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  1. John

    What a bunch of cowards and a very scummy move. Honestly someone at both Lucasfilm and the Travellers Tales needs to lose their job over this.

    It was such a minor detail that they knew united fans, by letting the disenfranchised fans add in ignored characters and other fans create their own. It was a staple of this series and at the core of LEGO, which is all about creation.

    Yet, they pulled it with no warning and YEARS of hype. Probably just because someone at Lucasfilm doesn’t want any characters that arent canon. Disney will lose money over this and the game will lose sales over it too.

    Without character creation, it’s simply not LEGO and basically false advertising.

    1. JS

      Add in that a while ago they said they were combing the Star Wars movies to get every character, only to miss characters who were pretty important to certain scenes (Uncle Owen, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, but also Garindan, all types of unnamed Rebel Troopers, Geonosians, Force Ghosts).
      The game doesn’t even include the Clone Wars and Rebels, which I’d say are more a part of the Skywalker Saga than the Bad Batch and the Mandalorian. The Bad Batch DLC is missing Omega and the Mandalorian DLC is missing Dark Troopers and Grogu (although you can have him following Mando).
      After how long we’ve waited for this game, they better give us more DLC and a character customization update or something.

  2. Snake

    Why couldn’t they use the Battlefront 2 engine and make an actual Skywalker saga game? Why Lego spoofs?

  3. Snake

    Lego stars wars are a novelty at best and an insult at worst. Here are all these awesome star wars moments that EVERYONE wants to play, but you have to play them thru a Lego lense. Ridiculous

    1. antiloser

      Then don’t play it. The target Audience for this game is kids and those who like lego.

  4. Jason

    Not to be that guy but I really do not care. This is a classic example of Star Wars fans who do nothing but complain.

    I personally really never played my custom characters in the world. I made them, goofed around in the Cantina, maybe played a level or two, but that was it. Why play my custom character when I could be someone actually cool like Boba Fett, Vader, or some troopers.

    When it comes to the other characters, I am still indifferent. Saesee Tiin is not important to me, and neither is Agen Kolar. I will miss Uncle Owen, but I mean, would I ever play him? No. And neither would you.

    This is a new game, not the old game. They do not have character customization and they do not have the characters named above. This is nothing worth getting so mad over. It’s a disappointment, yes, I would obviously like to have everything, as would anyone else. But saying something like “someone at both Lucasfilm and the Travellers Tales needs to lose their job over this” is just asinine. Grow up. A company did not add your favorite feature? Boo hoo.

    I have already pre-ordered the game and I am only getting more excited as the days pass. I was never under the assumption that I would get a character creator, and learning there isn’t one has not effected me at all.

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