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ice breaker seaworld

Credit: SeaWorld


  1. Leonard Engelhart

    Dont let Disneys CEO Chapek into your world. He will destroy it as he is currently doing to DISNEYWORLD

    1. Sue

      Yup. But the Reality is there are Disney junky’s they will spend and go to Disney no matter what it cost. They don’t care the sad thing is sea world and universal treat there cast members better .

      1. Gern Blanston


        Ummm, no! I’ve worked at all three and Disney does treat their Cast better than both Uni and Sea-W.


  2. Steven Slay

    Paleeze…Busch Gardens.Tampa, still kicks butt over any theme park in FL.

  3. Moni

    If I want to go to a theme park I will go to a theme park. To me Sea World should concentrate more on what makes the park special and that is not the rides but the animals and their shows. I miss the old times of Sea World but I guess it is always about the money.

  4. Michelle Renteria

    I just visited Sea World San Diego over spring break & let me tell you how sad the experience was. Last time I visited Sea World was over 20+ years ago & the experiences were like night and day. Today the Park felt like a post apocalyptic abandoned park with very little staff. There were no presentations being held T the Wild Arctic Exhibit. We just walked in and out & had to guess at what we saw. The Penguin experience looked abandoned & Dirty. My heart went out to those poor imprisoned animals. That entire park being run by adolescence & neglect. At one point, at one of the restaurants we were not even billed. So we sat down to eat this cold and nasty school cafeteria food, then searched everywhere after just so we could pay. One worker was walking by & giggled when we told her & she said, no worries, I won’t tell anyone. Then one of the largest rides, Journey to Atlantis was closed along with 2 other huge exhibits. Was fun for the stuff that was found open, but $17 for a nasty plate of cold Burger & fries, no thank you. I’ll never go back to that place & suggest they free the poor animals NOW!

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