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Angry Mickey Mouse


  1. Steve

    Tik tok seems like nothing more than one gigantic complaint forum for some legit but mostly weak minded babies. Whaaaaa!

    1. Chris M.

      I’ve had the fortune to take my kids 4 times and the first day of every trip when we get to magic kingdom and I see the castle I well up. I’m not gonna say I cry, but it’s powerful and as a somewhat “manly man” I’m not afraid to admit it. The joy it brings the kids is powerful. Some people get super emotional but that’s them. As far as Disney adults goes it can be weird to see lots of emotion but it’s an expensive hard to make trip that some as kids never make.

  2. Grami

    When I was a child, my parents did not have money to travel to Disneyland, or pay for tickets and a hotel. When I had my daughter, I was determined that she would get to see everything that I had only seen on an old black and white TV on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Disney. When we arrived, I think I was more excited than my 8 and 15 year old daughters were. We met Mickey Mouse backstage after an evening performance, and I could not hold back the tears. Not only did I finally get to Disney, but my daughter’s had been there, too. What a joy filled experience that was, and YES, it’s okay to be sentimental. Cinderella’s Castle is a wonderful place to celebrate a dream come true, also…no matter what the age. If you don’t understand these feelings, you have lost something wonderful in your heart.

  3. Chris Kinney

    What kind of monster are you to not want someone to have fun and experience joy? People just suck.

  4. Mark

    I’m Disney cast member for 22 years I love making guests happy everyone is welcome to come to Disney

  5. Lisa

    Some people are JUST AWFUL. I’ve never experienced this personally but if someone said that to me, I would be very tempted to smack them. Why should you care what makes someone else happy? I would tell them to shut up.

    1. MPR

      My dad brought me to Disney many times as a child, and when I finally went back as an adult, it was so special to show my husband the place where so many nice memories took place! I got emotional at the Epcot fireworks because of all the times we watched them together.
      We don’t have children, even though we would love to have, but I’m glad that doesn’t mean we can’t go and enjoy it as adults.
      The people that don’t think people with no kids shouldn’t go, I hope that they feel differently when their kids tell them how much they love going back to relive the memories their parents worked hard to give them, whether or not they have any children of their own. I think my dad appreciated my happy memories he had given me…

  6. Lauren Jen

    I mean it’s cringe but some people cry at people throwing pigskin for millions of dollars across grass. Different things make people happy cry. I don’t get it but if a communist sell out company does it for this lady than she can cry.

    1. YourDad

      Would you like some salsa for that chip on your shoulder

      1. FL-Dad

        I bet all those Uighurs being used as slaves in the concentration camps have chips on their shoulders too. Oh wait, we can call out high school cheer teams for being non-PC, but can’t call out Disney for bending over for Communust China? So sorry. I guess only some people get human rights.

    2. William


      That’s about a 9 on the tension scale there Rube.

      Why is it cringe? Someone being happy is cringe now?

  7. Backcountry164

    Sorry, but if you’re an adult and you post videos to TikTok you deserve to be mocked…

    1. Not a gatekeeper

      Wtf do you care who makes tik toks at any age?

    2. FL-Dad

      Tik-Tok is owned by the Communist Chinese military.

  8. Damo

    Nice… 👍

  9. “Que the ugly crying”? 😂 Does she realise she’s saying “What the ugly crying”. No, I didn’t think so.

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