Fans Bash Universal’s “Failed” Inclusivity Attempts

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While theme Parks make an attempt to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, theme Parks aren’t for everyone. Whether you have a fear of heights or large crowds, it is important to know what you may be getting yourself into when visiting.

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Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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With Universal Studios being one of the most popular theme Parks in the world, a few issues could always arise. Recently, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida made an attempt to cater to special needs groups by creating a “Quiet Room”.

This room would, in theory, act as a low-stimulation zone for Guests who are differently-abled but still would like to visit the Parks. It didn’t take long however for controversy and backlash to form in response to this new addition. Universal made the announcement last week, which you can see below:

Universal Sensory
Credit: Universal

Once images went around online, fans were critical of this new space. On Reddit, a discussion broke out on the AutisticPride Subreddit, where users talked about why this was not satisfactory to Guests with special needs.

Users brought up the lighting, the wall patterns, and colors, with some even claiming a dentist’s office is more comforting and inviting. One user said that too much thought was put into it, calling it “overengineered”. Another user said that it “hurts to look at”. Another said it was offensive how “infantilizing” the room was, as apparently, no autistic adults exist.

Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal Orlando

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Another user likened the room to a torture device, also chiming in on how baby-like the room felt. We are unsure what Universal plans to do about the reaction to this new room if anything. While attempting to make theme Parks more inclusive is always a good thing, this seemed to be a step in the wrong direction for some. However, some people did have positive reactions to this room online.

In the original post from Universal Orlando’s Facebook, Catalina V said “This is amazing! Congrats Universal!”. Nichole C., a parent of a child with autism said that they think “this is a great start”. Mellisa L. said, “one more reason to visit Universal!”. While some felt the room was lacking, others praised Universal.

splash mountain animatronics
Credit: Disney

The Disney Parks are also undergoing big changes in order to be more welcoming of all types of people. Throughout the last few years, several iconic rides and attractions have seen changes be made in order to be more inclusive. One of the most famous examples of this can be seen with the planned overhaul of Splash Mountain.

However, fan reaction to Disney’s inclusivity attempts has also been critical, to say the least, with some even arguing they are becoming too “woke” and too concerned about “PC culture”. Check out our story on that here.

What do you think about this new room? Let us know in the comments below.

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