Comments for Universal Guest Pushes Child Out The Way At Popular Meet and Greet

Universal Guest Pushes Child Out The Way

Credit: Universal Orlando (left), @seckcmofo (right)


  1. Jim

    Who cares!

    First she’s not a child, and second did she deserve it? For all you know this woman was acting like a total entitled B and by the looks of her reaction and her wanting of 15 seconds of fame I’d say the TikTok fits…

    1. Your mom

      Ur weird

    2. Jeff

      She may not be a child but she was 17 when it happened. It’s not okay to put your hands on a minor. I didn’t know waiting in line at a meet and greet is acting like an entitled b. You’re not that bright, are you? If this was you, I’m sure you’d be posting about it.

  2. Tina

    It doesn’t matter if she is a small child or even an adult. No one should put their hands on someone else. People are so self absorbed!! I have stopped going to theme parks because of all of the rude people that seem to be there. People cut in line, push their way through, block the walkways…some people act like everyone else doesn’t count. That they are the only ones that are important. It is disgusting. People need to start caring for others again.

  3. Linda

    Expulsion should be seriously applied. The problem is the threats are never carried out. I’ve seen a lot of things like this at the parks and the punishment is rarely carried out. The parks should start doing what they say will be done, and maybe, just maybe, people will start taking the threats seriously. That guest should have been expelled!!

  4. Myn

    “Tryna” is not a word.

    1. Jeff

      Okay? Your point? Your comment is so irrelevant. If the grammar used is the only issue you see with this article then you’re clearly delusional. 🙂

  5. Where was that lil hoe’s parents? She shouldn’t have been blocking the view of the baby in the stroller!

    1. Madi

      First of all, calling a minor a “hoe” isn’t a good look so that’s your first mistake. Second, it’s a crowd, many kids in strollers won’t be able to see, if you want to ensure you can see get there faster. Either way hands should not have been placed on her.

    2. Lola

      She was on a field trip
      Her parents weren’t there, they could’ve said something about excuse me.

  6. Lynda

    Wow. So a female can be dressed in long pants and sleeves and still be called a “Lil hoe “, by a person named after a frog. Kermit should probably not make comments.

  7. Honestly think Disney has bigger issues.. Allowing school cheerleaders chant in their parades scalp them Indians.. As a native American I’m not ok by that at all.. Your worried about a someone getting banned from this incident/ clothes being inappropriate/ people not properly booking.. What about not stopping those cheeleaders?? Nobody stopped them and the video is viral.. Seriously what the neck.. Believe Boycott Disney..
    People stand up for black lives and more what about Native Americans?? First people on this Country and it’s ok for this?? Absoutley not.. All lot of people and cultures have to deal with racism but allowing it especially from schools/ Disney/ and more is beyond Disgusting and total Rascim..

    1. Jeff

      Oh her clothes were in appropriate so that makes it okay to assault her. Great logic.

  8. Samantha

    Back in 2018 at MK my 3 year old and I were standing waiting for the parade to start. A woman physically moved my daughter to the side so she could stand front in line. I was right behind her and was shocked as were other strangers around me. People are rude and unfortunately walk all over the people who follow social etiquette. It does appear to be a little worse now but there have always been inconsiderate folks.

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