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rise of the resistance stormtrooper room with r5 unit in foreground

Credit: Disney


  1. Gus

    How about people don’t throw their trash on the ground?

    1. Cheryl

      Are you looking for a reward for being a decent human being?

      1. Sharona

        I agree with Gus. As a former Cast Member I will tell you that guests need to throw away their own trash not throw it on the ground or in bushes. I am so happy DIisney is raising prices sky high & think Sea World & Universal should follow. Less people who pay more will hopefully be respectful & not be throwing trash in bushes.

        1. Jim Brown

          I also use to think that raising the prices would bring less crowds to the park and bring in more respectful people. Not so. It is just getting worse.

        2. Brian

          I think in a lot of ways the more people pay the more entitles they are likely to be. I can easily see someone thinking: I paid $X for this, why should I need to throw my own trash away.

          Disney should make it clear that anyone caught littering will be removed from the park if they do not pick up after themselves (it is always possible that someone misses the trash can or a kid throws something). Do not punish mistakes or accidents, but willful litterers should be kicked.

        3. Julian H

          Dear Sharona – Please get off your high horse, how on earth Disney raising their prices has any effect on how people behave is simply crazy.

          Its people like you who kill the magic and are OK with Greedy Disney out pricing the Parks for the families etc.

          You should be a better person shame on you.

          1. Julian H

            Just to add though I do not think anyone should litter, there are plenty of bins around, I just don’t see how putting the prices up to fill Greedy CEO’s is the answer.

          2. CJA

            Speaking of high horses, you should be getting a nose bleed from the one you’re sitting on. No matter what, people should be respecting others by using the trash recepticales!

            1. Julian H

              CJA – Did you read the follow on or are you just another entitled so and so. I said I did not think it was right for people ANY people to Litter, putting the price up does not solve this, and Sharona is implying that only poor people litter, which seeing as they sadly have all but been priced out of the parks is not them doing it.

        4. Ed

          This was never a problem before all the free money handouts. As well as the line cutting, fights, and drunk/ drugged people. This is what happens wen you let in trash. Soon Disneyworld .Will be ghetto world. No thanks.

        5. Ed

          This was never a problem before all the free money handouts. As well as the line cutting, fights, and drunk/ drugged people. This is what happens wen you let in trash

          1. Marvin

            So no more Americans?

      2. waldo

        No just for the rest of u to follow the good example some of u still try to set I stead of just joining the ranks of the scumbags or is that to much to ask.

  2. Miriam

    I noticed this a year ago when I was there. Was hoping it was because Covid and the reduction in cast members and that it would get better over time. No ….just humans acting like pigs. Spoiled people expecting others to clean up after them!

    1. Sharona

      Sadly you are correct. They also leave dirty diapers on the ground in parking lots after they leave. Filthy pigs I can’t even imagine littering. We aim to leave a space better than we found it.

  3. Linda

    I was just there the last week In February.
    The restrooms at the Magic Kingdom towards the end of the day were like a rest stop on the highway! They use to be so clean now gross.

    1. Spoiled Linda

      Bon Appétit!

    2. Danielle

      We were there then as well and many trash cans were overflowing.

  4. Cynthia

    Perhaps if they focused more energy on their business and less on politics their standards would have remained as wonderful as they used to be. I was in awe of the well oiled machine they once were❤️‍🩹

    1. Melodie

      Amen … the overall upkeep and maintenance of the park has been declining for some time. While people shouldn’t be pigs, Disney built a reputation on being pristine and it was the job of everyone (CEO to custodians) to pick up and trash they saw.

    2. Charles R Blankenship

      Last trip my wife and I noticed many opportunities for guests to show better behavior. A young couple next to us ate their meal then just got up and left all of the trash on the table while several trash receptacles were close by. I feel the politics are hand in hand now with Disney and I agree that it would be so pleasant to see Disney step away from politics and focus on what they should do best, have the happiest place on earth for everyone. The new leadership was chosen with max profit in mind and unfortunately it is showing from cuts in service to rising costs in multiple ways around the Disney footprint.

  5. JC

    Last trip we saw every trash can in that cue overflowing . Trash on the ground and no place to throw out anything. The restrooms have been really noticeable. They were once very well maintained, not so much anymore.

    1. Jarson

      It’s also important to understand, that when trash overflows, and one of the many storms happen in Orlando, things get blown into inaccessible areas where guests can’t go (in the landscaping).

  6. JD

    That’s just BAD up bringing and parenting! Leave a place, better than you found it.. Give a hoot, don’t pollute. This pandemic sure made some lazy folks.

    1. Sharona

      I agree 100%. I also agree that Disney should stop being so political & focus on customer service. Raising ticket prices does help keep out many who destroy the parks. I think they do need to focus on emptying trash bins & post small signage to throw away stuff & to bus your tables. Some people are not smart enough to do it without being told directly

      1. Julian H

        That again is not true are you saying only poor people litter?

        Don’t be so naive, they cannot get in to the parks as they are so expensive, I think it may some of the entitle people that are your problem.

    2. waldo

      Didnt make them lazy just finally gave them the room to show thier true scumbag colors

  7. CJ


  8. Christopher

    Looks more like deadbeat guests should stop treating someone else’s property like the trailer back home

  9. Pepper

    It’s because they still haven’t hired as many custodial as they had. Labor is cut everywhere, everyone is expected to do the job of two or three people and get the pay of one. Guest experience suffers for it.

  10. Mike

    People suck

  11. DB

    While standing in line for ToT, we noticed also quite alot of trash there as well. Some within inches of a trash can. Sad.

  12. Heath

    Here’s an idea, How about people just not being slobs? Apparently parents don’t know how to teach their children not to be slobs anymore and don’t care what their kids do!!! And these kids these days could care less about anyone except themselves!!!

    1. dznefan

      Heath – Amen!! Seems there are a lot of parents out there who don’t feel it is their job to teach their kids anything! That it is the school’s job! Yet, the schools are overwhelmed trying to control these brats! People need to grow up and act like human beings- Act like you are at your Grandma’s house! Would you throw trash down in her living room?

      1. waldo

        Well until parents re realize they are the parents and not thier kids friends we will lose generation after generation

  13. Susan Walker

    Sadly where are humans, there is trash. We saw it when we were last down in 2019. Guests just leaving trays of garbage behind or dropping it on the ground. Yes we did say something at times. School can only teach so much so it is up to parents to teach manners and respect not only for each other but for the Mother Nature as well. I was brought up where if you brought it with you, it stays with you until you dispose of it properly. Be kind out there to all. Make it an even more magical day.

  14. Bill Zain

    I visited Disneyland, Anaheim, on March 13, 2022 (yesterday) and did not notice any of those complaints – except for one bathroom not being cleaned at the end of the day.
    All in all, I had a wonderful experience.
    The reservation system is helping in reducing the crowds. Geine+ was a great help in tracking wait times and reserving the next attraction.
    I also liked the lightning lane for “Rise of the Resistance”.
    Due to the country-wide labor shortage, we should expect some shortcomings and be patient.

    1. Keil Fleischbein

      Disneyland is in Anaheim. This is about Disney world in Orlando.

  15. It’s everywhere, people just trashup the planet. Even with the continual clamoring of climate change, plastics in the ocean, bulldozing trees, recycle…people don’t care. Humans seem to be an inherently dirty species. Hopefully Disney will return to the business of making people happy, hiring increases & fun can be had.

  16. Disney is making money, so give your people more hours and hire more people. My nephew works at Disney World part time and cannot get any shifts he is picking up shifts that others are giving away . The park used to be so clean not anymore and the bathrooms are not up to Disney standards. The CEO needs to start remembering Walt’s dream and not about how much money is going in his pocket and stay out of politics !!!

  17. Douglas

    Some people just don’t have one ounce of respect for Disney parks at all

  18. Julian H

    Looking around the parks they are clearly at or even over capacity, yet the staffing levels are so low for what is required the run and manage the parks properly and safely.

    The bins are always over flowing, its not an excuse to drop your litter on the floor, but Disney needs for once to UP ITS GAME and NOT THE PRICES.

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