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ahsoka tano and din djarin lightsaber battle

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Kosi Kumah

    Heir to the Empire? Of course it must come…some of us have been waiting for it since 1991!

    1. Veespa

      I am curious why it would be Heir to the Empire when my understanding was that the whole trilogy was re-written by Zahn (starting w/ the 2017 book Thrawn) so that it would be canon? The Heir to the Empire trilogy is legends, the redone Thrawn trilogy IS canon.

      1. Mike

        Doesn’t the canon Thrawn trilogy not take place in the same timeframe as the legends Thrawn trilogy? From what I’ve heard it sounds more like a prequel, since Zahn couldn’t write about Thrawn after he was sent into the Unknown Region together with Ezra

  2. Bob Boogie

    Hopefully no white males in this.

    1. Cheese God

      Jesus Christ…

    2. Mike

      Why are you race-baiting?

  3. OB1KOBE

    Not a white male.

    1. Mike

      Yeah, he’s blue, and not a fan of racists.

  4. Mitth'raw'nuruodo

    Bring on the Chiss!

    I say make “Heir…” and the Ascendancy series. Zahn needs to be more involved in the current state of SW. His past writings are too influential to NOT get him integrated.

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