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Knott's Berry Farm Roller Coaster

Credit: @TheCrashZ3ro


  1. Jack Pelham

    …were broken down for 10 minutes.

    Since a form of the “be” verb was used in the sentence, use the past participle form of the irregular verb breaks.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    Went to Knotts for the first time in a very long time more than a week ago. Had an awesome time. We didn’t go on Hangtime and now I’m glad we didn’t.

    1. John

      Nothing unsafe or wrong here, the ride did what it was supposed to do when a fault is detected. Stop scaring people with this BS

      1. Craig

        Yes Yes Yes.

      2. Kim

        There most def is something wrong here but the coaster responded correctly to it. This is not the normal part of the ride so “something went wrong”. I’d still go on it, coasters have things go wrong quite often but they still can continue after it’s fixed. Stop trying to downplay it. Interview all on board, bet they’ll say something def went wrong for 10 mins.

        1. Frank N. Stein

          But, it’s not like this happens all the time! This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything about Hang Time getting stuck. It wasn’t a big deal, and SHOULD be downplayed.

      3. Daddy


      4. Aidan Lewis

        THANK YOU

  3. Chris Wood

    Probably the best ten minutes they had in their lives.

    1. Coaster Cory

      Except that the lift Hill is 90 degrees straight up!
      When you’re on it, being on your back like that, it feels like you’re BEYOND 90 degrees!

  4. Jackquanisha

    Where does this site get their horrible writers?

  5. Chuck

    NO video!!! Why do you keep saying these a video in many of your articles and then there’s. Nothing !!! Horrible writing skills, and amazingly worse story telling.. more adds then story in all ao your articles ,

    1. Tom Morrow

      Because the whole purpose of this website and all of these “articles” is to get you to open them on your phone so that they get advertising revenue. They don’t care one bit about what they’re writing about or how terribly written the articles are or how incorrect or lacking in referenced media they are.

    2. Sheesh!

      Yeah, dude. I went on YouTube and searched for TheCrazyz360 to see it. 😒

  6. Kathy

    I’ve seen a lot of horrible writing iin these so called articles. Go back and learn grammar and the correct worlds. Sheesh, I certainly not perfect but me could to a gooder job. 🤪

  7. Adam

    Where’s the video. Im being to think that this site only cares about the add revenue

    1. Tom Morrow

      Ding ding ding we have a winner!
      And actually, this terrible website is the winner because they’ve already won by getting advertising revenue for our even being here making these comments. We are the losers for continuing to read these articles.

      On the rare occasion that they do actually post a video when mentioning a video it’s usually the wrong video anyway.

  8. Nick

    Cedar Fair rejected the Sea World offer. That happened weeks ago!

    1. The writer specifically said ” if a deal could be reached in the future.” Which obviously means that they are aware of the initial rejection by Cedar Fair.

  9. Kevin

    Roller Coasters safety mechanism operates as intended and stops a car in place.

    I really hate these articles as they literally are making a big deal out of nothing.

    1. Kim

      Pretty sure it was a big deal to those hanging in the air for 10 mins. This is not what people signed up for when they went on the ride so it did go wrong in its original intentions. Thankfully it responded correctly but don’t blow it off like it was nothing. Many people are scared riding them but will be brave and go for it. Some could have a heart attack if it happened to the right person.

      1. Will Keene

        Shut the hell up karen

  10. I don’t work there lol

    It did get stuck, the ride operator hit the emergency stop button because a guy jumped over the fence into the areas that is unauthorized.

    1. I don't even live there

      Thanks for that update!!

  11. Ken l.

    is school still in session? this writer is doing fine. as long as people understand it, that’s all it matters.

  12. Jason

    Easy to point out others faults it is? Go ahead and try to do a better job. 😁

  13. Bob

    It was a thrill they weren’t expecting

  14. Crystal

    What video?? All I see are ads.

  15. James Brown

    The ride, Hangtime, could only be better if it were a stand-up coaster. If you could take the thrill and energy of surfing 6ft pipeline

    1. James Brown is dead

      If I was going to be lying there on my for 10 minutes, I would RATHER have my legs stretched out! LOL! 😆

  16. Will Keene

    Are y’all running out of story ideas? A coaster getting stuck on the lift hill is pretty commonplace.

  17. Robert Levins

    They knew what they were getting into when they bought those tickets, I say let ‘em hang there! No, seriously, that would scare the life out of anybody, glad they fixed the problem. Now we can get back to controlled fear.

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