Comments for Moon Knight Scaring Audiences and Executives

Moon Knight transformation

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Manny

    What is the problem here? Dealing with PTSD, mental illness, and perhaps another beliefs system other than Judeo-Christian beliefs to much to handle.

    Moon Knight was one of the times Marvel took a departure from their usual mindless action and took a page from DC’s playbook and really did character development in the story.

    1. joe

      HAHAHA and DC is doing so well — Theres a reason Marvel is doing well and DC keeps looking for the same success, case in point the mindless 3 hour Batman movie that has 20 mins of action and the rest as boring dialogue.

  2. Phil

    Yep, glad Disney built something new for the kids. Wait the kids (5-11)will be having nitmares for a few weeks.

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