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Universal Orlando

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  1. Adam M.

    Ii get free prime parking with my Premier Pass. It is not worth the money. 3 of the 4 times I’ve used it, my space was further away than I usually get with general parking. So I don’t have to use the escalators, I still have had to walk the entire length of the parking garage. One time I was in the very last row of the parking garage and the moving sidewalks weren’t working. You might get a good spot if you are very early.

  2. Mr Fab

    If Disney did this there would already be 100 comments on here about “greed” and “magic bring gone”.

    1. Roger

      What do you mean IF Disney did this???
      Disney has done this!!
      Time and time again.
      Whatever happened to Walts dream of creating a theme park that every (not some or most) but EVERY family could afford? I can tell you what happened.
      Walt and his brother both died leaving the business to money hungry,greedy family members that cared more about money than keeping Walts dream alive.
      I hope and pray they

  3. Roger

    Thanks to corporate greed Disney andvUniversal are both to expensive for your middle to upper income families not to mention low income families. Its just a sad,sad thing. If I could be granted one wish it would be to see each theam park go under, broke and pennyless due to their own greed!

    1. David Hernandez

      Excactly. This is why I’m starting to like cedar fair when compared to the competition

  4. James

    American endless greed

  5. CJ

    This sounds like a VIP upcharged parking service (or a free service if you are using a rental car from Orlando International Airport) with a separate option for valet parking (prices very, but what are those charges?) …. and I gather it’s a last-minute decision if regular parking is full (regardless? if Park Guests quit choosing the expensive parking, then Universal Studios Orlando will quit charging extra for this). 🤔

  6. Bobbiejo

    It is just like Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Tennessee her price has gone way up there too

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