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Guests entering Universal Studios Orlando Florida

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  1. Jarvis

    Is there anything Disney doesn’t own now?

    Can a world class theme park have attractions that are not world known if they are done correctly? (a thrill ride by any other name….).

    I keep hearing about an escape room. That might be something that Universal can make themes and characters from. Just thinking….

  2. Mike

    The Simpsons Ride is great. Did it 4 times when I was there a few years ago, and will do it again next month. The Simpsons area isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Bella

    Disney isn’t stupid and they want every dollar they can get so when the contract has ended with Universal in 2028 I wouldn’t be surprised to see the land closed. My suggestion to everyone is to enjoy it while it’s there.

  4. CJ

    The Simpsons is still a strong intellectual property that provides profits for Fox / Disney …. it was Fox Studios that took the money from Team Universal and we got Springfield (Lard Lad 🍩’s to Duff 🍺 !) which I hope stays at Universal – because it’s subject matter is too risque for Disney Theme Parks!

    There is a difference between The Simpsons and Marvel, and that’s why you don’t see Marvel at Universal Studios Hollywood (West of the Mississippi), while you do at Universal Studios Orlando (East of the Mississippi), and why Walt Disney Theme Parks use Avengers instead of Marvel (fyi Avengers used to be intellectual property at Fox!)

    Nothing for sure to speculate except the Greek Gods / Sinbad will eventually leave Islands of Adventure (taking up Prime Real Estate that could go to Attractions and Rides for other intellectual property best suited for this area!)

  5. Sam

    The Simpsons Ride is one of the worst rides I’ve ever been on.

  6. Marcus

    The win-win is is for Disney to let Universal keep the Simpsons IP in their parks and give back Marvel to Disney for Florida park’s use.

  7. Dave Chambers

    The Simpsons Ride is the worst ride in the history of forever. Crappy, outdated animation, severe motion sickness.

  8. christopher

    I say bring back a back to the future attraction or build a bttf world in that area, someone brought up how disney owns fox now, disney owns marvel as well so what is the future or the marvel section at islands??????

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