Comments for Universal Attraction Remains Broken, Fails To Open Yet Again After Extended Closure

Poseidon's Fury

Credit: Universal


  1. KateB

    I love Poseidon’s Fury!

  2. Anthony

    Is all your stories negative

  3. PastorJoe Staffa

    It’s only opening when crowds are expected.

  4. hgfghf

    they need to demolish this thing

  5. CJ

    I had fun in the Lost Continent section of Islands of Adventure when it first opened …. but after a decade? I lost interest, because nothing new (no upgrading of the experiences via modern technology) was occurring to keep up with the pace compared to every “new ride and attraction” that has come to Universal Studios Orlando.

    I’m fine if this area is set aside for new intellectual property (ie Sony’s Jumanji), or expands on an existing one (ie Jurassic Park).

  6. Jason

    Weird people are upset about Shrek shutting down. My last visit was 5 years ago or so and that movie (and theater) were definitely showing their age. The effects gave me a headache, half the seats were broken, and the AC was non-existent. They either needed to re-furbish the thing completely or shut it down and (hopefully) replace it with something better…

  7. Chery

    Love Poseidon’s Fury!! Missed it when we were there this past Christmas!!

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