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spirit of aloha closed


  1. Brandon

    This is yet another display of Disney only caring about the bottom line. As if the Parks and Springs are not packed enough they need to build more rooms for more people. This was a unique experience that I enjoyed and am saddened that I will not be able to experience with my Child. I know the show has not changed in a long time and it was not perfect but I loved it. Very disappointed in this decision.

    1. Peggy S Alarie-Anderson

      We arrvert sad to hear that this dinner show will ot return. It was our favorite.

      1. Larry

        Just another reason not to go back to Disney. This was a fun show that allowed families to participate. I’m so disgusted with Disney anymore I will never go back

  2. So sad this is closing. A wonderful venue – so beautiful & entertaining. There is nothing like this anywhere.Shame on you Disney

  3. Chris

    This is very sad to see and honestly, not a good look for Disney. They need to get their priorities straight. Yes, right now they are doing good, but if they keep up this way, it won’t last. There are many other places that are showing they value entertainment and that has always proven to be a winning strategy over the long term.

    1. Chief10

      So sad. So Bob, are you going to reduce prices because you are cheaping out on Disney experience, cause I’m not returning cause of a lack of former Disney quality. Plenty of other places fighting for my dollars.

  4. mickey mouse

    way to get rid of something else that is different and unique to the disney world resort, that people love and enjoy. The tower does not in anyway look “disney” or “Poly,” it looks like a vanilla found in every town generic hotel. Guess thats how the pack in more rich people build an ugly tower!!! O and why are they doing this, what ever happend to the “reflections” resort that was dvc? smh

  5. Connie

    Thanks Bob….for continuing to pad your pockets! Are you planning to erase more of Walts Visions? Why not change the name of the parks as little by little you are removing one man’s dream! So sad
    Michael Eiser coming back would be a dream come true!

  6. DT

    Unbelievable. Yet another nail in the coffin that was WDW. It’s now just a disgusting money grab.

    1. Diana

      Sad to hear, never got to enjoy this, wish we did it before it closed, heard it was good

  7. Judy shay

    Coming to wdw in early April. My expectations are extremely low. Visited many times before and it was magical. I really don’t believe this will be the case. No more magical express transportation, additional charges for trying to get on a few rides that we are already paying an increased admittance fee. Huge amount of time spent researching the genie plus, lightening lane, setting up apps on phones which may not even work. Also if dw would set a lower limit on capacity, guests would have a better chance of getting on more of the rides. Now closing of aloha show just adds to the list of disappointments. To me it seems as if dw is gearing more to the thrill rides and away from the family experiences Walt intended. I think a major change is needed at the top before this company starts to implode.

  8. Walt

    I loved this show and it was alot of fun as well. Oh well money money money and to hell with the guests. In a side note Disney is removing cast members to replace them with carnies.

    1. Chief10

      So sad. So Bob, are you going to reduce prices because you are cheaping out on Disney experience, cause I’m not returning cause of a lack of former Disney quality. Plenty of other places fighting for my dollars.

  9. Ruth

    Sooooo very sad that this special show is closing. This was always a must on our trips to WDW. The entertainment was amazing and the food was fun. We have wonderful memories of our teen grandson being called onstage to learn the hula. Such fun memories for everyone who ever went there.

  10. John Barrell

    Loved this dinner experience when we went…. As much as we’ve enjoyed past visits (& we used to make the trek to WDW every other year from Louisiana and to DLR once every 5 years) it’s sounding more and more like we won’t be making a trip back for a long time (or at least until someone gets their heads out of the sand and stops ruining what made it MAGIC and AFFORDABLE).

  11. James

    Glad to hear the cast is being recalled for Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. It is Disney classic and must be enjoyed by future generations.

  12. Tiki Jim

    Considering Disney’s extremely popular “Princess” meet and greet dinners, one wonders why Disney didn’t capitalize on the success of Lilo and Stitch and Moana and do the same. Would easily pay for itself. Unless the Big Mouse doesn’t want any more competition amongst the princesses.

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