Comments for Leaked ‘Star Wars’ Wrap Gift Teases Princess Leia’s Official Return

princess leia a new hope

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. John

    I’ll be that nerd who chimes in with a friendly correction to point out she would be the princess on Alderaan, not Naboo.

    1. Rob

      Thank you! I was like “WTF?!”

  2. Darden

    “Made famous by the indomitable late Carrie Fisher in George Lucas’s original trilogy, reports abounded last year that actress Vivien Lyra Blair would play a young version of Jedi Luke Skywalker’s twin sister.”

    Can this site please hire writers and editors with a basic grasp of English grammar? Grammatically, the above sentence says that reports were made famous by Carrie Fisher. What kind of amateurish idiot allowed this to go unchanged?

  3. Harley

    She was confirmed to be leia when she was cast

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