Comments for Did Stephanie Beatriz Take Her ‘Encanto’ Role Too Far?


  1. Mirabel Madrigal
    The candle doesn’t need to give her a Magical gift because her strong will, leadership, and kindness are already her gifts.
    The candle, Mirabe’s dress, and her uncle Bruno’s vision Feature a butterfly.

  2. RoC

    What is “latinx?”

    1. Pusmma

      Thank you. God I hate that term. And I’m sure she does as well.

    2. Mr White

      Something lefty white people call spics, to make them feel better about themselves

  3. Michel cereso

    Disney just use diferente world cultures for money,and It never gives anything back to the people or the country the use, the worst example of multinacionals stealing the poor

    1. Mr White

      Those cultures should do their own thing then.

  4. Mr White

    The answer is no, no she didn’t. She was able to finish off her job, then go deliver a miracle baby without complaining about it.

    Lot of middle class lefty white women could lean alot from Stephnie

  5. Eric

    I suggest you remove the ignorant racist smear “Latinx” from this article. I’m sure the writer thinks they’re being progressive, but it’s just ignorant if they’re not LATINO, and a racist slur if they’re not.

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