Comments for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Undergoes Massive Expansion

polynesian village resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Cassandra Campbell

    The Poly is one of the prettiest resorts — why would Disney put in this ugly building? They took great pains to make Aluani fit the Polynesian culture and look. If you can’t think up something new, why not just use the blueprints of Aulani and bring those towers in. Seriously — I am not a high paid CEO, but common sense tells you this doesn’t fit. You already have blueprints so if you want to cheap out — al least make it blend and fit with the resort. Sadly, I am a Poly DVC owner. This doesn’t make me smile. Lately, nothing about Disney is making me smile.

    1. Shirley

      I totally agree! My daughters and I were there two years ago and loved it and almost bought a dvc there but now looking at the change that’s happening I’m glad I didn’t. You are ruining the tropical atmosphere

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