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Disney Sign

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  1. Lauren

    So this express lane is only 21 miles in central Florida from Universal studios heading towards Daytona. I don’t know how that’s going to help everyone coming from the west like Tampa. There’s always horrible traffic by Champions Gate. That’s where we need an express lane. Hopefully they can extend it.

    1. Gregg

      The next step in the plan is to add an additional 20 miles in each direction from the current build. Look up “Beyond I-4 Ultimate.”

    2. Bill

      I agree, this will not benefit anyone coming from the West ie. Tampa or Lakeland to get to the Walt Disney World area. This really needs to be clarified in almost all of the publicity surrounding the express lanes.

  2. Brian Hester

    So is this going to be used by Mears Connect and the Sunshine Express to reduce their travel times, too? Or is it not open to commercial buses?

    1. Mike

      Question can you use it if you are staying at a Disney resort hotel.

  3. If you are driving from out of state , will you be billed for the fees if you use the lanes according to your license plate? Or is it best to not to use?

  4. Tom

    The express lanes don’t extend to the Disney World exits. As mentioned above, much more help is needed going in the opposite direction where traffic turns I4 and 192 into a perpetual parking lot.

  5. John

    This isn’t going to do much for Disney…those Express Lanes end about 10 miles east of Disney and traffic merges back into the regular I-4 lanes. Traffic heading west backs up every day at all times of day at that same spot now so this will do nothing to alleviate it. The person that asked about buses, my understanding is Express lanes are only open to passenger cars and trucks and NOT commercial vehicles. There is NO pay by plate option, vehicles must have transponders to use them.

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