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spring break crowds orlando


  1. Daniel

    We went to Disneyworld the first week of the month, and it was packed the whole time. I thought it was already at capacity that week.

  2. Bernie

    We just got back from Disneyworld and it was jam packed not fun and definitely not magic I agree if this is supposed to be limited it sure doesn’t look like it We miss picking what ever park we wanted to go walking in at restaurants. hate the reservation system genie and mobile orders eating we couldn’t make some mobile orders because there was no where to sit some people eat then sit and hang out while people are walking around looking for a place to sit so they can eat bring back the old Disney the one we all loved

  3. Muttley

    Disney Orlando, when we were there recently, on a Wednesday & Thursday, it was shoulder to shoulder packed. My opinion is that Disney is making up lost revenue by over stuffing the parks.

    1. Christian

      Was there recently for 9 days and was so overcrowded and overwhelming that you could only spend the first 2 hours in any park before it was a shitshow. Thank God was at the Yacht Club but still when with reservations the food is mediocre at best. Magic is gone. If you have a trip coming up, cancel it, you will have a terrible time. Never doing Disney again.

  4. Ahyana Hayes

    Me and my family are currently at Orlando and we went to Disney world this past week and man it was jam packed. NOW WERE STUCK AT THE AIRPORT FOR 3 DAY BECAUSE OF SPIRIT JUST CANCELLING ALL FLIGHTS TO DALLAS TEXAS AND I HAVE 6 KIDS WITH ME AND WE HAVE NOWHERE TO STAY AND NO FOOD AND SPIRIT BASICALLY SAID “ WHO CARES ABOUT YOU GUYS” and I’m so hurt and pissed at the same time that spirit does this to there customers and they don’t care about us.

  5. Michael Knight

    Top dollar accomodations at Wilderness Lodge failed to deliver a ready villa until 5:15 PM today (Sunday). Staff is overwhelmed.

  6. JS

    Ooh, it has gotten worse since I was there 3 weeks ago. Maybe it wasn’t so bad when I went so I’m not going to complain (even though the parks were completely sold out when I went it actually wasn’t THAT bad.)

  7. Jenn

    How long does the spring break crowds last in Florida? I’m going next month and my friend is going next week. She’s worried about the crowds

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