New Offering May Wipe Out Iconic Theme Park Tradition


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Introduced in 1999 with the launch of the Millennium Celebration, Pin Trading is a beloved activity Guests can try when they visit Disney Parks around the world.

Disneyland Pin trading
Credit: Disney

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The Official  Disney Pin Trading site describes this tradition as follows:

What is Disney Pin Trading?
Disney Pin Trading is an exciting, interactive experience where our Guests can trade Disney pins with our Disney Cast Members and other Guests. It’s fun for the whole family and CREATES cherished “pin pals” to last a lifetime! Start a new collection or exchange pins for the ones you’ve always wanted.

Pin Trading Cast Members
Credit: Disney

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With this activity getting more and more popular amongst Guests, it was only a matter of time before other parks started to adopt similar experiences.

TikTok user Sunshine and Decor (@sunshineanddecor) recently posted a video sharing how Guests visiting LEGOLAND are now able to trade Minifigures with employees at different locations around the Parks the same way they would trade pins at Disney Parks.

You can watch her video down below:

This is a must to remember when visiting @legolandflorida @cookin.with.elle #sunshineanddecor #legolandtipsandtricks #legolandflorida #somuchfun #cookinwithelle


This is a must to remember when visiting @legolandflorida @cookin.with.elle #sunshineanddecor #legolandtipsandtricks #legolandflorida #somuchfun #cookinwithelle

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Looking further into the experience, we found it has been going on for several years at LEGOLAND Parks, but apparently is not as widely popular as its Disney counterpart. Initially, Minifigure Ambassadors were hired by the Parks to start promoting this system, and they were first trialed at the Park in Florida, with a man named Frederik being named the first official Ambassador.

Legoland Florida Resort

Since then, the system has evolved, and there are several locations around the parks where Guests can trade Minifigures. Most employees also engage in this fun activity, described by the official LEGOLAND California Resort site as follows:

At LEGOLAND® California Resort, we love Minifigure Trading! Have you seen a Minifigure on a Model Citizen’s Brick Badge that you LOVED? Did you know that you may trade for it?

Minifigure Trading is an AWESOME and unique aspect of the LEGOLAND Parks and it’s as easy as one, two, three!

Minifigure trading at LEGOLAND

The site also shares the steps Guests must follow if they want to trade, as well as a list of the locations where they can find more Minifigures.

STEP 1 – Bring or Build a LEGO® Minifigure
Whether you bring one from home or buy one from our retail shops, you may trade any LEGO Minifigure! It can be old and worn or new and shiny. However, they must be LEGO Minifigures and traded in complete form, including head, torso and legs. That goes for our Model Citizens, too! 

*LEGO® Friends Minifigures cannot be traded as they don’t stick to employee brick badges.

Minifigure trading at LEGOLAND

STEP 2 – Find the Minifigure you want to trade for! 
Trade a complete Minifigure with any Model Citizen across the Resort or at a designated Trading Post. We have Minifigure Trading Posts across the Resort where a variety of different Minifigures await you! These posts can be found in the following locations:

  • Guest Services
  • SEA LIFE Aquarium Retail Shop
  • The Awesome Shop in LEGO Movie World
  • LEGO Life Zone / Planet LEGO in Fun Town
  • King’s Market in Castle Hill
  • Imagination Zone
  • LEGOLAND California Hotel Front Desk
  • LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Front Desk

STEP 3 – Trade! 
With your own Minifigure in hand, you may ask a Model Citizen to trade! (Don’t worry, they’ll say yes!) They get your Minifigure for their Brick Badge, and you get that new one you’ve had your eye on! 

And the best part? You may trade again and again! 

Minifigure trading at LEGOLAND

Lastly, the LEGOLAND California Resort site shares a list of tips for Guests who would like to grow their Minifigure collection the next time they visit the Parks.

Top Tips for Minifigure Trading

  • Keep an eye out for when new Minifigures are released. Then plan your visit so you can trade for new Minifigures.
  • Tell us about your trade! Show off your new Minifigures by posting photos of them on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to use #LEGOLANDCalifornia
  • Keep a list at home of the Minifigures you want so you don’t forget.
  • If you are too busy exploring the Park, riding rides and playing with LEGO, ask your parents to keep an eye out for cool Minifigures to trade.
  • Keep the Minifigures you want to trade with in a special bag or wallet so you can easily grab them on your way to visit LEGOLAND California Resort.
  • Can’t find a Minifigure you are looking for? Ask any of our Model Citizens, maybe they know who has one!
Minifigure trading at LEGOLAND

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LEGOLAND has so many things that Guests can see and do when they visit. AQUAZONE® Wave Racers allows Guests to feel the wind in your hair and spray in your face as you race the waves steer yourself around to dodge the water blasts. Getting wet has never been so much fun! They can also ride the Battle of Bricksburg, Beetle Bounce, The Dragon, Flying School, Coastersaurus, Kid Power Towers, Ningao The Ride, and more!

Would you like to trade Minifigures on your next LEGOLAND visit? Let us know in the comments below!


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