Comments for Massive Theme Park Coaster Leaves Guests Suspended In Air After Malfunction

Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood

Credit: Dollywood


  1. Kj

    Not telling guests that the ride will be starting again is a violation of so many safety standards and regulations it boggles the mind. The control operator should be investigated for reckless endangerment and held civilly liable for pain and suffering of the guests. How that person wasn’t verbally accosted to the size of a pebble is beyond me. The department of labor in Tennessee should be swarming that place.

  2. Your mom

    Suspended in air? Really? You clearly see the handrail on the side of the lift hill. Embellish much?

  3. Anastasia Beaverhousen

    However you would like to find the park at fault for this incident, the user Morgan Scott was endangering other guests by having her phone out while on the ride. Why do people always have to assume the role of the being the victim for everything?

  4. Mike Hunter

    This isn’t a “incident” roller coasters stop on lift hills all the time and its a perfectly safe function that is nessesary for the ride to work properly.

    If the check engine light came on on my car would you make a news story about it?

    1. Wil

      A drop of common sense in a sea of “REEEEEE SUE!”

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

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