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DIsney merch ruined


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  1. Brooke

    Not only has the quality of Disney merch gone down, but the packaging for boxed merch looks generic, like something you’d find at the 99 cent store. The boxes just have what’s inside like ‘plates 4’ with a very small Disney castle logo on the bottom right. It looks so tacky, like they’re knock off’s. LOL. The clothing has gone down too – the Bambi parka is all crooked. Thanks to Bob Paycheck – the most disliked CEO in Disney history. He doubled the price of the Mickey soap dispenser and the Starbucks tumblers within 1 month, same for the Spirit jerseys- some are $120, formerly $64 back in the day. That might be why the outlets are bursting with park merch from Halloween and Christmas. No one’s buying it – they can’t afford it after buying APs, tickets and staying at the astronomically expensive Dis hotels.

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