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disney springs sketchy van


  1. De Santis

    Somebody at ITM needs to get a life…

    1. Ron

      DeSantis = Mayor Quimby

      1. Gern Blanston


        There is no need to insult Mayor Quimby like that!


        1. Bob C.

          I would actually consider voting for Mayor Quimby

    2. Peter


    3. BC

      It is just raising awareness…. and something to watch out for. Traffickers wouldn’t be so obvious. They would try not to draw attention to what they’re doing.

  2. Douglas

    Ah the old Barbie-dolls-glued-to-the-rear-window-with-Blondes-Only-scrawled-on-the-van human trafficking lure. Oldest trick in the book.

    1. Kayleigh

      Yup. They should try something that doesn’t fail all the time! XD Ha!

      1. Gopanthers

        It is incredibly obvious that this is a joke, and you’d have to be a fool to take this seriously. This ain’t at all how human trafficking works ITM

  3. Inyourface

    Really? So now because of your article any van with any writing on it is suspect. How this “journalist” is allowed to post this crap just shows the drastic increase in lack of common sense this world has come to.

    1. Your mom

      I see sketchy vehicles all the time at Disney Springs. Usually have license plates from New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, and Washington. Should I start reporting them? Honestly, most of us don’t fuxkin trust them!

      1. Marc

        Especially report the mass-hole ( MA ) vehicles, they cause problems all over North America, they seem to like to spend more time anywhere but there own state or country.

  4. John

    Please find something better to report on..Jesus you people are pathetic and desperate

  5. Denise

    Thanks for bringing child trafficking awareness. Most people don’t have a clue
    This is world wide. The media has ignored it.

  6. Bob

    Slow news day.

  7. Deb

    I assumed it was a left over prop from Halloween

  8. Sue

    But the thing is people are stupid enough to go my this van and look and who know who is inside. It could well be a joke but on a days don’t trust anyone. People are sick and have no common sense

  9. Joe Biden

    Sorry it’s my van. Just a little harder for me to meet young women to sniff now days…

    1. VDog

      You’re pathetic

    2. Byebye

      You’re too funny 🤣

    3. JS

      Sleepy Joe, is it safe for you to be driving?

  10. Metsman

    Did it have a MAGA
    sticker on the back?
    If it didn’t,then it’s probably not a kidnapper can.

    1. Byebye

      What a snowflake!

    2. Nicole

      Awe you poor sniffy joe supporter.. all y’all do is cry.. not surprised you support this tho since you support sniffy joe and he likes to smell kids

  11. Kim

    This is not how human trafficking works.

  12. Judith Haney

    If you do ever Wittness anything at Walt Disney World that you would call 911 for… Bypass the Disney Security and Castmembers,,,and straight away call 911 on your mobile phone yourself. Florida Law Enforcement prefers it. At the end of the day WDW has their Narrative to maintain, even if it means, throwing a victom under the bus. Call 911 ..

    1. MrsPooh

      That’s the truest statement ever. Disneyland is the same way, I’ve seen it firsthand, their security is worse than the Keystone cops. I’d trust Moe, Larry and Curly before I’d trust Disney security. “Paging Officer Howard, Officer Fine and Officer Howard!” Nyuck Nyuck.

      1. DLand

        I Love the 3 Stooges 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼

    2. JS

      Very true and great advice!

  13. Griffith

    I think that anything, joke or not, that brings attention to the evils of human trafficking is good. If this van wasn’t in the lot, this article wouldn’t have been written. Sometimes a little shock value can have a positive impact.

  14. Oyf

    Let’s go Brandon.

    1. Bob S.

      Screw this branden thing whatever it’s about and go away.

      1. JS

        While I think it probably is immature, it’s still better than using the F-word so I’m fine this phrase being used. If the other side can criticize our previous Commander and Chief then so can they (I don’t support either of them so go right ahead as long as you keep it classy).

  15. Natasha

    Whether it’s a human trafficking van or not it’s still fking creepy 👀 as hell. Taping Barbie dolls to the back is not normal. Sometimes I’m
    Glad I’m not a young girl any longer cause I know nobody’s going to want to kidnap me. Either way I’m
    Glad the sketch van gave trafficking a spot light. It should be talked about more often

    1. MrsPooh

      It is extremely creepy. And with the number of p3d0 rings busted at WDW, it’s a legit concern. Absolutely.

  16. Patricia

    Regardless if this was a joke or not, I think it’s great to bring awareness to a very scary and real situation happening everywhere right now. Predators do prey where children are so it’s good for people to be aware… even at Disney. Thanks for the article!

  17. Byebye

    This has got to be the STUPIDEST article about Disney that I have ever seen.

  18. Anne

    The original poster said she was unsure if the vehicle had been reported to Disney security or police…why didn’t she report it to both just in case no one else did??

  19. Bob C.

    Sure thing trumper. Get a life.

  20. R

    The Lunatic Leftists are still butt hurt over the passage of the parental rights bill.
    ALL their very active, very loud, evil defense of pedophilia failed.
    So now they are minimizing, belittling, denying human sex trafficking AND pedophilia. Name calling, blame shifting, personal attacks, etc. Right on schedule!
    So sad that these “people” get their jollies by feeding such evil and darkness is beyond disturbing.

  21. Bren

    Wow! I cannot believe how many of you are harrassing this writer. Okay, so definitely not a true “news worthy” article. However, some of you need to quit skimming stuff only to show how obnoxious and ignorant you truly are. Did you not get the idea about reminding people about to be on the lookout so they don’t become a victim to human trafficking? And you can quit with the politics. Has nothing to do with this. If any conservative thinks their party has not partaked, and if any liberal thinks their party has not partaked, then it shows how ignorant you are. And if you think it is only one party who has partaked, then it shows you are a moron. So instead of blasting a person writing an article, blasting a political party because they don’t share your views, why not do some research and see how bad the problem is. Get involved. Be aware. Teach your children to be aware. So get off your high horse, quit being an ass, and find a real cause to complain about instead of bull about the House of Mouse.

  22. NMK

    Way to take something funny and turn it into some woke, millennial, whine about something “awareness”.


  23. Chris

    “It seems as though this van may have been a joke…”
    Ya think, Kelly? Are you positive? How did you make it this far in life without accidentally drinking the stuff under the kitchen sink?

    I shouldn’t poke fun, I suppose. I can see how a blonde might’ve been fooled by such a masterfully crafted ploy. No, the REAL cheap Uber blonde transport is in MY driveway. Just submit your telephone number and pickup address below. Tipping is not required but, appreciated. Just the tip.

  24. Sage

    If you are going to write about ….. shame on you for not reporting this to the police x. Now your are part of the problem.

  25. Amy

    Thank you for raising awareness of real world crime incidents in the Parks. I’d not heard about several of the examples mentioned in the comments, likely due to the Disney cover-up media spin.

    I also appreciate your inclusion of the trafficking hotline number. Not enough people talk about it, and it is hard for regular citizens to know what to do when they encounter it.

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