Marvel Director Bashes 'Wonder Woman' as "Disgrace," Ruined Egyptian Culture - Inside the Magic

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Credit: DC / Warner Bros


  1. C Lawton

    You did a stunningly good job of making it look like Zelentz was saying the exact opposite of what he said. Excellent job of stirring the pot and race-baiting.

  2. Charles

    All this cancle culture is BS, it does not matter. These movies are based on fiction from the like of the city of Gotham to any other place on the planet. Seems to me everytime you turn a corner it becomes a political agenda to bash it like a little kid from school. ( high-school bully). Stop changing characters from comics to try and not offend other beliefs because when you change a sex are anything else to make a movies you have destroyed the history that made comic books great. Right now the comic industry is destroying themselves by changing and putting in left wing political crap to brainwash young minds.

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