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  1. Teena

    We ate at Mama Melrose on March 9, 2022. The portions were big enough and the food was tasty. It was expensive for Italian food though. The menu really needs more choices. It was very limited.

    1. Danette

      We dined at Mama Melrose on December 17, 2021. I had THE BEST Shrimp Campanelle ever. However my daughter didn’t care for her Chicken Parmesan. I guess it’s a hit and miss depending on what you order.

      1. Wanda Hindman

        Mama Melrose’s is always on our list when we go to Disney World. Our entire family enjoys eating there. We were there in 2021. The food was great and the service was great. As for the price, we have learned a few tricks about eating at Disney. We share meals. We order an appetizer to share and an entree to share. Believe it or not it works. We also learned, after using the meal plan for many years, that we can eat cheaper by paying out-of-pocket and our family doing our thing (sharing when we want to). Don’t blame everything on Disney or the restaurants at Disney. Ever since 2019, we have been led to believe everything is in upheaval because of COVID and until we get out of that mode of thinking nothing is going to change. The inflation crisis that we are in now; thanks to our government, the war in Russia, etc. is partly to blame for what is going on in our local restaurants and Disney. So, when we go to Disney it is on us to decide where we eat. There are a number of restaurants to choose from. Our family elects to eat a quick breakfast in our room, a quick service lunch, and a table service dinner. Of course, remember, you can share to save.

        1. mike

          Had a conversation with a chef I know there. He told me that after everything hit the fan & WDW laid off over ten thousand employees that when they tried to get them back a lot of them had gone & gotten other Florida jobs to survive including some chef friends of his! He also said they are slow walking hiring new employees & he is working with half the staff he had before.

  2. Carol Hall

    We’ve only eaten at Mama Melrose once and it was years ago. The service was great – the waiter knew we were on a tight timeline for a show and went all out to get us through with time to spare. The food was only mediocre, even back then. Never had a burning desire to return.

    1. Dar

      Ate there twice while on vacation with my husband and daughters family we loved the food and the surroundings we have been to Disney at least 30 times and had never ate there before glad we did

  3. Trixie

    One of our favorite restaurants – we last ate there in March and the food was delicious, with portions big enough to keep us full for the rest of the day and then some!

    Some people just aren’t happy no matter what.

  4. Julian H

    Problem here is, Disney are cutting their costs, but greatly increasing yours, everything has gone up, but you are getting less and less for your money. They are cutting the portion sizes, but increase the cost and then put a Russian’s Diplomats Spin on it, by saying its to help your waist line, I’m sorry Disney but get knotted.

    You want to cut the portion size then reduce the price. Looking at that meal if that was what was delivered I would want my money back, it looked crap to be honest.

  5. Linda

    We are there ( 4 adults 2 children ) March 2022 and it was great , better than the Italian restaurant in Italy at Epcot !

  6. Mary

    We’ve eaten at Mama Melrose a few times, as lately as August, and NEVER had a bad meal. I always try to get a reservation there every time we visit DW.

  7. PB

    This used to be one of our favorite go to places (pre-COVID). Now, with the limit and changed menu we eat elsewhere.
    We look so forward to “Disney food.” After the disappointments with food last trip- I have ordered grocery delivery this trip🤷‍♀️

  8. Kim Reynolds

    Mama Melrose is one of our favorite restaurants. We just ate there in September and the portions were large and the food was delicious. The service is also great here and the waitresses are so friendly.

  9. Marion

    This is always been one of my favorite restaurants. It’s sad to read this because I always recommend mama Melrose . It seems like there’s so many cutbacks in his name that it’s not worth going any longer. Someone at the top needs to take a step back and realize the damage they are doing

  10. Sherry

    I didn’t care for it went about 3-4 yrs ago, it was just “ ok” nothing I’d go back to. A friend recommended it by put for the expensive price, not worth it.

  11. John H

    Mama Melrose is one of our favorites. We try to eat their every trip, but have not gone since before Covid. I hate to hear about the portion sizes. Ours was always plentiful and delicious. We’re planning to go early December of this year and if we do go I’m sure M M Will be on the agenda.

  12. Olivia Gardens

    I went to Mama Melroses in 1940 and when I saw our bill was $2.84 I nearly had a heart attack! I swore to never go back and I never did!

  13. Gloria

    My family ate at Mamas about a month ago and our meal was delicious and plentiful. However about two weeks ago we ate at Rain Forest cafe at Animal Kingdom and it was awful. There were 4 of us. Each ordered a different meal and all of us had a bite or two and left the rest We waited forever to have our orders and taken and another 40 minutes until our food came. Left there so hungry we left and went to Trails End in Fort Wilderness for a great meal.

    1. Their Is no rain forest Cafe at animal kingdom! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ but theirs one over at Disney Spring’s!

      1. LMH

        Yes, there is. It’s just outside the entrance of AK.

      2. Chris

        Rainforest Cafe is right at the entrance to AK on the left.

  14. Disney Fan

    Your comment is totally irrelevant…

  15. mike

    Going to Mama Melrose since it opened! This past December it was also the worst meal at WDW in decades! The supply chain didn’t burn my chicken parm beyond recognition or forget to put sauce on my pasta. More amazing was the waiter actually took it off the line and served it to me! It was obviously not servable. Speaking of waitstaff, we were seated next to the tiny wait station in the back where a half dozen waitstaff were stuffed in playing grab ass and so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves converse until I actually stood up and said “I’m sure you all have tables you can attend to” they did after giving dirty looks & eye rolls! Not the WDW we have experienced over decades.

  16. Lynne

    We used to live eating there, but we rarely go to HS except to eat at Mama M. or Brown Derby. Of course, now, even though we stay on property at our DVC resort, we can’t just pop over for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants as we have to make a Park reservations. We used to have the Florida Annual Passes, but since they doubled the price for our passes (the type that had NO blackout dates) we declined to be Pass holders for the first time since they were offered. We are locals and used to just go over for a few hours to look at decorations, flowers or just to get THE HAPPY FEELING and grab a bite to eat at one of the Park sit down restaurants. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore either. We spent hundreds of dollars yearly on our just going for a few hours on various days. We are only 2 people, but there are thousands of us locals that USED to do this and now don’t. I guess the idea of raising prices is to get the out of town guests to make up the difference in profits. Rights now with the pandemic winding down and people anxious to get out and go places, it makes sense, but when this initial rush to get out and go to the Parks winds down, the thousands of locals that supported Disney, WON’T BE THERE!!!!!! I guess they’ll have to raise prices even more then?
    Sad, we’ve been going since Nov.1971.

  17. Jessit617

    I have not had the chance at this restaurant in Hollywood studios but we do frequently visit Tony’s within Magic Kingdom. The wait staff is fantastic, super attentive, and add to the fun atmosphere. Food portions are sufficient and have always been tasty. My only ever complaint was that one of the children was celebrating a birthday and received a birthday cupcake-sadly it was rock hard and frozen.

  18. Suzan Miles

    We ate there in February 2022. We were a party of 4. Two of us received very small portions and 2 of us had large portions. The two with small portions were the men and they left hungry. The food was ok, but not what we remembered from the past.

  19. Martha Harhood

    We were there Feb 21,2022.4 adults,2 kids. Meal and drinks were great. Portions were fine 3 of us could not finish it all!! Service was great too.

  20. Bryan

    Three veteran Disney chefs have just been brought in to Mama’s and they’re currently working on a new menu and changes to the current offerings. The portions are not small a lot of people don’t finish their entrees because of the size.

  21. Bxmamipr

    ITM is getting ridiculous. ONE Karen out of the millions of people that go to Disney complains about a meal, and that is news?! Everyone has different taste, what might be great to some isn’t to others. Again, be decent journalists and write public interest articles, if no events have occurred. But that would take research and effort.

  22. Maria

    We ate at Mama Melrose in 2005, and it was, in fact, the worst meal we ever had at Disney, up to and since that trip. We refuse to go back. The food was incredibly salty, the pasta wasn’t cooked right, and my husband said the chicken parm was terrible. Even my kids, nine and five at the time, didn’t like their spaghetti and meatballs. How the heck do you screw up THAT meal?

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