Comments for 14-Year-Old Boy Tragically Falls to His Death at Orlando Park

Attractions at ICON Park Orlando

Credit: ICON Park Orlando


  1. Jess

    I go to the Orlando Parks very often with my child and I always worry about this,it seems as though without the seatbelt he may have slipped out of the bottom. I pray for this family and this young boy.. This is terrible news 😭

  2. Nate

    Terrible news and horrific. From some of the pictures I’ve seen this kid is pretty big in both height and mass and my best guess is that the shoulder restraints that come and click down barely kept him secure. If it only clicks once or twice and you come to a quick stop at 75mph I can see where the restraint could of broke free. The employee probably thought he was secured due to it “clicking”.
    IMO, a combination of it being a design fault and a park/employee that maybe should have said no to him riding…which is tough to do.

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