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  1. Spliffdaddy

    I’m glad they’re keeping him Jewish since that’s the comic’s lore, but honestly this wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Have read these comics since almost the very start, we never even learned he was Jewish until WELL into his story. It wouldn’t have killed anything to leave that out for the first season which is already looking absolutely incredible.

    But I guess we gotta have our identity politics. 🙄

    1. Chris Wood

      Well didn’t know the moon knight character was Jewish and I doubt people did neither or cared, until someone went crying to Hollywood and Hollywood does what it does best, pandering, placating and appeasement of a few cry babies.

      1. Phil

        Agreed!!! Also where are the Wiccan and Scientologist religions ?

  2. Mark

    Peter Parker isn’t Jewish in main continuity. He’s more agnostic leaning kinda towards atheism but was raised Protestant. Any time in comics that he’s seen struggling with the idea that God would let people die, it’s always in a Church, not a synagogue anyway. Usually he ends up deciding that if there is some sort of God that it doesn’t matter and that he will do whatever it takes to keep people safe.

    Just because he says Oy Vey on occasion, doesn’t mean he’s jewish. I say it sometimes and I’m agnostic. Does that make me Jewish?

    1. Chris

      Thank you. I read spider-man for over 30
      Years and I’m like “He’s Jewish?” I could care less, he’s my favorite character, but I couldn’t believe I missed any allusion to that in 30 years. He must have converted after I stopped reading.

      1. Ben

        Same here! I was like how have I missed this!?

    2. Howard

      Jewish is not a belief. There are plenty of agnostic and atheist Jews. A pity you haven’t studied your Jewish history.

      1. Pufnstuff

        Peter Parker is not Jewish and never was, and it has nothing to do with his religion.
        Parker is not a Jewish name, it’s English. (Origin in the old English for a gamekeeper) and his mother’s name was Fitzpatrick which I shouldn’t need to say is Irish.

      2. Mark

        You’re right. I haven’t, but that doesn’t make Peter Parker Jewish. He was raised Protestant until his love for science and his hard knock life made him not care either way for religion.

      3. Fred

        Is the whole Egypt/Jewish history going to be discussed? This is just another thing to separate people

  3. Kevin

    Here we go AGAIN! What does it matter?! Jeez, these snowflakes will melt over any little thing.

  4. Mr White

    Is it really going to be apart of that story that he is Jewish?

    Only Jewish Actors allowed to played Jews?

    Honestly these people basically want to go back to segregation

    1. AH

      That is, unfortunately, where things are headed.

  5. Greg

    I’m with the others here, could care less about a fictional characters religion.

    1. Ben

      I only want to see him stay Jewish because it’s become a big part of him especially the struggle and guilt he feels about “abandoning” his god and be an avatar for an Egyptian god.

    2. Dawn

      Couldn’t* care less…. “Could care less” denotes that you care considerably.

  6. Jason

    The people that obsess about such things are kind of crazy and evidently dont have any real problems to focus on that they have to hunt for something to complain about in comic books and their related media. Particularly to make such idiotic and completely over the top statements like saying marvel isnt a safe space for jews.

    Even if they erased his jewish heritage, how exactly is that unsafe or was anyone harmed that some details about a fictional character was changed or removed?

    1. Jonathan

      Because the internet has made it easy and acceptable for people to base their entire identity on personal traits. And so now instead of acting like human beings, they act like sociopaths who can’t relate to anyone or anything that isn’t immediately relevant to their own experience.

  7. KiwiJello

    People want representation. Other people get triggered by this. These people go to comment sections and post about it. Nothing changes.

    You are all just a tooth on the wheel, turning a cog.

  8. Scohen

    The Florida parental rights bill is not called Don’t say Gay and in fact the word gay is not anywhere in the bill. Please do not conflate lies about what Disney is up to. I’m sorry but we should not allow the sexualization of kids K-3rd grade. Let kids be kids free from poison like wokeness until sex Ed in 6th grade. And Sex Ed should not include how to perform coitus. It should not not be about body parts and what they do or happens. STDs are a real thing and having sec with random strangers like on tinder should be met with serious caution. Stan Lee created most of these characters and was very proud of his Jewish heritage. Personally no origin or back story should be adjusted, changed, or made modern yo please some handful of employees at Disney who are bigots. There is no place in Disney for activism. Leave my kids alone. We must all get along and let each of us decide their own fate without social regulations of any kind. The government has no right to think it can jigger society to please everyone. That to me is the antithesis of how we are supposed to relate to one another. Live and let live and leave me alone.

    1. Roo815

      100% agreed. Just don’t say gay business has got to stop. For one it’s not factual at all. For two I’ve never met a third grader that would know what you were talking about, and actually anderstand it, when it comes to that bill. As for Disney, I don’t care what your opinion is and I don’t want it. I just want to be entertained.

  9. Scott

    Love is the only answer. The Government, the media, and any person who thinks their opinion matters more than anyone else’s is a moron. We need to learn to live together without passing new laws and or shaming people whom we don’t agree with or we will succumb to chaos and the totalitarian forces all around us will converge and we all will suffer. Use common sense people. Keep your emotional calls to action to yourself as your opinions are not more valid or more important than mine. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you can’t see that, you are blind and there are plenty of countries who agree with you that you can go live in.

  10. William Bookman

    So they are upset that Oscar isnt Jewish, but no one has a problem with Ethan Hawk being “the egyptian god of the moon”?

  11. victor creed

    if hollywood got off twitter, 99.9 % of this wouldn’t matter.

  12. Sam

    I want Moon Knight to stay Jewish. I originally hoped Gabriel Macht of “Suits” and “The Spirit” would be cast. Not-so closeted bigots and anti-semites will make snide comments about “identity politics”…and who cares?

  13. Jerome Maida JR

    It’s not the “Don’t Say Gay” bill! Do some damn research!

  14. Tony

    If you’ve ever watched the BBC’s Twenty-Twelve or W1A, well, this is exactly that. Just absolute insanity.

  15. Phil

    The ppl talking about how they don’t care if MK is Jewish or that others are snowflakes for wanting representation, are the same ones that absolutely melt down if a white character is played by a POC actor

  16. Ben

    That’s great that they made him Jewish has that is a big part of him and the struggle he has being Jewish but also being an avatar for a Egyptian god. But are they making Steven the main identity or Marc because he was born and raised as Marc. Also wondering if Jake Lockley will play any part in all of this.

  17. Adam Baschear

    This is exactly why Disney’s investors should have pushed back on Iger when he filled the company with ideologues. Disney can’t be inclusive to its wide customer base because it bowed the knee to the few who say “diversity” but mean “put such & such in the spotlight or else.” Disney has some dark days ahead for itself but it’s chaos of their own creation.

  18. Seren

    Wow. He’s Jewish. What relevance! He’s part of group A who read one book, rather than B or C, who read another. At least now Jewish people can relate to him, you know, as pawn of an Egyptian deity, suffering MPD, and having superpowers. Bet they couldn’t before. I mean, as a white male, who isn’t a widow, I couldn’t possibly relate to, and be inspired by, Ben Sisko, the greatest Starfleet captain in the franchise.
    Funnily, I view people as people, and have no need to see people who look like me to relate to them. If I did, I’d probably be whining about the defecit of middle aged, normal looking guys with a paunch and a receding hairline in the Avengers. Oh. Wait. I’m an adult.
    Get over yourselves ffs😂

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