Comments for Disney Guest Denied Souvenir Mason Jar, Unless They Purchase Alcoholic Beverage

flower and garden mason jar


  1. Nixole

    This is similar to the gingerbread shake at Donut Box during FOTH. The drink HAD to be non-alcoholic.
    Please, please, please do not take your anger/annoyance out on the cast members at Trowel & Trellis this is standard policy (during this festival).

  2. Mel

    You could always buy the alcoholic drink and just pour it out, without drinking it. If you really want the souvenir jar that much. It is ridiculous that even if willing to pay full price, they still won’t sell it without the liquor. However, that’s an upper management/ executive decision. Please don’t be rude to the entry level CMs in the park about it.

  3. Well – she could have dumped it down the closest drain

  4. KenSaysN0

    Wow, she was denied a cup and thought it was so wrong she needed to post about it?
    Besides being a souvenir that “mason jar” is also a way to indicated it has an alcoholic drink in it, therefore if a CM or security sees someone underage with it they know. Had they given her this with an ice tea in it, and then (as example) she gave a sip of it to someone underage a CM might rightfully think to notify security.
    There are plenty of festival cups, tumblers, nuts and all to buy at the store and stands so why didn’t she just do that???

  5. Jamie Coughlin

    Couldn’t she have ordered the alcohol drink and said hold the alcohol? Like hold the pickles? That is stupid. Othewise yeah, just pour it out. I mean it is the MONEY they want right? Who cares what you actually put in it…

  6. ypou8 can’t force anyone to buy an alcoholic beverage to get a limited edition mason jar that is a scam,and agAinst the law if they don’t drink alcoholic beverages.!

    1. Jason

      I would LOVE to see the Statute on that Law in FL OR ANYWHERE in the US. Please cite this law for me.

  7. Hilary

    Who cares?! Talk about first world problems

  8. I would be more than happy to drink the contents for her.

  9. CJ

    The policy of what gets served with an alcoholic beverage is Corporate and the Cast Members selling it at a Booth is going to follow that policy (please direct your hate at Corporate , not the Cast Members) so:

    _buy it and drink it if you are 21 + (legal age)
    _buy it and dump out the contents (if you don’t want to drink it)
    _don’t buy it (there are plenty of Mason Jars at the Dollar Store!)

    FYI – what about recovering alcoholics? What the heck would recovering alcoholic be doing at a Food and Alcoholic Beverage Festival? (lol!) What about the underage? There are plenty of legal age beverages (in collectible drinking containers) throughout the Walt Disney Theme Parks (go grab one and go have some fun!)

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