Comments for Universal Fans Concerned Seat Restraint Safety Should Be Examined After Recent Tragedy

Universal Orlando

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  1. Emily

    I’ve never once felt unsafe at a Univeral Park! They shut rides down frequently for various safety issues, and my restraints are always checked. I think what happened at ICON Park was a terrible tragedy, and they never should have let him on the ride to begin with. The restraint bar was down and locked when the ride came back down, so he slipped out because he was too large. It’s terrible, but it’s why park workers have to follow ride guidelines even if it’s upsetting for those who cannot ride.

  2. Your mom

    The same people that complain about being asked to use the test seat and complain about being weighed for a helicopter ride are now complaining that this person wasn’t checked and or weighed before riding the drop tower. Awesome, great job. You Karen, are obviously the problem.

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