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Credit: Disney

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  1. Brooke

    Not trying to be negative, but just wanted to warn anyone with asthma or allergies to not stay at the cabins. The housekeeping team will clean the kitchen and bathroom, replace the towels, but the curtains, and other linens smell old, dusty and like they haven’t been laundered in a very long time. Opening the windows to get fresh air? We did and found thick layers of dust on the window sills and caked on to the screens. I’m talking a quarter of an inch of dust on the window sill corners. It was gross. At least 1 door – there are 2 doors that open to the outdoors – will have a gap big enough for something to crawl in. We could basically stick a flip flop sandal under one of the doors. While it’s neat to have your own cabin with a porch and driveway, if you have breathing problems, look elsewhere. It was not a pleasant stay and we will never go back.

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