiculous. The lighting lane pass was $15. I regret now not spending the extra money because the line was so long but I had already spent $60 for 3 genie+ passes. I had never waited so long in a line at Disneyland and I’ve been visiting for many years.

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