Comments for Mark Ruffalo Warns Fans That He’s “Passing the Torch” In ‘She-Hulk’

chris evans (left) as steve rogers aka captain america and mark ruffalo (right) as bruce banner aka hulk in marvel avengers endgame

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Rob

    So after Hulk fans were slapped in the face with the crappy versions of Hulk we got in IW and Endgame, we have to get more of this goofy version? No thanks, not interested. Someone at Marvel really needs to get a reading of what Hulk fans want, and this is not it.

    1. Tbone


  2. Tbone

    What they need to do is have hulk be redeemed in the mcu. Bring back the savage hulk have hulks healing ability heal his arm, and rather they recast mark or not idc I just want hulk done right in the mcu !

    1. Rob

      Doesn’t look like its going to happed as Ruffalo is so called passing the torch. Not much of a torch to pass, as his Hulk never had a chance to do very much. Even as a major Hulk there is no reason for me to watch this new show and I kind of give up on the MCU at this point.

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